Written by J-n2

28 Apr 2009

it was 2 years ago now when my man asked me if i fancied going to a club that he had heard about from one of his workmates. He described it as an adult club where some women pole danced and you could watch from a distance other couples having sex. If i felt adventurous we too could have sex in a private room and leave the door open for someone to watch. I liked the idea but was rather nervous about the whole thing.

Saturday arrived and i'd decided that i'd wear some very sexy gear, basque stockings very high heels and my favouraite thong that was just a few pieces of string held together with genstomes and showed off rather nicely my very bare pussy. I've always been very confident of my figure and love to tease men with my ample 36DD's

The atmosphere was really nice when we walked in. About 10 couples were sat chatting and having a drink and signalled to join them. i soon made eye contact with 2 of the blokes and immediately felt that i wanted to turn them on later. I'm not into women (yet!)

A bell rang and it was the sign to strip off and get more relaxed. I was now wishing i had on a thong that covered my pussy. But anyway we just went to the locker room and sripped down. Walking back to the bar area i noticed such a mosphere and immediately felt at ease. We sat down with a couple, one of the men that i had made eye contact with. He looked down at my bare pussy and smiled and "said is it your first time?" "Yes we said", "well don't worry me and Tess will look after you". I felt myself go very wet and knew it was going to be a good night.

After about 10 mins they said they were going to the play bed, why don't we just stand and watch. Off we went and as i looked round a corner there were 6 people. A couple playing with each other. And 4 that looked entwined. Two single blokes looked on just gently pulling at their cocks looking at one of the women like they were waiting for an invitation to join in. John sat Tess on the egde of the large bed and started to lick her pussy. So i took off my thong amnd we did the same. It wasn't long before John asked my guy if he wanted to swop for a little while. he nodded and i nodded and John pushed me further onto the bed and opened my pussy lips wide. I nearly cum within 2 seconds of his tongue flicking my clit. He really knew how to work into my hole and lap up all the jiices that were flowing. I looked at my man and he was watching me arch my back in enjoyment. He had his cock in Tess's mouth and was gently pushing it further in. I loved watching this and we just smiled at each other.

John soon moved around and offered me his cock. It was really big and had a swollen head like a mushroom. I took it greedily and he let a little cum out staright away. I knew he was excited to be fucking my mouth. He moved off my pussy and focussed on me giving him head. he asked if one of the guys watching could join in and take over licking me. I nodded and at that point felt the joy of two men at once. My pussy was being fingered hard and i was close to cummimg. John took his cock out of my mouth and while i was being fingered started to suck my clit, all my pussy tightened i came all over his tongue and the other mans fingers as they worked in and out. I let out a little moan and at that point my partner was at my side kissing me and saying how much he wanted to fuck me.

and fuck me he did with men stood watching and hoping for a turn. That night i had several mens cocks in my mouth. I nodded to both the single men to join in and felt like a slut and watched as four men wanked slowly in a circle round me on the bed and took it in turns to fuck me. John was the first to come and i'd licked my lips to let him know i wanted it in my mouth. I'm a greedy girl and love the taste and feel of spunk in my throat as i swallow.

One of the men then put his cock to my lips and i took it. i was sucking it hard and really enjoyed the feeling of a man in my pussy at the same time. Well actually several men! Not one of them was left dissapointed and dare i tell you an hour later we repeated the experience after a break and a drink back at the bar.

I was so horny that at home that night we fucked till morning. We enjoyed it so much we went the next weekend but it was quieter and just swopped with one couple

really loved it, but now with no regular partner not ventured back