Written by John dogger

5 May 2008

Last Thursday night I picked up my girlfriend Lucy from the travel agents where she works, she’d worked late because of a special promotion they were running, when I got there at 9.30 Lucy was a bit pissed because she’d had a couple of glasses of wine as a thank you to all the staff. On the way home She said, lets go for a fuck up the lickey hills, I didn’t need asking twice and made my way there pronto.

We pulled into the car park and there were a few other cars, we found a spot and parked, Lucy undid her belt and knelt on her seat, she unzipped my flies and got my cock out, then she started sucking it. I lay back and enjoyed the attention, after a few minutes I noticed a shadow at the window, when my eyes adjusted I realised it was a man, and he was wanking while watching us, whats more he was at Lucys window, so he had a great view of her peachy little arse, Lucy’s 19 blonde and she’s like a model. I was a bit taken aback, and I said to lucy, there’s a guy at the window wanking over us, she turned around and said, dirty old sod I’ll give him something to wank about, she hitched up her skirt around her waist, so he could see her satin knickers, I couldn’t believe it. The guy started wanking faster and came over the window, aww I said, I’ve got to clean that, Lucy pressed the button and the window wound down, is that better, she said.

At that point another two guys came up and started wanking at the sight of her knickers, Lucy giggled and pulled her knickers down, as she carried on sucking my cock, after a few seconds there was a grunt and one of the guys shot his load all over her arse, then quickly afterwards the other guy did the same, this was too much for me and I shot my load in her mouth, she swallowed it as she got up, and said the comes dribbling down my arse crack, its making me horny, I want more. Another guy took position at the window, he was about sixty, and he started wanking, then a Pakistani guy came up to my window and started wanking, she opened the door and pushed it all the way, then she beckoned the bloke forward, she grabbed his cock and pulled it into her mouth, then she went to work on him, he held her head and fucked her mouth, soon he was coming in her mouth, when he’d done she gulped his load down, there was already another guy standing there, he was about fifty , she pulled him forward and started sucking his cock, at that point the guy at the back came over her arse.

By now I could see that a big crowd had built up around the car, a gang of teenagers were egging each other on to finger her, one of them stepped up and reached in, he started fingering her fanny, she turned around and said, just fuck me will you, he opened the door and she pushed her arse out towards him, he grabbed her waste and slid his cock into her, then began ramming her, his mates were jeering him on, the old guy she was sucking came in her mouth and she swallowed his load, one of the other teens stepped in and put his cock in her mouth, they were fucking her from either end, the guy at the back shot his load into her fanny, as he pulled out, his mate stepped up who was scruffy and greasy, he pushed his cock in and rammed her a few strokes before coming in her. Then his mate at the front took his cock out and started wanking down the front of Lucy’s blouse as he came all over her bra. Then the last teen ran up to her from behind and stuck his cock in just as he shot his load. As he pulled out a splodge of come dribbled out and landed in the gusset of her knickers.

Another old guy stepped up and fed his cock into lucys mouth as the Pakistani she had sucked earlier went round back for seconds, as he slid in Lucy gasped, and started moaning in pleasure , she looked at me and smiled, he’s fucking my arse, then she carried on sucking the old guy, the Pakistani started getting faster and faster until he was ramming her arse deep, then he held her tight against him as he shot his load in her arse, at that point lucy let out a scream and orgasmed, the old guys cock fell out of her mouth and he began wanking it, coming all over her hair and face.

Lucy got up and crawled out of the car, thanks boys, she said, but a girls gotta pee she squatted down and pissed in front of them all, she pulled up her knickers, they were soggy with come, and it was running all down her legs, she straightened herself up and got back in the car, come on lets go, my dad will wonder where I am, I dropped her at her door and watched as she went up to her room, as she shut the curtains she had a big smile on her face