Written by Zoe Childs

16 Feb 2005

Well, I'll start things off by simply assuming you have already read about me in Stregthed to the Hilt, Double Trouble, & A very wet Mardi Gras Party, so you then would know I'm a horney American, who tours around the world finding locals & other tourist to have dirty fun with. My current place of enjoyment is the Mile high city it's self, Denver Colorado, US. I arrived here a two years ago to set up a home away from boats, trains, planes, and bicycles, (What? you Thought I was gonna say automobles?) After becoming completly pooped from spouting about Canada, Alaska, then some of Italy. (It took me three and a half years, but I did findly get me a hot Italian in Rome. He was much needed after all those frosty French Canadians! Of course ice has it's pleasures), Now After giving my fare thee wells to Jon, my traveling lover, and Anna, my wet pussy hoe, and my lovely following of broken hearts, who were begging me to stay, and keep away from the filty Country of my birth, I found myself on a Fronteir plane an hour away from landing. I was so sad, thinking of those I was going to miss. Especially my cute little Brit boy, whose tongue I had trained into a well used pleasure machine. I suppose the gentleman in the seat next to me noticed my pouting face, and the way I was absentmindedly rubbing my skirt clad legs togeather 'cause he leaned over and said, "So is this your first flight? You seem kinda nerveous."

"Oh, No," I replied taking in this man of about fifty, he wasn't bad looking, it was plain he took care of himself. Didn't smell of nic smoke, had nice hair and nails, along with his nice pressed slacks, relaxed cashmere sweater, he cut a very svelt look.

" I'm just returning back to the states after seven years of exploring the world abit." I countinued.

"Really! Then you must have been real young when you started!" He sounded sincere, and impressed by this.

"About thirteen, I'm Twenty now."

"Well that makes you worldly then, dosen't it? I bet you've learned alot with those kind of adventures." He said to me. I noticed his glance traveling down my blouse at the creamy tanned tops of my soft breast and bare nipples.

"Oh, yes quite alot." Then I lent over to his ear and said.

"I've learned how to suck, lick, fuck, taking it up my cunt, my ass, my mouth, I've learned to stoke and poke, and many many more thing too." I lent back, giving him a smile as I watched his stuned face take this in.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I must visit the flusher. However if you're really interested in what I've learned, you may just find a reason to visit the last one nearest the attendant station too." I told him as I got up brushing my breast against him as I left down the aisle.

I didn't have to wait too long, within a minute or two I heard a gentle knock at the door, then he came in. Imediatly I pulled him in for a kiss. His lips were very soft for an older man, his light pepper stuble tickled my lips as he passionatly returned my advances.

I began to rub my hand against the front of his slacks, feeling his cock jump, then begin to tighten.

He was reaching under my skirt, I opened my thighs some to give him access to my pantyless, shaved pussy. He didn't bother to push right in, but choose to lightly tease my lips, before begining a sensual rubbing of my moist clit,

"Ummmmm," I muffled into his shoulder.

"You are very pretty, and young, I like how you're bare, so soft and wet, are you sure this is something you want to be doing with an old' fogey like me?" He whispered into my ear.

"You're not that old."I reproached him "And besides I like older men, you guys tend to know what you're doing, and often have fatter cocks then the boys do."

To prove my point I got down on my knees to undo his slip leather belt, and slacks, his hard cock spang right into my face! It was about six inches, and as I had guessed, fat, fitting my hand around it, I had an inch gap between my thumb and middle finger,( Although my hands are'nt very big, they're not child size.) I began to lathe his silky dick with my mouth. His cock tasted good, very clean, and sweet, I twirled my tongue around him, sucking him slow and gently. My hand sliding up and down slicking his shaft with me spit, my other hand cradling, and warming his very heavey and large balls.

He liked that I was going slow, I could tell by how he seemed to be relishing the pace I was working him with. His hands were gently stoking through my hair, and his face was glazed over with that look of sweet happiness. I began to take him deep then, slowly sucking down his cock till it touched and pushed against my throat walls, I continued sucking and pumping him hard and slow while he began to moan lightly and whisper how he like that so much. I took him deeper and longer with each suck, pulling away completely before gulping down his cock again.

"Oh sweet sweet, girl!" He gasped, then I felt his balls lift up, and his cock muscle pump before he shot his hot salty load into the back of my tight throat, I swallowed making sure to keep my suction, and hand pumping him, he shot another spurt of his cum, then another and another into me while I continued to suck and swallow him dry.

As he leaned panting over me I gently licked him clean then put his pants back togeather.

Standing up I kissed him gently, and felt his tongue slip in tasting his salts from my mouth. Suddenly we heard through the door from the speaker,

"Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna have to ask you to fasten your seat belts now, as we get ready to approach the desend on The Mile High city." I giggled then ignoring the rest of the captains speach. And said to the nice man before opening the door and stepping out,

"Welcome to the Mile High Club."

%%%%%%%Zoe Child

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