Written by John & Sue

16 Apr 2004

We're the 50+ swingers from Wales. We've tried the "Chat Room" and it seems to be predominantly occupied by time wasters. Anyhow, what have Sue and I been up to you ask. Ok, we'll tell all.

On Easter Monday evening, about 7pm, we went for a country drive. This took us via the Abergavenny to Monmouth back roads where there are some beautiful country pubs. We stopped at the "Rat Trap" just outside Usk. There was quite a crowd there but not too many from stopping us enjoy a drink or two. We had to stand near the bar but that was all to our advantage and part of Sue's plan. I bought the drinks then moved away from Sue so that to everyone there she appeared to be alone. She looked stunning in her light green "button through" dress, stockings and high heeled sandals. It was no more that ten minutes before she was "chatted up" by two lads, who at the most, were in their late twenties. They must have thought "easy prey". Little did they know she was. Three drinks later they made their move. It was now about 9:30pm and quite dark outside. Sue looked toward me, nodded, and went outside with them. I waited for ten minuites and followed. "Where the hell are they" I thought as I went outside. It was another ten minuites before I saw them. What an erotic sight greeted me. Sue's dress was up aroud her waist, her breasts out over her bra and her panties on the ground beside her. One of the youths was taking her from behind while she gave a "blow job" to the other. I thought "This is my wife they're fucking" but I loved it. The one having the "blow job" shot his load over Sue's face while the other continued for a while longer before he too climaxed into her. However Sue had not had her orgasm. This is a MUST for her. While I discreetly watched she insisted that the "blow job" youth rub her clitoris to bring her to orgasm. Her must have been as thick as 'two short planks' as Sue had to instruct him how to do it. I'll give credit to him. He did as instructed and brought Sue to climax very quickly. It was all over within twenty minuites. I'd wanked while watching, Sue and the youths had been satisfied and there was still plenty of time for a few more drinks.

The youths not very well mannered as on going back into the pub they did not buy Sue a drink. Where have all the social graces gone?