Written by playinglady69

21 Oct 2006

I stand before you dressed in a sheer black lace shirt and

a tight black mini-skirt stockings and my thigh high boots. As you notice me standing there,in the doorway, my tongue darts out from between my lips,moistening them. You gaze at them, desiring to taste them,to feel them with your own. Then, slowly I walk towards you,swaying my hips seductively in the dim light. You cannotsee all of me, but you can clearly make out the outline of my curves and lies, the silhouette of my body. You notice my nipples, jutting out, hardening, as I watch you, watching me, you notice my tongue, as it darts across my lips again. As we reach each other, my arms wrap around you, and yours around me. We embrace and then,gazing into each others''eyes, knowing each others'' inner most thoughts, feeling each soul, we begin to kiss. Passionately our lips meet and your tongue finds it's way along my soft and tender lips.

Then, exploring my mouth with your tongue, you find my tongue,intertwining it with your own. I softly and sweetly begin to suck on your tongue, tasting it, feeling it, savoring it,and you,your hands reach up and knot themselves in my hair,pulling me closer,As your fingers gently caress my waves of dark brown hair,you break the kiss, seeking something more. My hands gently

reach around you, massaging the back of your neck with my

fingertips, and then slowly,you fill my lips along your neck, as I begin to caress it with sweet kisses, gently tasting your tender skin, gently caressing your body with my moist lips. I walk around you, so I am standing behind you, still dotting your neck, and now shoulders with my kisses. You are already bare-chested as I make my way down your back, feeling your body with my lips, caressing your sore muscles with my kisses, needing your tanned skin with my fingers. Rubbing small circles with my fingertips, I make my way across your shoulder blades, savoring each inch of you as I kiss and caress it. I slowly make my way down your body, following the curves and indentations of your spinal cord and the side of your ribcage. I can hear your breath quicken as my kisses near your belt and the waist of your jeans. Still softly kissing you, I make my way to your front, feeling across your stomach and chest with my red lips. As I make my way back up your body,

my hands begin to undo your big brown belt, undoing the silver buckle and feeling your arousal at the same time. As my hands begin to kneed the flesh, still contained within your ever tightening jeans. You feel the warmth of me wet mouth as my tongue glides across your chest, nibbling, and kissing in gentle,tantalizing patterns. Again, I slowly make my way with kisses along your ribcage and down your chest. I stop just above your belly button, and with my teeth, grab hold of the big silver belt buckle, pulling the belt from it's loops, exposing the shiny zipper of your now overcrowded pants. With my hands, I hold yours above your head, as you lay back on my bed and I crawl on top of you, brushing my chin

along your clothed crotch. I feel your cock begging

to be let free, but I make you wait, just a little longer.

My tongue, starting at your belly button begins to shape

little circles, spirals, and letters, spelling our names

in it's path downward. I reach yourhard cock and

plant kisses all along either side of it. Then, I nibble

along it until I reach your zipper, ripping it open with

my teeth. Your arousal is apparent as your cock stares back at my gaze.

Through your boxers, I take just the very tip into

my mouth and suck on it for less than an instant. Already,

I hear you moan with pleasure, but I have just begun. Skillfully,trough your undergarment, I suck on less than 1/4 of an inch of you, making you moan and writhe, needing more. I begin to massage your scrotum with my fingertips as I remove the obtruding garment with my mouth, making sure that my moist lips brush against you in the process. I am almost tempted to stop and rub my throbbing clit, for the experience is turning me on, as well, but I do not, knowing I want you and your pleasure to come first.

Then, slowly, I begin to lick the base of your cock, just

using the very tip of my tongue. I can see how arousing

this is for you, just by looking in your eyes. I know what

you want, and that you want it now, need it soon, but not yet,a little more first. I begin to gently suck at the point where your bulging cock meets the rest of your body, sucking gently before slowly making my way along it's path. I am now back at the tip of your cock, slowly swirling my tongue along it's head and sucking on it gently with my lips. My fingers are back to massaging your balls as I bend down to take more of you into my mouth.

Sucking and tasting, I reel you in, pulling more and more

of you in until, at last, finally, I hold all of your precious manliness inside the warmth of my soft wet mouth. I continue to suck and pull at your gentle skin with my mouth, rolling it with my tongue and playing with it gently. Then, I turn my head, flicking my tongue teasingly across your balls, starring at the cock displayed before me. In one single motion, I take it into my mouth, deep-throating you, sucking at the fullness and the entirety of your length as I move my head back and forth along your length, running my tongue across it from all different directions, seemingly at once. Slowly and steadily, I rock my head back and forth, forming a delicious rhythm as I suck and pull at your cock within the warmth of my lips. I feel you shake and quiver within my mouth, tasting your precious sap as your soft white cum fills my mouth. I taste it's saltiness and relish in it's taste and texture, such a wonderful delight you have endowed upon me, that I may taste your treasure and milk from it every last drop of your precious juices, tasting them and feeling it's warmth as it runs down the back of my throat. With one last lick, the final drops fall on my lips as you sigh and withdraw from the warmth of my soft mouth. Next time you can start the fun xxxxx