Written by lotofcum

25 Mar 2009

On our recent holiday to Turkey, we met a couple on the flight. We are mid 30ish and they were about 42ish. Sharon looked no more than 30, really slim body and tits to die for. They sat next to us, and we noticed them very touchy... We got on really well , had similar holidays before likes of Spain, Dubai and Mexico. upon reaching our all inclusive hotel in Mamaris, we exchanged room nos and went for a nap. That evening, we fucked before we went out. My wife and i have a big appetite for sex, and we were going to use this holiday for non stop sex and what ever else came along..

We had always talked about swinging, as some of our friends here had experienced it, but we never managed to go to any of the clubs.

Anyway next morning, we met the couple by the pool and sat next to them. I noticed Sharaon had a very tight swim suit on, almost showing her pussy and tits. he had tight swimming shorts, clearly showing his handsome cock.

While i was rubbing some lotion on wife's back, i could see Jack rubbing his wife's legs really close to her pussy and she looked at me and gave a very seductive smile. I was turned on and started to get a semi hard on, she saw that and winked.

my wife doesn;t really swim so she sat under the shade and was reading a book. I went fr a dip and the Sharon followed me. Not thinking much about it, she came over and started to talk. i saw my wife to Jack and they in full conversation smiling. Sharon came over, and while small talking, slid her hand on my cock and said bet your wife loves that in her and i would too. I was shocked but at the same time became very hard. She continued to rub my cock, and i was trying hard not to be noticed. But moved my hand towards her pussy. I move her swim suit away and slid my finger in her shaven pussy. I fingered for a while while she wanked me.

We went back, as i was horny, i whispered to my wife that i need a fuck, and we went back to the room and i fucked so nicely thinking about Sharon. While she was been fucked, she commented how nice Jack was and that he made some sexy comments about her. Which turned her on , she too came very nicely. I suggested we could get a 4some, and my wife was very interested. We went back, they were still there,and they could tell we just fucked. My wife flirted with the couple while i hit the pool.

We agreed to meet for dinner later. This was going to be our chance for some extra fun. Before we got ready we fucked again, while agreeing to have fun with them.

During dinner our talk turned to sex, our experiences and pleasures. they informed us that they have enjoyed 4somes and swinging. This was turning us on. I felt a hand on my lap, and it Sharon's and i could see Jack hand on my wife's leg. She let him stroke her all the way up her skirt. I became very hard and Sharon was wanking me. My wife sort of knew. We drank some more wine, and they suggested we went back to their's for some spirits.

Upon entering their room, jack poured some Vodka for us and i visited the bathroom. I came back, seeing my wife been snogged by Jack. Really turned me on. Sharon came over and put her tongue inside me. We all striped and Jack was licking and fucking my wife while i was been sucked by Sharon. Watching my wife been fucked , really turned me on and i fucked Sharon doggy style and came so nicely. My wife must have come 3 times. I licked Sharon out, and i tasted her cum in my mouth. The girls then started tp kiss and lick each other while we sat and played with each other. We then fucked our own wives.

That night i lost count of how many times i fucked my wife thinking about our experience.

All through the holiday we fucked each other almost every day. My wife would slip away with Jack and i with Sharon. Or the girls would away for some fun. And later we would have group sex.

What a holiday