Written by Sue and John

15 Mar 2004

My wife and I are in our late fifties. We've always kept ourselves fit and active and enjoyed a good sex life. Werecently went on a day trip to France and drove from south Wales on the M4 to Reading where we stoped at a motorway cafe for coffee. It was very quiet, 5am, and we both went to the toilets. While in the gents I heard a noise from one of the cubicals and it was clearly a man masturbating. I did what I had too, left, and told Sue, my wife, what I'd heard. Her eyes lit up. Take me in there she asked. I was happy to do so. We went in and took up position in the next cubical to the mystry wanker. Sue listened and was really turned on by what she heard. Finger me she said. I did as asked. She moaned quite loudly as I fingered her cunt and it was obvious the wanker could hear her. "Fuck me" she cried. The grunts from the next cubical became louder. "I want more cock" she said. The man in the next cubical said "have mine". "Yes plaese" said Sue "Open your door". We heard the door open. Sue left me and went into the cubical with him. It was pure lust. They fucked and made sure I heard them. I wanked, shot my load and waited outside until Sue had finished being fucked by the stranger. After 10mins she let out a load more, screamed "I'm cuming" and fell silent. She came out of the cubical, spunk running down her leg and tits out. She quickly pulled herself together, wiped the spunk off and we returned to the cafe. I never saw my wife's seducer but it was the biggest turn on of my life.