Written by coalpitdave

8 Dec 2007

before the day's of the internet, in our area we had the free ad's paper which at the back had the dating pages with the usually gay dating then it had adult section. i'd been curious about bi fun with a bloke but not keen on feeling gay, so answered a advert from a couple looking for light fun with bi-curious bloke. after corresponding by post then email, met up for drink in local pub, she was fantastic, so at the end of night went our seperate way.

a few weeks later we met again in same pub, only this time only pete was there. he said racheal had to pop out this evening but would meet up later. so we finished our drinks and headed back to theirs. well we get there and no racheal, so pete puts on a cd, and suggust we strip off and play around with each other, well what do i do, i'm here now so i think might as well. we're playing and sucking each others cocks for about half an hour, then racheal returns, pete calls her into the lounge, she say's hi, we've both there naked holding each others cocks, she offer's us both tea and goe's to the kitchen , then shortly returning with the drinks, then off she goe's again into the other room on the pc leaving us to it.

Eventually after another half an hour he calls her in, she sits between us on the floor, still fully dressed, she plays with him and suchs him, i cup her breasts through her pullover squeezing them, and they feel fantastic, i lift her jumper over her head, revealing a gold coloured bra, cupping her boobs lovely.........