Written by John & Sue

7 May 2004

Sue and I were still really excited about our experience at the "Six Bells" pub in Peterstone on the old coast road betwwen Newport and Cardiff. We decided to retrace our steps and visit it again last night (Thursday 6th May). We were hoping for a repeat performance of our last vist and perhaps something even better. Sue dressed "to kill". A figure hugging light blue dress through which you could quite clearly see she had no panties on i.e no pantie line.

Her breasts held high and plenty of cleavage visable. It was completed with high heeled shoes and hold-up very sheer stockings. I could have fucked her before we went out but didn't. We started out at 8:30pm. On the way there Sue fingered herself to ensure she was worked up enough for any outcome. I could smell her cunt juice. She held my erect cock while I drove and gave it the occasional slow rub.

We arrived at the pub at 9:15. Again we went into the bar area. There were five people there. Three men and two women. Two of the men and one of the women, Clair, were there on our last visit and had witnessed Sue and Clair masturbating. We were accepted into their company immeadiately. We sat at their table, enjoyed a few drinks and made it obvious the sex was on the agenda for the evening. It was about 10:15 when Sue and Clair managed to sit together. They were seated with their backs to the wall on one bench seat while we men and the other woman, June, were seated or stood in front of them. Clair lifted Sue's dress and pust her hand on Sue's cunt. This of course was unseen by use as they were hidden by the table top. It was obvious what was happening. Sue closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. Clair's hand moved faster and faster. We were transfixed. Then something unexpected happened. June and her husband stopped Clair from wanking Sue to an orgasm. They took Sue's hand and insisted she go to the car park with them. They led her outside. The rest of us gave them five minutes and followed. On the way out I lifted Clair's skirt so that she walked to the car park with her cunt in full view of we men. We found Sue, June and her husband. They were in a car. June was in lying on the back seat with her legs hanging out of the door. She was naked to the waist and Sue was bent down giving her a good licking out. At the same time June's husband was fucking the arse off Sue who by now was completely naked. We watched in admiration at the scene. Clair had an orgasm and her husband shot his load into Sue. We looked at his spunk trickling from her cunt when he withdrew. Sue however had not had her orgasm which is a MUST. She went to the back of the car and in full view of everyone started to finger herself off. It was drizzeling. Her naked body glistened and she looked wonderful. It was too much for Clair. She went to Sue's help. She inserted three fingers into Sue's cunt and with her other hand rubbed her clit until Sue had her orgasm.

A good night.