Written by Sue & John

7 Sep 2004

Promotion at last. June, my boss, telephoned me last friday and told me I was being promoted to the area training manager for south Wales. Great news. I start my new job on 1st Oct. and will have an office in Cardiff.

She also invited John and me to a party being given by one of her friends on Saturday evening, the next day.

On the night of the party we were contacted by the hosts and given directions to a hotel in Cardiff where they had rented a 2 room suite for the evening. We arrived and went through the propped open outer doors and found the room on the second floor. We knocked and were met by the host who checked our names off the list and urged us to make ourselves at home. We looked around, and discovered about 8 or 9 couples there already plus the host couple.

It was a nice mix, everybody between the ages of say 35 and 50, all attractive. Our hosts were an African couple in their 40's, he about 6’2" or so and she only about 5’4" and very pretty. We had a drink and mingled with other couples, including June and Roy but nothing seemed to be happening. A couple actually left due to the inactivity. Finally someone spoke up and suggested there were far too many clothes on in the room. I do not have to be told twice and with John's approval got things started by taking off my skirt and top revealing my beautiful green lingerie set I had purchased just a month or so before for just this type of occasion.

Once this was done people started to pair up and get into various states of undress. We stood in the doorway of one of the rooms and watched as the female half of the host couple lay on a bed and was being fucked by a large black man while two women licked her nipples and played with her clitoris. Just on the other side of the bed we could see another guy getting a blowjob while sitting in a chair. As we watched John slid off the top of my undergarments and played with my already erect nipples.

We heard some noise behind us and saw a couple on the couch starting to make out. Looking at each other briefly we decided to head in that direction and do the same. We sat next to them and started to kiss and rub each others bodies while watching them and them watching us until I brushed my arse against the woman's arse and together we took that as a cue to go further. We turned toward each other began exploring each others bodies. I dropped to my knees and began to lick and finger her pussy. She was very receptive. Soon she was shaking in orgasm. She then turned towards her husband and mounted him, doggie style, on the couch. Still on my hands and knees I continued to lick her as she moaned with pleasure. While she was humping her cunt to my face she noticed across the room, the male half of our hosts who had been watching this scene and was sitting naked against the wall stroking his cock. She asked him what he was doing over there all alone and motioned him to come over and join us. He made his way across the room in record time. I pulled him down to the floor and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him. He reached up with a free hand and rubbed her tits and then wiggled around so he could reach her pussy and strok her clit. As he started this I backed off a little to watch. She then flipped all the way over and lowered her wet pussy onto his face which he began to lick and suck furiously. They continued until she sensed he was ready and pulled him from her mouth and stroked him until he shot his load in the air with a load groan.

John saw this as his chance to jump in so he grabbed her hips and turned her around so she was facing the couch and slid his cock into her from behind. As he pumped her, her body bounced and lunged towards the couch where our host, the man that opened the door earlier that day was now sitting. She lifted up slightly putting her hands on his knees and taking his cock into her mouth and started to suck him, taking it out now and then to moan but never loosing her grip. The site of her sucking this big cock was about all John could take and he shot a huge load deep inside her.

After releasing one last drop inside her he collapsed back against the wall and watched her continuing to suck the hosts cock. He leaned down and whispered in her ear and she smiled as she pulled her mouth off his cock and lay back on the floor with her legs open. He motioned her to turn over which she did rising to her hands and knees. He slid his big hard cock into her from behind and began to fuck her hard and fast just the way she likes it, although she told me later she was crossing her ankles to keep him from going to deep as he was so big she was afraid he would hurt her. He never slowed down and fucked her hard until he too let out a low grown as he climaxed, and then pulled out of her exhausted. I then turned around to look at John and remarked, "look at you" and smiled as I could see that watching her get fucked had made him rock hard again. I didn’t have to move or say a thing. He knew what I was thinking and came over. I mounted him and lowered myself down onto his hard pole. From the other room the man large black man who had been fucking our hostess at the very beginning came into the room and sat on a chair right next to where we were fucking and began to stroke his cock while he watched us. I reached out and started to help him stoke it. I said to him "You have such a beautiful cock" as I ran my hand up and down the length of it which must have been 10 or 11 inches. It was not long before I came again. I then hopped off John and knelt between the black man's legs taking and took his cock in my mouth. Then I rose up on my knees and wrapped my tits around his cock and he began a tit fuck pumping his cock up and down between them at a furious pace until he released his load all over my breasts . As he lay back satisfied, I rose, went to the bathroom and retrieved a towel, cleaned up a bit and got dressed. We hung out for a minute to eat and replenish some fluids and then thanked our hosts and left.