Written by Rider

7 Mar 2013

I am a 56 year old, fit married man. How many stories start like that? I have owned horses for 25 years and have met my share of stable hands, mostly girls. I have only ever looked and admired and never got my fingers wet.

12 years ago a girl came by the house to ask if she could help with the horses. She was 12 and keen to learn about horses and riding. We agreed, and she became a permanent weekend fixture at the yard. She became our friend and friend to our 2 kids. After about 5 years she took on the look and shape that starts to cause the sap to rise.

Of course, the picture of discretion, I just carried on as before but I was well aware that she was well aware that things were starting to change between us. More visits, parties, chats but nothing stepped over the mark. Until recently.

My wife was away, I was watching the rugby with the kids and she dropped by unannounced as her boyfriend was away. Well, after a good win, I suggested we have a glass of champagne - which turned into a bottle - and then 2 bottles.

It was evening and she came at sat on my lap to chat. Eeeek, stroke her hair? That seems to be ok. Her thigh, yep, good. Now what? Slightly grasp her hair and gently tug it - bloody hell, a moan. Right, better stop there.

I couldn't. It was just too long in waiting. All those years wrapped up in a moment.

My hands roamed everywhere, between those gorgeous legs, over those lovely sweet breasts, long luscious red hair pulled back gently to reveal a delicate throat. A kiss to the neck, hands sliding down her flat tummy under the waist band of her jeans to discover no knickers! Had she prepared for this? Yegads, now this IS wierd.

She had drunk too much to drive so I offered the spare bed. I took her up and we lay on the bed continuing our illicit caresses. However, we took it no further. I had had as much of that delicious creature as I could reasonably want, too much to be truly faithfull, not enough for my loins which were screaming away, "YES, YES, ITS THERE!".

I retired to my bed and in the morning she had gone. We have seen each other a few times since and it's nice. We both know that we 'could have, should have, bloody well didn't'. We have in most people's minds crossed a line, but not the 'F' line so I don't feel bad. We both have partners but we now both have a 'swinging secret heaven'.