Written by Sue & John

31 Oct 2004

A situation that both John and I do our utmost to avoid had occured. We'd been invited by June, my former boss, and her husband, Roy, to a "dinner party" at their home in Castleton near Cardiff. The invitation arrived on Sat. 16th Oct. for the party on Fri 22nd Oct. We accepted knowing full well what would be on the menu. Remember we love sex but enjoy the spontanaity of the unexpected.

I wore a long white evening dress, white high heeled shoes, gold necklace and nothing else. John said I looked stunning and gave my cunt a gentle squeeze before we left home. In the car I fingered myself just to ensure my pussy was ready for any eventuality on our arrival at June's. I did not leave John unattended. I gave his hard cock a gentle rub or two but not too much to distract him from driving.

We arrived at 8pm and were greeted by Roy and June. She looked beautiful in a black knee length button through dress, stockings and black high heels. Her breasts were all but hanging out of the low cut top and the shape of her hard nipples was evident for all to see. They led us through to the lounge and introduced us to three couples we had not met before. Each of them were in the forty to fiftyfive age group as indeed were the rest of us except for Gareth and Lindsy who are no more than twentyfive. In total there were twelve couples there. The drinks flowed and as is normal at these parties we all "mingled". I must emphasise that the word "NO" is rarely, if ever, said it answer to a request or inuendo at these occasions so when a lady, or man, feels a hand on any part of their body it's polite to let in remain there or explore further and to feel flattered at the attention given. On two such occasions whilst chatting I felt my dress being lifted up to reveal my arse and a finger gently inserted into my wet pussy. They were gentle and pleasant movements which gave me a glow and a clit that was fit to explode. Part of the thrill lies in resisting the temptation to turn and see who is pleasuring you. At one point some clapping occured. I looked to where the noise was originating and saw the young couple making love on the settee. We gathered around offering encouragement and advise. Lindsy was sitting on Gareth's lap with her back to him. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist, her panties pulled to one side and his firm hard cock inside her. Her breats were pulled out by a female guest and as she bounced on his cock they too bounced in rythum. I was turned on. I too needed a cock. I turned to the man nearest to me and grasped his cock in my right hand while at the same time rubbing my cunt with my left. He pulled me onto the settee next to the young couple, lifted my dress, spread my legs and went down on me with his tongue. God I needed that. The relief was intense. I saw John watching and he smiled his approval at what was happening. I don't know if this is what our hosts had anticipated but in no time at all couples were fucking in all parts of the room. My partner rose in front of me and placed his rampant cock to my lips. I took it greedily in. I felt him tense as he was ready to cum. I waited until the last second and as he started to ejeculate I pointed his cock towards Lindsy's face. He exploded all over her. His spunk ran down her cheeks into her mouth then dripped onto her breasts. She treated the cum as a beauty cream by rubbing it into her face and breasts and licking the residu from her fingers. The reast of the night continued in the same fashion. I know I was pleasured a further three times, twice by men and once by June. John told me later that he'd had four women but could only manage to cum once. (I think he drinks too much).

The party broke-up at 3am the next morning.

For the record I can't remember if we had anything to eat (food wise) Strange!!!