Written by Sue & John

21 Apr 2005

Yesterday I had a day off and as I worked around the house I was recalling some of the sexy interludes John and I had shared. My pussy was so wet that I had an uncontrollable urge to cum big time. I tired playing with myself but just couldn't seem to get off. I even sat out on the front porch in a T shirt and mini skirt playing with my pussy as the cars went by but I still couldn't cum but it sure as hell felt good, wicked, and wild.I decided it was time to play bad girl. I put on a sun dress with no bra or panties underneath. I knew I would be giving everyone a great show. John says when I walk in the sunshine the dress is almost transparant. I have pics that he has taken of me and you can clearly see my thong right through the dress. Well in yesterdays sun that was what I as hoping for. We live not to far from Newport, south Wales and I decided to "pop into town" for a while. I got the attention I was seeking as soon as I left Knigsway car park. As I was walking along, just window shopping, I noticed two 40ish women approaching me. They were fairly attractive but both a little on the plunp side.One of them made no secret that she was staring at my nearly nude body as they passed by. I mean, we briefly made eye contact, but then her gaze went right to my erect nipples which were protruding throuh my dress. Damn, she was so brazen I even blushed. After they passed by I turn and looked over my shoulder, as I like to do,to check out their asses, only to find they had both turned their heads to check out mine too. Again I blused at being caught but both ladies made eye contact with me and just smiled and walked off. Damn, talk about MILF! Now I was even hornier and wetter. I decided to get a cup coffee. In my horny state I was not seeing people as people. I swear to you, everyone, no matter how they looked, big or small, they were all just a set of tits, asses, or a bulging crotch. I got wetter and hornier as the show of jiggling asses, bouncing tits, and tight crotches passed by my table. As I was not wearing any panties I nonchalantly played with my pussy under the table. God this felt so good but in reality only served to make me hornier. At one point I had the tip of two fingers in my pussy and with people passing by within inches of me. I just sat there with a glazed looked on my face as I fingered myself and rubbed my clit but damn, I still couldn't get off. I finally gave up, sniffed and licked my fingers. Ladies you must admit this with me, that smell is so damn enticing isn't it. I straighened out my dress and headed back out into the sunshine. As I got to one end of the street I saw a group of bus shoppers just unloading. I decided to give them all a show. I stopped at a store window right near to where the group was getting off the bus. There were very few clouds in the sky, so I knew my body was in view for all who cared to looked. At one point I spread my legs and bent over slightly, hoping that those behind me could get a look at my swollen vulva and lips. I was gushing juices now and this was driving me wild with desire for sex. After hopefully everyone had taken a good look, I moved on. I saw a small wall in "John Frost Square" and had a delicous idea. I sat on the wall, which hiked up my dress just enough, and sat there in the most unlady like of positions with my legs open as much as I dared and pretended to fumble through my shopping bags and purse. In the position that I was in, if you dared to glance my way, you couldn't help but see my exposed pussy. I even felt the wind blowing on it. It almost felt like I had no clothes on at all. I just wished I could have stepped outside myself to see just how shameless I must have looked. I have noticed in some pics that John has of me, that sometimes when my pussy is swollen, it gaps open all on it's own. I was super wet and horny, sitting there on that wall just imagining people were actually seeing some pink and maybe even my jucies collecting at the front of my pussy. Damn I was so fucking hot. I was just about to move on when I noticed the two ladies I had passed earlier coming in my direction. It was only fair that they get to see some pink too. I inched my legs open just a bit more, just to be certain they could get a good look, while I pretended to read the a magazine. As they got closer to me I just had to look up and make eye contact. As I did, one looked directly in my eyes and mouthed the words, "Nice". I almost came right there. They both stood inches away from me and talked to each other while looking right up my dress. This went on for several seconds. Then the one who mouthed the comment, gave me a little finger wave, and they both walked off. Now it was my turn to shamelessly watch their sexy butts, in a size too small jeans, walk away from me. Damn! That was one time I wish I had balls. I would have approched those two ladies and asked if they mind if I had them....for lunch. One obviously found it a turn on. I must learn to to be aggressive and start seizing the moment. Instead, I grabbed my bags and headed for my car. Once inside I climbed in the back, removed my dress completely, and went to town on my pussy with my pocket vibrator. All the while fantasizing about these two ladies. When I finally came, I came long and hard, and very loud. I didn't care, I was just glad I came! I was still horny so I drove home without putting my dress back on. Most of the way is dual carrageway and only two lanes wide, so there was every chance for other drivers to notice a naked woman behind the wheel and I'm sure one or two got quite a surprise when they glanced my way.

I arrived home at 4:30pm, entered the house, still naked, carrying my clothes and some shoping. As I walked in I heard John's voice coming from the living room. He was with somebody and they'd heard me entering. Panic set in. There was nowhere to hide. John opened the door, saw my state of undress and............smiled. "Come in here Sue" he said, holding the living room door open for me. I entered as asked, completely naked, holding my breath with anticipation. What a welcome sight greeted me. In the living room with John was June, my former boss, and her secretary Miss Powell. Both ladies had tasted me sexually before and June, sitting on the settee, was enjoying the attention of Miss Powell's tongue on her clit. They'd called "on the off chance" of seeing me but as I was out it befell John to entertain them until I returned. To me it looked as if they were entertaining John. I joined June on the settee. Kissed her, squeezed he breasts and she mine. Miss Powell's free hand went to my wet pussy and pleasured me. Why on earth did I go out! If only they had told me they were coming. No matter, we're all together now. John left to make some drinks. June and Miss Powell stripped and the three of us formed a human ring on the floor. I licked Miss Powell, she licked June who in turn licked me. John entered with drinks, smiled, placed our drinks next to us and sat down to watch. June climaxed first so Miss Powell and I concentrated on each other while June rested. I climaxed next. This left Miss Powell "wanting". John, the gent that he is, took over. He lifted her onto the settee, spread her legs, knelt in front of her and with one swift thrust entered her pussy with his erect cock. Within a few minutes she too had cum. John then turned his attention to June, entered her and deposited his entire load into her wet cunt.

We all enjoyed a refreshing drink, then another, another and another. "Strewth you women can drink" said John. "Anyone fancy a sausage roll?"