Written by Chang

17 Apr 2010

I am a married Asian man (Korean) in my mid-30s and live in Los Angeles. I have a small cock and even though I'm outwardly very masculine, I have very strong fantasies of being a submissive bitch to well-endowed white men. Recently, I've been perusing the ads on Craigslist and I came across one that sounded very interesting. It was another married man, a bit older, in his mid-40s, who was seeking someone to share wife photos and jack off together. I was nervous but took the plunge and answered his ad.

He was visiting from out of town so we met up at his hotel. We began by looking at pics of his wife and then my wife. Both of them are very attractive. His wife is a tall brunette with luscious tits and tight, toned body. My wife is a slender Asian with small, firm tits and a super-tight pussy.

Both of us got hard as we looked at the pics of our wives. I was visibly nervous and though he wasn't very experienced himself, my new friend seemed much more composed. I told him that I'd follow his lead. He then took off his pants and underwear to expose his semi-erect cock. It was large, much larger than my 4.5 inches. He was about 7 inches and extremely thick. I just stared at it while he played with himself. He then asked me if I wanted to touch it. I did. I reached out timidly and wrapped my hands around another man's cock for the first time. Wow, it felt wonderful.

I massaged it and watched in wonder as it got bigger and bigger in my hands. I then dropped to my knees while he was seated in a chair and used both hands to play with his cock. I felt like such a subservient bitch, on my knees and serving another man's cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled it toward his cock. I couldn't believe what I was about to do. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide to take a cock in my mouth for the first time. It felt so perfect. I licked and sucked his cock with fervor, all the way from his large balls to the tip. He was moaning the whole time and I knew I was doing a good job.

After a while, he stood up and started face fucking me harder and faster. I was wondering what I would do when he came in my mouth. Soon, he grunted and shot a huge load in my mouth. I didn't swallow it right away, I just allowed his cock to spurt load after load into my mouth. My mouth was full of cum and I stroked his cock some more to get the last drops into my mouth. I then looked into his eyes and slowly swallowed the entire load. I LOVED the taste of it. I licked his cock clean and then went to the bathroom to get a hot towel and cleaned him up some more.

He then moved over to the bed and laid down to rest and recover. Meanwhile, my cock was about to explode. He called me over and asked me to lick his balls so I did while playing with my own dick. I quickly came while I had his left nut in my mouth.

He then asked me to dance sexy for him like a stripper. I gyrated my hips and posed in all kinds of naughty ways. He smiled while watching me and asked me to get on my hands and knees. He then fingered my ass, which felt like heaven, and then had me suck his cock until it became hard again. He tried to fuck me but it was just so painful that I couldn't do it. He then shoved his cock in my mouth and fucked my mouth to another orgasm where I drank down a second load in an hour. As soon as he came, he told me to leave. I put my clothes on and as I went to the door, he came over and made me get on my knees one more time to kiss and lick his flaccid cock before leaving.