Written by Sue and John

20 Mar 2004

Why is it we have to wait until we're in our fifties to rediscover the joy of sex?

It's Sue and John again.

It's friday night and we're both as horney as hell. Sue segestes we invite people to our house for a buffet. "Where do we get them" I asked. " Let's go for a drive up the eastern valley, drop into a pub, then take it from there" she said. No problem. We know the area well. we drive past Pontypool It's 6pm and quite busy. Sue looks stunning. Her breasts are almost hanging out of her blouse. We order a bottle of red. A few eyes are on her. Her skirt is discreetly just below her pussy. Remember we're in our fifties but she looks stunning. An hour passes. We're in conversation with a group of locals, both male and female, i.e husbands and wives, etc. and the drink is flowing. It's now 8pm and we suggest a buffet at our house Nine people accept. Four couples and a lad of about 22. They've played into our hands. Once back at our place Sue invites everyone to tuck into the already prepared buffet. Much more drink follows. At about 11pm most of the "guests" are pissed. Sue and I are sober as that's how we planned it. We refilled everyones drinks and Sue told them to settle down and prepare themselves for a show. Sue left the room. She returned 5min later completely naked. In her hand was a "Rampant Rabbit". "Watch" she said. All eyes were transfixed on her including mine. She went to the middle of the room and performed. It was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen. She used the "rabbit" to masturbate in front of the guests and invited anyone to join her.

The "party" lasted until 3am.