Written by Bristol-Paul

22 Dec 2009

Last Saturday, my girlfriend Donna and me stayed at the Travelodge in Bristol.

Donna is 19 (compared to my 24) is around 5'6" tall, with a slim size 8 figure and 36c breasts. She is beautiful, incredibly sexy and I love being seen with her.

Anyway, we had tickets to go to the panto at the Hippodrome, so decided to combine it with a little shopping, drinking and partying.

Our train arrived at Temple Meads at 3.10pm and we made our way across the city to the Travelodge, stopping half-way for a quick drink and rest.

Once we had checked in to our room, we headed into the main shopping area which was packed. Whilst deciding which shops to aim for, we had a couple of drinks in the Bristol Fashion.

I suggested to Donna that I would love to buy her some lingerie to wear out that evening and she gave me a wicked grin, knocked her drink back and dragged me out the door.

We visited La Senza and I suggested that she choose what she wanted as I didn't want to pick anything too obscene and risk a thump around my head.

Donna told me to hand her £100 and wait outside as she would get something as a suprise for later. So, I stood outside in the freezing cold for 10 minutes whilst she spent the money. The cold wasn't too much of a problem but I did struggle to hide my hard cock bulging in my jeans.

Donna came out with a couple of little bags and suggested that we have a last drink before heading back to the hotel to get changed. I asked her if she wanted to change after the panto but she insisted that she wanted a nice soak in the bath and time to get ready and she couldn't do that at 10pm if we were going clubbing.

She spent an hour in the bathroom whilst I changed in the bedroom. When she came out, I nearly came on the spot - my cock felt like an electric shock had just gone thru it.

Donna was stood before me in her knee high boots, a tiny black thong and push-up bra. She was wearing thigh-high fishnet stockings where she has only ever worn tights before. Her bra was one of the 1/4 cup type which did little to hold her breasts in and did nothing to hide her lovely nipples which were on show. She usually has a little landing strip above her pussy but I could see that she was now totally smooth.

I just stood there unable to speak.

Donna broke the silence and asked me if she looked OK - did she buy the right sort of things. Again, I struggled to speak and she came over and grabbed my cock thru my trousers and smiled.

She then grabbed her black dress off the hanger and stepped into it. She slid it up her legs, over her tight arse and over her shoulders before asking me to zip her up.

I leant in to her and slowly pulled the zipper up, whilst softly kissing her neck.

She stood back from me and again asked how she looked.

The shiny dress clung to her curves. I could clearly see the bands of her stockings and the fishnet pattern thru the thin material of her dress. I asked her to turn around so I could take it all in. As she did so, I saw the outline of her thong.

I told her she looked simply stunning, but that she would have to be careful as half the men in Bristol will be lusting after her. She just laughed and said that might be nice.

We then made our way to the Hippodrome and had time for a drink next door before the 7pm start.

I walked behind her into the theatre and smiled as I watched nearly every bloke in the place look her up and down - my cock was hard again.

We enjoyed the panto and then made our way to O'Neills pub. There was a decent band on and a few people inside so we stayed for a couple of hours, knocking back a few drinks.

Just after midnight, we made our way downstairs to Reflex, an 80's bar/club.

We hadn't been in there before and found that they didn't have any seating in the main dance/bar area, but that there were a few leather settees in a lower area near the toilets (classy!).

We had been in there for an hour or so, when I told Donna I needed the toilet and would get us a drink on the way back.

Around 5 minutes had passed before I headed back. As I approached her, I noticed she had a middle aged indian guy with her. I could see his hand on her arse, moving it up and down to feel her thigh.

I was about to charge over to see what was going on, when he took her by the hand and led her toward the toilets. I watched as he sat down on one of the settees and pulled her down next to him.

I should have gone across and knocked the bloke out, but I was transfixed on the scene playing out before me.

I stood in the darkness and watched him pull Donna into him for a full on snog. His hand wasted little time in pulling her dress up and exposing her stocking tops.

As I became more accustomed to the lack of light, I saw a young couple sat opposite Donna and this guy. They also seemed to be enjoying the show in front of them.

The indian guy now had his hand on Donnas thong and was slowly rubbing her pussy, then he slid a finger into her.

I couldn't believe my 19 year old girlfriend was letting this 50 year old guy finger fuck her in the club and in front of these strangers. I also couldn't believe it when I found myself rubbing the front of my trousers.

After a few minutes, Donna raised herself up and then lifted a booted leg across the guy, before sitting down onto his lap. I could see her rocking slowly back and forth and knew that she was now fucking him.

The guy then got even bolder and started to unzip the back of her dress before pulling it half-way down her back, exposing her bra clasp. I knew that her exposed erect nipples would be inches from his face and watched as his hands kneeded and pinched at them.

The couple opposite were onviously turned on watching and began some heavy groping themselves. Her miniskirt was around her waist as his fingers were frantically rubbing her pussy.

I couldn't hold things back any longer and felt my cum fill my pants. I had to rush into the toilets to clean myself up and have a quick wank to releave the pressure.

When I returned, I found Donna getting up from the settee, but the old guy was knowhere to be seen.

I faked shock at seeing her there as I had been unable to find her. She simply said that she felt a little light-headed and needed a sit down.

Donna then told me she was feeling really horny and wanted me to take her back to the hotel for a good fucking.

Once we got back, she said she was going to freshen up. A few minutes later, she came back out and we had one of the best fucks we've ever had.

I'm planning to tell her that I saw her and hopefully see if she will do something similar on New Years Eve.

Can't wait.