Written by Sue

2 Oct 2006

My name is Sue and I am a forty four years old. brown skinned and married to John. I’m quite tall, have long legs, large breasts and a nice bum

Sex with John had become predictable and when my friend invited me on her sister’s hen night I had no hesitation in accepting. I dressed in a tight white blouse, short clingy black skirt, barely black tights (stockings weren’t an option as the skirt was so short) and black suede knee boots. I took ages getting ready, and when I finally walked down stairs John couldn’t take his eyes off me. He complimented me on how I looked and then got up to take me to my friend’s house.

Once we pulled up outside he moved to kiss me on my lips but I turned away and let him peck me on the cheek. I didn’t want my lipstick ruined. I could see both the hurt and the lust in his eyes. I climbed out of the car and knowing he was watching, I put on my sexiest walk and swung my hips just to pile on the agony for him.

I had a couple of drinks in my friend’s house before a stretched limo picked us up and took us into town. There was champagne in the limo and I was quite light headed before I got to the first club.

As soon as we got to the club we had a couple more drinks and then hit the dance floor. I could see I was getting plenty of attention from the guys in the club and I couldn’t help but notice the chauffeur standing at the bar sipping a soft drink looking very lonely. He was about my age and looked lovely. Fit but not too bulky and a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. Totally out of character I walked over to him, took off his cap and put it on my head and then lead him by his tie to the dance floor.

The next three hours were a blur of drinking, some very close dancing and lots of flirting. I could see by the bulge in his trousers that he was enjoying my company. This made me feel very empowered. After no time at all we were standing outside the club waiting for the chauffeur to bring the limo round. Once inside I sat in the middle of the rear seat. We were all laughing and joking about what a great night we had but all the time I kept making eye contact with the chauffeur. My friend suggested to him that as I actually lived near the limo company that he could drop me home instead of my husband having to pick me up from her place.

After everyone else had been dropped off we started the five mile journey to my house. Still, the chauffeur and I kept making eye contact. I was feeling so horny but also so very, very, tired. Without realising it I slipped into a light sleep and had a very erotic dream but it was nowhere near as erotic as the next hour of my life was about to be.

The slamming of the limo’s door was what woke me. I turned to see the chauffeur sitting next to me.

“Wakey, wakey sweetheart.” he said as he stroked the back of my neck sending out goose pimples all over my body.

Before I could say anything, I felt a hand on my knee.

I turned round to see the spitting image of the chauffeur staring back at me. The shock of my face was evident.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “We’re twins. We do everything together.”

Now I know at this point I should have screamed and run away but their hands were sending shockwaves through my body. These guys might have wanted to fuck the living daylights out of me but I also knew no harm was going to come to me and they were going to do everything they could to please me. Funnily enough I felt as though I was in complete control of the situation. Even though this kind of situation had only ever been a fantasy before, now it was happening it felt totally normally. We were merely three adults with a common goal and interest.

Together they started kissing my neck and ears. One started to unbutton my blouse and play with my breasts paying particular attention to my nipples, whilst the other slid his hand up my nylon clad thigh and started to rub my ever moistening cunt through my tights. I was in heaven.

One of them slid off the seat and knelt in front of me whilst the continued to play with my breasts. He reached underneath my skirt and started to pull my tights down. I pushed down with my feet, arched my back and lifted my bum off the seat to help him. When he had them down as far as my knees, he unzipped one of my boots and pulled one leg on my tights off whilst leaving the other boot on. I looked at myself in a mirror. I looked very dishevelled with my blouse almost undone and my breasts hanging out, my skirt now up around my hips, my tights half on and half off and just one of my boots on.

My guy sitting next to me went back to kissing my neck and ears whilst the guy kneeling on the floor gently parted my labia with his middle finger, slid it inside me and gently rubbed my clit. I moaned.

“What’s your name?” he asked, looking straight into my eyes.

“Mmmmmm Sue.”

“Well Sue, you seem to be a bit of a slut, don’t you?

“ No, I…….”

“You never met me before tonight and I’ve got a finger in your cunt. How do you explain that if you are not a slut?”

He had a point, but couldn't a wife have an exciting, sexy alter ego?

I didn’t want to waste time arguing so I took hold of his wrist, looked him in the eyes and said “Please make me cum.”

He did as I asked. He crouched down and started to gently lap at my clit as his middle finger expertly found, and started to rub my G spot. At the same time, his brother was still kissing my neck and ears, and was now also caressing my breasts. He released his big fat cock from his trousers and I gently wanked him. It was all I could do to get my hand around it!

It wasn’t long before I started moaning louder and louder as my orgasm got nearer and nearer. Sensing I was about to cum, the guy sitting next to me started playing with my nipples as he moved round and kissed me on the lips. I can’t describe the feeling, but having a guy kiss you passionately, his tongue exploring your mouth whilst another guy licks you to orgasm is just so very, very erotic. As I came I wanted to scream out but his tongue was invading my mouth. It just seemed to make my orgasm even more powerful and intense to the point that I wend very light leaded.

The guys didn’t waste any time. No sooner had I cum than they got me on all fours on the floor facing the back seat. One of them sat in front of me with his trousers around his ankles and his big cock waving in my face. I grabbed the cock in front of me which must have been about nine inches long as the guy behind me started rubbing his knob up and down between my labia. It was at that point that id dawned on me that as they were identical twins, they must have identical cocks. How was I going to manage a cock the size of the one in front of me inside my cunt?

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. The guy behind eased his knob against the entrance to my cunt, grabbed hold of my hips and started to ease his big fat cock up me. As he did, I arched my back. He’d probably eased about half his cock into me when he told me to make myself comfortable. I eased my knees further apart and tried to relax. Once he knew I was comfortable, he fed the rest of his lovely cock up me. I looked up at his brother who gently started to run his fingers through my hair as he started to fuck me from behind. God it felt good. His cock was so much longer than my husband’s that it was fucking parts deep in my cunt that had never felt cock. He started banging away at my cunt with a firm steady pace, his big saggy balls slapping against me as his brother grabbed my hair firmly and pulled my mouth down over his cock. It tasted lovely, and he had precum running down the shaft that I just had lick up.

I could feel the guy fucking me start to pick up his pace. It wasn’t going to be long until he came. In fact it wasn’t going to be long until I came. Suddenly, he started to groan and let out a load of profanities as his cock spat the contents of his huge balls into my womb. I was a bit disappointed as I had been hoping to cum all over his gorgeous cock.

“Stick your fingers up your cunt,” he demanded, “I don’t want you to spill a drop.”

I did as I was told and he then positioned me on my back. The brothers then swapped places and the guy who had just filled me with spunk sat in the middle of the back seat and his brother knelt between his legs, playing with his cock. He grabbed my wrist, pulled my hand away from my cunt, and before any of his brother’s spunk could escape he had buried his cock in me up to the hilt.

He then pushed my ankles up over my head and his brother leant forward, grabbing them and holding them far apart. God I felt wanton.

He grabbed hold of his hard cock and rubbed his knob up and down my labia and around my clit before fully penetrating me in one swift movement. There was no finesse. He fucked me long and hard which was exactly what I wanted and needed.

“You enjoying this fucking you’re getting whore?” he asked.

“God yes,” I yelled, “Make me cum again.”

With that, he increased his already frantic pace, his big heavy balls slapping rhythmically against my bum. It didn’t take long until my orgasm started to grip my body and I lost control. Firstly I started to drag my nails down my lover’s chest, before starting to cry out and turn the air blue with my filthy mouth. As I came I could hear the guy grunt and then feel him cumming deep inside me.

No sooner had I cum, than the guy had pulled his cock out of my cunt, and with his brother still holding my ankles he proceeded to pull my tights up.

“Time you were home.” he said opening the car door.

“Aren’t you going to take me home?” I asked.

“Look darling, you were a fantastic fuck, but you’ve served your purpose now.”

With that I gave them a look of disgust and stormed off.

As I walked home I could feel two loads of spunk dribbling out of my cunt and collecting in the gusset of my tights. It was warm and sticky.

I felt used but after thinking for a while I decided that I had used the twins as much as they had used me. I started to feel proud. They had told me that I was a fantastic fuck. That was something to be proud of. I had often wondered how I compared to other women and now I knew.

I opened the door to the house and crept upstairs. My husband appeared to be asleep.

“Have a good night?” he suddenly asked.

“Yeah, not bad.” I replied.

“How were the twins?” he suddenly asked. I was too shocked to speak. “I’ve got a text from one of them saying what a great fuck you are.”

“You mean you set me up?” I stammered.

He turned the bed side light on to reveal a very hard cock. “Not at all, I merely presented you with an opportunity to be your true self.

He then sat on the edge of the bed and started running his hand up and down my inner thigh before rubbing my weeping pussy through my tights. One quick tug and he had ripped them open and fingered me. As he did the twins spunk dripped on the floor. “Mmmmmmm and you fucked them bareback too.” he said.

In no time at all he was adding a third load of spunk and I felt totally vindicated.