Written by Dickyboy

30 May 2008

I\'d been having a thing with K for some months - she was 10 years younger than me, but that didn\'t seem to worry her. She has great tits and wonderful control over her cunt muscles - she could get me off inside her just by squeezing until I came!

Anyway, she started acting a bit odd and finally told me that she thought she was bi. She worked with a girl who was deffo a lezzer, so I encouraged her to explore a little more.

One evening I met them both in a pub and after some drinks, we went back to K\'s place. The other girl, D, started putting her hands all over K\'s body - K didn\'t object and the 2 girls started to fondle each other - I was just watching but getting stiffer by the second.

Finally they were naked and both VERY wet - sliding fingers into each other very happily. I encouraged them into a 69 - great to watch, but better to join in. So while K was on top with D licking her clit from below, I straddled K and slipped my 8\" into her wet love hole. D started licking my balls and I really had to work hard not to cum straight away.I managed to hold off and started slowly fucking K\'s cunt until she shuddered into a climax - my cock and D\'s tongue on her clit had done the trick. I pulled my cock out of K\'s cunt and D took it into her mouth for a good sucking. D then said - I want to try that up my cunt. I readily agreed and the 2 girls swapped around so that I could enter D from behind. She came after a few minutes. What to do next. I got the girls to lie on top of each other face to face - I then entered K\'s arse, then her sopping cunt, the D\'s cunt and arse in turn. They were both squealing with a mix of pain and pleasure. I decided I had to shoot my load soon, so I got them to sit up and lick my cock together at the same time. Great sight looking down at the 2 of them hungrily sucking at my knob. Couldn\'t hold off for very long - when I was ready I started to wank my own cock wildly until the juice started to shoot - aimed it carefully over both their mouths and faces - more than I usually cum \'cos of the excitement, I suppose! I then got them to kiss each other with their cummy mouths and tongues - the sight was nearly enough to make me shoot another load! We have continued this experience, but with another 3 guys - more to follow!