Written by Sue & John

2 May 2005

I'm a trainer with a large electronic's company and had been in the south west for a week. It had been a busy week and although John and I both endulged in phone sex, every evening, to satisfy 'the itch', I was looking forward to getting home but not the long drive I was facing. I like to be comfortable when I drive so was wearing a light cotton button up blouse and a pretty print peasant skirt. As I drove my thoughts drifted to our conversation the previous evening. One of our favorite fantasies is that of me coming to bed with a pussy filled with another man's cum. Last evening, on the phone, he had very expertly described an entire scenario and brought both himself and me to intense orgasms.

Now I had a long drive along the M5 then M4, which was going to take longer since it had started raining, my panties were soaked and I couldn't wait to get off. Reaching into the backseat I opened my suitcase and found my dildo that I always take on these trips. It was one of those lifelike solid latex cocks and surprisingly close to John's cock. It was a little over 7" long and about 5" around. Maybe some of you don't think that size cock is anything special but what John is able to do with it is special. Pulling my skirt up I worked my panties down around my ankles and kicked them off. Opening my thighs I lifted slightly off the seat and felt the cock slip deep into me. The dildo filling my cunt, my fingers caressing my hard clit. I felt the muscles tighten and my juices coat the cock and drip out onto the drivers seat as I brought myself off.

"Damn that felt good…." I said to myself. I slid forward slightly and felt the dildo slip about halfway out. "That feels good!" The vibration of the car and the bumps in the road caused it to move sending pleasant sensations. Pulling my skirt back down over my knees I drove along. The thought of John's magical fingers, tongue and hard cock waiting at home and the naughty feeling of driving with the dildo buried in my cunt kept me keyed up.

As I turned off a minor road onto a main road I saw a girl, or what looked like a young woman, standing by the edge of the road. She was soaking wet from the rain and a backpack lay on the ground in front of her. She was craning her neck to see who was driving. When she realized I was a woman she waved and stuck her thumb out. 'What is she doing out here?…..' I wondered to myself and pulling to the side of the road glanced in the mirror to see her hurrying to the car. Subconsciously I reached into the side tray in the door and felt the container of pepper spray I always carried with me. Just in case this ended up being a mistake!

"Hi! Thank you for stopping ma'am. I'm Jill! Boy is it raining! I had to look to see if you were a woman, I didn't want to be picked up by a man. Throwing her pack in the backseat she pulled her long slender legs in and closed the door.

The words poured out of her, like the rain pounding on the windshield, and I had to laugh. "Hi, I'm Sue. Yes it's really raining. What in the world are you doing standing out in the pouring rain in the middle of nowhere?" Glancing over I saw her trying to dry off using her wet jacket. "On the floor in the back, in that plastic bag, is a towel that I just used to dry my hair this morning. I don't like those scratchy hotel towels so bring my own, other than drying my hair it is clean, if you don't mind you are welcome to use it.

"Thanks," Jill reached over the seat and grabbed the towel. She kept talking as she began drying herself. "It's fine…hotel huh…my boyfriend was taking me home from college and we had a fight." Dropping the towel in her lap she pulled her soaked t-shirt over her head exposing two teacup-sized breasts with rock hard dark nipples. I gasped at her nonchalance and also at the firmness of her young breasts. "Oh I'm sorry. I hope you don't mind, but I'm soaked through."

"Uh…no..you just took me by surprise." Although John liked to fantasize of me with another woman, I seldom go all the way but when I do......Ilove it. I found myself admiring her young body as I stole quick glances at her small breasts. "You had a fight with your boyfriend?"

"Yes, the asshole got pissed off at me and told me to walk home." Undoing her jeans she lifted her hips and pushed them off onto the floor. "Are you staying on this road for long?"

I looked over and shuddered, there wasn't a flaw on her flat belly and soft thighs. As she moved around I couldn't help but notice the thong panties and the roundness of her butt and as she turned I noticed the wet panties had become transparent. The top of her slit could be seen. With the absence of any hair the outer lips were quite noticeable. "Yes for about the next two hours, until I get to the M5." I looked back to the road just in time to hit a pothole. "Oh…ahh…sorry tried to miss it." Actually what had happened, and I had forgotten I was still impaled on the dildo, was the bump had caused it to move against my clit. The thought went back through my mind that NOW I was really being naughty, and I felt my nipples harden against my bra, I tightened my thighs around the rubber prick holding it tightly.

"Cool! Just before you get to the M5 you'll go through my town! Can you drop me off then?" I nodded as she turned around in the seat and grabbed her backpack. "I think I have a dry shirt in here somewhere." Jill began rummaging through her bag, she didn't seem the least bit concerned being naked with the exception of her panties. "Here's one of his shirts….the prick" She practically growled the last statement. I had to chuckle at that.

"Yes, men can be pricks at times…" I glanced over at she pulled the shirt on, but didn't button it, and then slipped her panties onto the pile on the floor. She began drying herself between her thighs and the thought of my hands drying her flashed through my mind making me shiver. "I sometimes wish I had small boobs like that."

Jill took one of my hands off the steering wheels and looked at my chest, then put my hand back. Her hand was soft against my skin. "You got a set of hooters there, Sue. I sometimes wish I had bigger ones." She opened her shirt exposing her breasts to me. "I hate wearing a bra….which is nice…but then…if I did it would be fun to suck my own nipples or be able to titty fuck with them….Don't the straps cut into your shoulders?…Don't they get heavy?…Doesn't it feel good to take it off and just let them hang?…" As Jill talked on she turned and put the towel back in the bag and as she did I had an unobstructed view of her pussy. There wasn't a hair to be seen, just the soft folds of pink flesh and the two folds of her labia that peeked out from inner depths.

I forced my eyes back on the road and tried to concentrate on my driving. What was wrong with me? Here I was more than twice this young girls age. Now I found myself wondering what it would be like to make love to her? "Yes…yes….and yes to your questions." I laughed. Her openness and bubbly personality made me smile and enjoy the company of this young thing. I knew that John would be waiting for me with a hard cock when I got home and I still had the latex cock working inside my wet cunt. It wasn't helping at all, as from time to time it would rub my erect clit and now with Jill here it would be ages hours before I could bring myself off! Then it hit me, "OH DAMN!"

"What? What's wrong?"

"Sorry…I thought that was another pothole." I answered. However, that wasn't the reason. It had just dawned on me that my panties were still on the floor, by my feet and in full view of Jill if she happened to look. Which is just what she did as she was picking up her wet things from between her feet.

"Oh." Putting her things into a pile she picked up my panties and turned to the back seat. "I'll just put these into your bag along with the towel."

"Ok…thanks…" I felt my face redden and kept my eyes on the road. We rode in silence for a few minutes and I could feel her eyes on me. I wanted to look over but didn't dare. I knew she was watching me and I didn't know what to say.

Finally Jill spoke up. "You're married aren't you? How long have you been gone?"

I felt relief that apparently the embarrassment of the situation was over. Answering her questions I gave her a short 'history' of John and myself and of my work. As I spoke she acknowledged from time to time and then we rode along in silence.

When Jill did speak I almost drove into the ditch. "You were wanking off…or had just finished getting off when you picked me up didn't you?"

Regaining my composure I looked over to Jill and again almost drove off the road! "Yes." I had to force myself to watch the road and my hands gripped the steering wheel until my knuckles were turning white.

Sitting with her back half on the seat and half on the door she had her one leg cocked up on the seat. The shirt she was wearing was open just barely covering her small breasts. Between her open thighs the fingers of one hand were sliding the length of her slit and softly pulling on the small exposed lips of her labia.

"I like to masturbate, it feels so good. When I'm really horny I can cum over and over and over. Can you?" Her voice was soft as she spoke and there was only the sound of the rain as I tried to think where this conversation was going and what was happening.

Oh my God! What was happening here? "Yes, if I'm really excited I can." I could feel the wetness of my juices soaking through my skirt and onto the seat.

"You said your husbands name is John. Have the two of you ever fooled around with anybody else?" Jill leaned across as she spoke and her fingers began undoing the buttons of my blouse. The essence of her own juices filled my nostrils and I wanted desperately to take her fingers in my mouth and taste her but I forced my hands to grip the steering wheel. "You're panties were soaking wet and I could smell your juices when I picked them up." Her fingers found the snap at the front of my bra and as it fell open she pushed the material aside and gently caressed my hard nipples.

"Ohhhh…" I moaned as my heart pounded in my chest. Her touch was exquisite. She gently caressed my entire breasts and then gently tugged on my erect nipples. I squeezed my thighs together as the inner muscles gripped the cock buried inside me.

"Your breasts are beautiful." She was speaking softly now sitting closer to me. "I bet John loves to fuck your titties and cum all over them. Boys love to shoot cum all over a girls tits. Has he ever seen a man shoot his hot cum all over your breasts? Tell me Sue, tell me all about it." Jill took my hand off the wheel and placed it lightly on her thigh and then lifting my breast took the nipple between her lips.

"Oh God! Oh!" I couldn't concentrate on driving and the need that was coursing though my body at the same time. I passed a sign indicating a Picnic Rest Area 1 mile ahead and slowed looking for it. Jill had taken my hand and moved it up her thigh until my fingers touched the wet outer lips of her pussy. The flesh was so soft. Slowly I slipped my fingers between the folds and felt her hard clit. I found the little wayside rest area and pulled to a stop.

Have you ever been with another woman?" Her lips went back to teasing my nipple. Her hands pushed my blouse and bra off my shoulders and I leaned forward so she could let them fall away.Her hand found the hem of my skirt and was slowly pulling it up over my thighs. I held them together tightly and she continued to caress them. Her finger had pushed into my slit and found my erect clit. I was going to cum! She kept moving her finger up and down over it. I was so close and Jill just kept teasing." PLEASE!…I need to..want to…" Jill lifted her finger off my clit and caressed the lips. My body shook! I was so close!

She stopped sucking my nipple and turned my head to look into her soft brown eyes. Her eyes were intense with lust. My finger still moved over her clit and I could feel her body tensing as she too neared an orgasm. "I'm going to make you cum! But I want you to answer me something…"

"Yes…yes…anything.." I was completely under her spell and my cunt screamed for release! Pulling my thigh towards her I swiveled in the seat opening my thighs. "OHHHHHH…"

"Oh yes!" Her eyes dropped to look between my thighs. There was no hiding the dildo that protruded from my slit. "You've been fucking yourself too! And look at that thick bush of dark hair!" She had stopped teasing my clit and now held the end firmly and was pounding the fake cock fully in and out of my wetness! "Oh I just want to devour you!One hand pumped the cock her other found my clit!

My hands gripped the steering wheel and the back of the sat. Jill's hands held my thighs apart and her head dropped between them. As her tongue found my clit I pushed up again to meet her mouth and another orgasm raged though me. "DON'TTTTSTOPPP… oh fuckKKK-K-K-K-K….."

Slowly Jill pulled back as my climax subsided. Pulling the cock from me she held it up and leaned back onto the seat. "Do me. Suck my clit and help me cum…." Smiling and staring straight at me she lowered the dildo that was slick from my own juices. My eyes followed her hand, using her free hand she opened the outer lips and I watched as it disappeared into her. "Touch me," she whispered, "touch my swollen clit."

My fingers had a mind of their own, and I watched my hand reach out to the naked cunt in front of me. My nostrils could smell the musky scent of sex that permeated the interior of the car. I touched the tip of the hard bud that was exposed. "Ohhhhmyyyyy….." Jill breathed huskily. Slowly she continued to work the cock in and out of her slit, my finger caressed the rubbery tip of her erect clit. "Oh that feels so good….your finger rubbing my sex…."

I felt her free hand against the back of my head and with a gentle pressure pulled my face closer to her sex. My lips touched her sex. I felt her clit against the inside of my lip, it was hard but yet soft. She tasted so sweet. My hands slipped around her waist and I pulled her closer. I sucked her clit completely between my lips and using my tongue circled the hard little shaft.

"ohhhHHHHHHYESSSSSssssssssss!!!!!!!!!……" Taking both hands Jill pulled me tight against her cunt. I knew she was exploding over the peak and my hands pulled her tighter to my mouth. ""AAAHHHHHHGAWDDDDDD…." As her muscles tightened the fake cock was forced out of her and slid between my breasts. "Oh GoD!!…Oh god!!…." She bucked against my mouth and tongue.

Stretching my thumb I found her hard clit and continued to rub it as I lowered my mouth to her open slit and began sucking her juices. My tongue stabbed deep into her, like a piston, as I tasted and swallowed her cum. Slowly her body relaxed and her hands fell to her side. I moved away, somewhat reluctantly, and sat back on my side of the seat looking at her nakedness. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled softly.

"That was absolutely amazing…..fantastic…."

I had to smile back at her. The sensations of having another woman bring me off and the experience of bringing another woman off were indescribable. I couldn't believe what had happened and the feeling of fulfillment I had. Pulling my skirt back down I put the car in gear and pulled out onto the road. "We should get going." I didn't want to. I wanted to have her again and again and again.

"Sue?" Jill spoke softly as if reading my mind. "It's getting late, and it's raining harder. Why don't you call your husband and tell him you are going to stop at a hotel for the night. We can spend the night together. Just think what he will do when you get home and tell him exactly what happened." Her voice trailed off as she turned in the seat and putting her head on my thigh reached up and gently caressed my breast and nipple.

"Well, I suppose I could." I paused at the thought and smiled down at her. "He sure would love to hear all that's happened."

So I was a day late getting home but the look on John's face when i related the story to him was a picture to behold. As usual we fucked, had two bottles of wine and a take-away.