Written by John & Sue

27 Mar 2004

Here we are again. John and Sue the 50+ sex addicts from Cwmbran. You know how we enjoy the excitment of unplanned sexual encounters. Well another happened on friday evening. We left home at 6:30pm. Sue was in a light green low cut dress with just enough cleavage showing to be this side of decent. We headed out and ended up at the "Celtic Manor" just off junction 23 of the M4. A 5 star hotel. It was about 7:15pm. We went into the bar and ordered a white wine for Sue and abeer for me. Strewth it's not cheap there. Anyhow. There were about 40 people there. Apparently there had been a business meeting and they were the remains of the group. It seems the drinks had been free and the hospiality generous judging by the condition of some of the guests, both male and female. "God luck to them" said Sue. We started talking to a number of people and I don't for one minuite it was me they were interested in as a lot of eyes were on Sue's breasts, male and female.

One couple in particular were talkative. They were about mid fotries and slightly pissed. We sat with them, chatted and senced they were "up" for more than just talk. Sue whispered to me "Shall I flash". "OK" I said, "We'll see what happens". Her dress slid above her thigh and revieled her white lace panties. The woman saw it first. She smiled and quietly pulled her skirt up to show her thighs. Both women now sat at the table with their cunt's almost showing to us. The man was her husband and couldn't take his eyes of Sue, niether could his wife. It's now 9:45pm. They invite us to their room for drinks. We accept. Once in their room the woman immeadiatly lifts Sue's dress, pulls her panties down and kisses her cunt. Sue has her back against the door and is taken aback by the suddeness of the move but enjoys every lick of the tounge. Her husband and I watch. The woman tells us to pull our cocks out and wank while she gives Sue oral. This is sordid I think but so erotic. We wank and she licks. I shoot my load over the woman quickly followed by her husband. Her skirt is covered in our spunk. Sue has seen us cum and lets go herself in one almighty orgasm. The cunt juice runs down her leg and over the womans face. The woman now stands against the door with her spunk stained skirt pulled up around her waist. Sue removes her panties and thrusts two fingers into her. In two minuites the woman orgasms. The whole incident lasted no more than ten minuites. We cleaned ourselves up and left the couple in their room after saying a polite "Thank you" to them. It was a lovely evening but we won't be going again. The drinks are too damn expensive.