Written by Jimmy

10 Sep 2006

I met my sexy passionate lady years ago. I knew she was special as when she divorced her 1st husband she said to me if a guy can cheat so should a woman.

This was hot because I knew my sister was getting fucked by another guy because her hubby was goofy to put it mildly.

Anyway I would fuck my old lady 6 or 7 times a week. I didn't know it at the time but guys on the outside would flirt and it would make her so hot she'd take it out on me.

She was always kidding and one night at a party we were talking to two of her girl friends when she said in front of them. I'll let you fuck Sara if you let me fuck Bruce. Well the 2 girls ran off laughing knowing she was open like that and I stood there open mouth.

That night in bed I asked how long have you been fucking Bruce a musician friend of our circle. She swore she would never cheat on me even to her death bed. I said with that hot pussy of yours I'm sure you wouldn't mind. She said no, baby I wouldn't. I then said it won't be him as we would have to be very discreet if I allowed you. As our talk got serious she agreed and she fucked my brains out that night.

This was so me that I was going to find her a mature lover. It wasn't easy as most guys can be ass holes.

One night I ran into an old friend Ron who we used to go to whore houses before we married. He told me his wife was a bad lay. He loved her but you know.

I knew he had a huge cock because our gang used to have pissing contests and it was a standing joke he was realy hung. It got hard at a movie once and it got hard and he shook it at us saying he wanted some black pussy.

Well I told him about my very sexy & super horny wife. I knew she would go nuts over him as he was always mature with a sense of humor. He thought I was fucking with his mind & I assured him my very young wife needed a lover and I'd rather him than a stranger. He said I could have his babe if that was the case and I said no need. Fran fucks me silly any time I want it. Not only that it makes me horny & jeolous thinking that she would do it.

Have to run now but I will tell you the rest of the story. I call it the wild fuck or the taming of a horny bitch.