Written by John & Sue

1 Apr 2004

It's been a dull day here in Wales and I'm glad to be home with Sue. When I arrived she had just come from the bathroom. She looked as sexy as hell. "Drink love"!, she asked. I had a beer. "What have you been up to" I asked. She smiled. "I've just had phone sex with a man named Keith" she replied. Now Sue does not tell porkies and I'm eager to hear the story. I sit in my favourite chair and listen. Apparently they were chatting on msn and the conversation, as usual, turned to sex. The chap told Sue he was wanking (that turns her on) and she in turn removed her panties. To be precise they wanked together. Sue masturbated, climaxed, and told him so. He then responded and did likewise. Of course I've shortened the whole story but you have the gist of it. While relating the "encounter" Sue was giving my cock a firm, yet slow, rub. It excited me. I shot my cum all over her hand. "Sorry love" I said, "Couldn't hold back". No worries she said. "Dinners ready but I'll just wash my hands first". She's very hygenic.

We're not going out tonight.

Sue said the man, Keith, has to work. Poor sod.