Written by JayK

28 May 2007

For years I had fantasised about my wife being fucked by another man, and what it would be like seeing her dirty cum filled pussy, I always wanted to taste her after being with sombody!

When we shagged i'd be forever asking about her pass lovers, what size he was, how much he came ect.About 2 years ago I told her about me wanted her to go fuck an ex and come back and show/tell me everything! She was hurt and confused thinking that I didnt love her as what I was asking of her,so we never mentioned it again,untill..........

2 weeks ago she told me she had bumped into her ex and had arranged to go out on a date with him, it was now my turn to be hurt as I thought she was telling me it was over, until she said, I have never forgotton what I had asked of her and tonight was the night my fantasy would come reality. I nearly shot my load, she took me upstairs asked me what do you think her ex would like her in, there was I choosing her sexy clothes so that she could go and get fucked, she slowly got dressed in front of me carefully making sure everything was in place, she put her sexy undies and stockings ect on, just as she was leaving room she stood over my face and told me to give her pussy a good luck kiss, boy was she wet................

She then went out,I wank so hard, thinking whatshe was going to be upto, knowing how sexy she looked and how her ex musthave thought he was in heaven.

2 hrs passed and I got a text,saying in graphic detail what she'd been upto, my wife was normally very reserved and I never knew she had it in her to talk so filthy, god hard again another wank!

She came home about an hour after texting me,her hair all messy,face flushed she looked sexier then ever, she took me upstairs and turn into sum kind of dom mistress, totally in control of me, she threw me on the bed got my cock out and starting saying really degrading stuff,which I loved, she then took my hand and slipped in her drenched cum filled cunt, she made me finger her then put my fingers in my mouth, oh my god I felt so horny,she then sat on my face and squirted, telling my wot a good fuck he was, I had gathered as I had never seen her cunt so pink.

I was in heaven, it was much better than I had ever imagined it could have been, yes I felt dirty and degraded but that was what it was all about!!

My wife later said that over the couple of years she had thought about it,and when she bumped into ex she knew it was her chance of getting a good fuck for once, I am so glad I aint that good in bed as it seems this could be a regular thing, and I cant wait!!!

Will keep you posted