Written by Sue & John

9 Nov 2004

Last sunday afternoon John and I crossed the boundry of sexual pleasure. We had anul sex. Don't ask me how we went down that path, we just did.

We'd had lunch, two bottles of red wine and a glass or two of brandy. While we're at home on the weekend each of us wear as little as possible with me prefering to be nude but John however insists I wear something provocative to make our Sundays just that little bit memorable. I ALWAYS consent to his wishes. We can never understand why any couple who proclaim their love for each other have sexual barriers when it comes to mutual satisfaction and confirmation of their love. However I digress.

After lunch we settled down to watch a video. No laughing please, it was "Ice cold in Alex" with John Mills and Silvia Simms. Crap by todays standards but we like it.

We snuggled together on the settee. John was naked and I wore a short see-through nightee. Whilst watching the film I gently rubbed his cock to hardness with my right hand while fingering my cunt with my left. John loves it when I masturbate. After fifteen minutes or so I was at the height of an orgasm. John knows my every bodily state. He positioned himself on his knees in front of me while at the same time lifting my legs over his shoulders to expose my wet cunt to him. I eagerly waited for him to fuck me as he had done so many times after lunch on Sunday's. He rubbed his cock around my pussy and arse hole. The feel of his rampant tool somehow felt more exciting than usual. When it touched my anus I felt myself thrust forward so as to suck it into my hole. His knob entered me. God it felt good. I relaxed and told him to push more cock into my waiting anus. He was reluctant yet eager to bugger me. Slowly but gently he entered me. I masurbated while his hard cock slid into my arse. Slowly at first he arse fucked me. Then as I wanked his pumping became faster. For the first time ever in our love life he ejuculated into my arse. The feel of his hot semen sent me over the threshold of pleasure and I orgasmed. We both lay in our relative positions, enjoying the afterglow of sex, for five minutes or so with his spunk slowly ebbing from my anus. We think we might now have another episode of sexual pleasure to experiment with and hopefully enjoy.

What, we wondered, made it happen. Was it the wine, the brandy or Wales losing by just two points to South Africa in the rugby match on Sat? Who cares......it was wonderful.