Written by spunk on my face

2 Aug 2011

Yesterday I went dogging for my very 1st time, but it wont be my last!

After chatting to a few guys on here for some time about where was best to go and times etc I finally plucked up the courage and went for it.

I made a excuse to leave work early and headed to the carpark in Brentwood/Upminster and parked up, there was a few cars there but no one in them, I wondered if it was dog walkers in the woods or other people like me who had come for some fun!

I took a deep breath locked my car and headed into the woods for a look around, walking in a little way I see lots of well trodden walk ways and followed them and eventually as it got more secluded i began to see some tissues and discarded condoms, I was obviosly in the right place!

Walking in a bit further I came to a clearing with more tissues on the floor and a old sleeping bag and some ripped out pages from a porn mag, I picked up a couple and began to look at them feeling my cock twitch as i looked at them suddenly I heard someone coming so I dropped them on the floor, the guy walked closer trying to suss me out to see if i was there for the same thing he began to rub his cock through his jeans.

I took his lead and began to do the same, with this he walked up to me and began to rub my cock at the same time as his, whisch felt strange and exciting at the same time to have another man took me for the 1st time!

We haven't spoken a word but he drops to his knees and starts to undo my belt and lets my trousers fall to the floor and then pulls down my boxers, as my now fully erect cock nearly hits him in the face!! He wastes no time and begins to suck it deep in his mouth and lick my balls! Wow this feels great my nerves are going and really starting to enjoy it, when I open my eyes I see 2 more guys walking roung the corner and I panic and try and pull up my pants! One of the guys puts his hand up to reasure me its ok and I let my man sucking me carry on.

now I have 3 men 1 sucking me on his knees and 2 come either side of me and take out there cocks, 1 starts to kiss me whisch again is very very strange but I like it! I start to wank the 2 guys either side of me feeling them harden in my hands, the man sucking me stops and stands up and pushes lighty on my shoulders for me to drop to my knees!!! Ok now I'm on my knees in a woods in broad dayligght with 3 cocks in my face! I take the guy in the middle and begin licking the end of his cock before takin it in my mouth and sucking on it, the othe 2 men both in there 50s are rubbing their hard pricks all over my face obviosly enjoying the sight of a much younger guy sucking for them, I start to take it turns to suck all 3 when out of the corner of my eye I see there is another guy this time a lot older wanking and watching, by this point I dont care anymore tottally lost in the experience and feeling like a complete slut the old man comes and gets down on the floor and starts sucking me off while i still suck the 3 big cocks in my face, this is to much I start to cum in the old mans mouth! The 3 being sucked take this as a que and start to wank faster followed by one then two then three men spunking all over me I close my eyes and just let them! Its in my hair on my face and all over my shirt and tie! How can I go home to my wife like this!!! I walk back to my car and try and clean up but reak of sex and spunk! I clean off best I can then drive the short way home, lucky enough my wife is in the garden I rush upstairs shower and change and manage to get away with it!

Next time I must be more carful and undress at least before I let 3 dirty old men cover me in spunk, But god did I enjoy it!!!!!!