Written by happytime

10 Mar 2012

hi my name is jane this happened 18mths ago, how things can turn round, we have been married for 20yrs kids have moved out, so at last we could have some us time,alan has alway had this thing about doing things in the open like feeling me in taxis opening my leg so the driver could c me strange things like that, some time it made me horny sorry most of the time.But this one time on my birthday we drove to a nice little restaurent were we had a loverly meal, i had on a wrap over dress just above the knee my black half cup bra and sheer thong i could feel my breast bursting out of the bra my nipples were so hard,i was feeling really hot, any way al was driving so was'ent drinking but some how got me really tipsy and started to say naughty things to me like he was going to watch me suck another mans cock tonite and watch me fuck the mans cock it was making me horny the more dirty the more wet i was getting, any way we finished our meal, on the way out al rubbed my pussy mmmm it was soaking, he told me he was going to take me to a secluded spot so he could fuck me by this time i was up for anything and he knew it.as we drove al undone my wrap and i was just sitting there with my dress wide open as we stoped at the lights a big lorry pulled aside of us i tryed to pull my drees across but al said give him something to remember so i sat there giveing the driver a full eyeful which made me even more naughty, we arrived at this secude spot and was surprised to c another car there so we parked a few metres away at this time i was so horny i started to undo al fly and pulled out his semi hard cock and took him in my mouth i could taste his pre cum mmm nice and sweet any way i was sucking on his cock and al was pulling his trousers off i pulled back and wow was his cock looking big al had on his cock ring. al lowered my car seat opened my wrap fully and had my breasts out my nipples were so hard and big u could c that my pussy was so moist through my thong, al had brought out my big black dildo my fav and ask me to fuck it for him no problem i said, so i started to rub my clit with the big mamber it felt so nice than i inserted it now i have never had it rite the way in because of its size but it was fully in all 10'' of it al was wanking so fast i was so busy fucking the mamber and watching al i love to watch a man cum in big long squrts and loads of it, that al told me we had company our car was steamed up so i thought he was joking any way i was fucking my dildo and was in seventh heaven (pun )that when i turned and wiped the steam window sure enough there was a couple of people trying to watch me which made me even more naughty i withdrew the dong and pulled the window down and saw a couple so i started to suck the mamber and could taste my own juices on it al was so turn on the girl was wanking her man while watching me al told me to open the car door which i did and nod for them to come over she was a stunner best pair of breast i have ever seen and he hard a big fat cock i was almost naked except i on just my bra and thong on al was naked and stood by me the girl took al cock and wanked both of them at the same time ive always wanted to lick pussy and this was my chance i lifted her skirt up and she was pantie less and soaking so i started to lick and prob her pussy with my tongue she almost fainted and had to b held up by the boys i had her against the car i was finger and tongue fucking her and the boys were wanking watching me . my turn so i stood up and pushed her head down into my pussy omg that was so nice her tongue was brill watching the lads made me so horny so i told them to wank each other al was taken abck but the bloke did not hesitate he took hold of al cock and was wanking him so slowly i thought al was going to cum there and then.enough of this i needed to b fucked good and hard and al was going to do it. i told him with that he turned me round and started to finger fuck me from behind mmmmmm it felt good but i needed some hot meat so told him to fuck me a few seconds had gone when i felt his cock opening my pussy it felt so hot and naughty fucking in front of strangers but who cares, i could feel all of his cock in me by now and it seemed differant not a lot but made my pussy was open more, then i could c al out the side of my eye, he made this guy fuck me i was so far gone it dident matter who fucked me my god this guy new how to fuck al was getting sucked by the other girl and both were watching us by this time i could feel his balls tighten up so i new he was ready to shoot his sponk and i needed for him to shoot it all in my mouth so i took him out amd stated to suck him and then the other girl came and joined me in a couple of second he was cummiming every where all over my face mouth every where she was licking all his hot sponk of my face then al came over and shoot his load over us i dont think i ever been covered in so much jizz after we had wiped our selves down his name was john and her name was jane same as me , we talked for a few mo then went our seperate ways its was so naughty but it has'ent happen again fingers crossed