Written by Sue & John

13 Oct 2004

The night started off with John suggesting we go out for a few drinks. He said I looked "hot" in my black shirt and I felt as horny as hell in my skirt and kinky boots. We took a taxi to "The Drovers" in Caerleon where no-one knows us and we're all over each other in a quiet corner of the bar when a very confident girl came over and said, quiet openly, that she fancied us both and would like to get right in the middle of what was going on. We were both astounded by her confidence but have always fancied this kind of threesome and with a few more drinks we agreed and all took a taxi back to her place.

Her name was Rebecca, 27, voluptuous, dark, Italian looking. She said she knew we were kinky from the way we were acting in the bar and was drawn by my dimples (didn't know I had any) and fascinated by my breasts. I couldn't believe my luck when she started kissing me right there in the taxi in front of John. The taxi driver saw what was happening but kept silent and his eyes on the road. Then her hand slid under my skirt and up my thigh. I didn't have any knickers on and maybe she has guessed, as she finds my smooth, hot, wet cunt. "Mmmm, yes definitely kinky", she whispered the words rather than spoke them. She whispered in my ear just loud enough for John to hear, but not the driver. She said can hardly wait to taste me. She took her hand out from under my skirt and looked John straight in his eyes as she licked my honey from the full length of her finger. John's hard-on was very apparent under the fabric of his trousers. In fact I thought it was trying it's hardest to get out. I believe he was feeling jealous that she was touching me and that he was not touching either of us. He knew however that he was allowed to watch and get to join in soon. We arrive at her house and piled out of the taxi leaving the driver bemused and horny.

We went into the house and straight to the bedroom. I felt John's hands on me, her hands on me, my clothes were coming off really fast. I'm always the first to end up naked but soon we all were. Her touch was lighter than John's, it's horny the way I could feel the difference between the masculine and feminine details. Even though John is smooth and shaved her mouth is softer than his when she kissed me, but her tongue probed me just as roughly. I prefer his kisses but I liked hers too in a way it's the difference that makes it such a turn on. Her hands went to my bum pulling my groin toward hers, rubbing our pussies together the juices mingling. John was behind me, his hands came round to caress my breasts and hers. I felt his cock hard and wet against my back.

They thought that they were in charge. They weren't. As I orchestrated the next move. I tied her hands behind her back and pushed her back onto the bed so she was lying with her legs open, her dark nipples very erect and the dark triangle between her legs glistens with her cum. I reached for my vibrator. I used it to stimulate her clitoris while I fingered both her holes in the way that I like. She squirmed, arched her back and moaned so I guessed I was doing something right. She was really wet so I slid the vibrator inside her and lowered my head to lick her clitoris. It tasted like kissing John after he'd gone down on me. He came behind me and slid his cock into my honey pot. He let out a soft groan of pleasure as he entered me and I sucked her clit in response to the sensation in my own groin. I could feel the fluttering of her orgasm on my face. She wriggled down so that her face was between my legs so she could lick me while John fucked me. His cock was thrusting in and out of me in strong deep movements. He fingered my bum while Rebecca was licking me. John said he could feel the heat of her breath every time his balls hit off her chin and then I came in the most phenomenal way. Both John and Rebecca felt it as it overcame me and then John came violently inside me. His spunk juices ran out of me onto her face and she greedily lapped it up. The three of us collapsed in a tangle of arms, legs and sex juices, all very satisfied, but knowing the night was not over.