Written by Sue & John

21 Jul 2005

Last Monday I was "Working from home." At 11am June, my former boss, rang and asked if John and I were up for a little fun that evening. Well is the Pope a catholic? Of course we were. She aked if we'd call at their place about 8:30pm and that I be "suitably dressed" as she and Roy, her husband, had an idea that she was sure would interest us.

I 'phoned John at lunch time and relayed the invitation to him. He was very happy at the prospect of a "suprise" evening with June and Roy.

I prepared myself by wearing a white, button-through cotten dress, hold-up silk stockings, white thong,half cup bra and high heeled sandles. I added a light spray of perfume around my pussy "just in case."

At 8:40pm we arrived at June's. She greeted us at their door wearing just a pink thong. John's eyes were on stalks and his cock was soon in the same condition. We kissed hello and I couldn't resist one gentle squeeze of her breasts. She in turn put her hand on my pussy and gave a gentle, but firm, caress of my mound. I loved it. John, in turn, put a hand on June's cunt and one on mine and gave firm sqeezes. Very friendly action I thought.

We went into the living room where she and Roy revieled their plan for the evening. June and I were to go out in her car while John and Roy would follow in ours.

The idea of two women dogging really turned both Jume and me on. John and Roy would be in attendance but not close enough to us as to give the game away. Sort of a "watching brief."

We arrived at our dogging spot. There were six cars already there. June parked in such a position that we were able to be seen by all present, including our husband's.

We went into the back seat. Once seated we commenced to kiss and cuddle. After five minutes I was as horny as fuck and went to "work" on June. She already had my dress unbuttoned to the waist and was sucking my tits. I lifted her skirt, removed her thong and started to rub her clit.

We noticed a man outside. His cock was out and he was wanking while watching. In a flash June and I went into a 69 position. My tongue went deep into her cunt while she fingered me and licked my clit. God I needed to cum. The back door was opened just as we'd hoped. It was on the side away from my head so the intruder had a full view of my ass and cunt. I fell more fingers join June's. I was soaking wet. I then felt a finger enter my ass. I didn't know who it was but it felt good. My tongue went into overdrive on June's cunt while at the same time I thrust my ass into the air as far as I could. I NEEDED A COCK.

I heard June tell the man to wear a condom then he was into me doggy style. I continued on June. The cock was being rammed into me by an expert. We heard voices. It was John and Roy. They'd joined the scene as "strangers" and were encouraging the mystery man to fuck me harder. I felt June tense under me. She orgasmed and her taste was devine. Afterwards she told me that while I was being fucked she had been holding the man's balls and helping his cock into my cunt. The man shot his load. I needed more. June went into the front seat and lay prone with her pussy available for fucking. I positioned myself likewise on the back seat and opened my legs so that my cunt was fully visable for all to see. John fucked June and just as Roy was about to enter me, we were joined by two other men. Both had their cocks out. The older one, about 50ish, had an enermous hard-on, about 9 inches. I indicated I wanted him. He serviced me for 5 minutes while the younger one went to June and shot his load over her legs while she was being fucked by John. I still hadn't cum so I decided to "do it myself". The watching group were then treated to a show of me masturbating to completion. I climaxed. It felt so good.

We left for home at halp past midnight after a few more erotic encounters. We all enjoyed the evening.