A few slutty loose ends Fact

Summer of slut... part four…

To this day I still get off on hearing about my wife's exploits in the summer prior to meeting me when she was just a sweet sixteen year old. I have to admit though that had I known of her sexual adventures when meeting her, I probably wouldn't have plucked up the courage to ask her out. It's clear now that her early sexual confidence has played a huge part in our endeavours together.
The summer had gone by perfectly, after fucking three new… Read more

Matched my ex girlfriends mother on line Fact

Fucked her good…

This was a surprise. After writing my story yesterday I got turned on and when I do this and have no contacts to fuck I go to to an app. It's an easy place to meet people, finding someone who is down to fuck same day is like finding a needle in a haystack but I got lucky.

I'd matched a few people and got chatting, trying to make it sexual as soon as possible. This way I can figure out who is down to fuck soon or later. I have a few things lin… Read more

Glory Hole Queen for the night….. Gems Fact

Fantasy made real...…

So this is what happened…truthfully…not exaggerated…an accurate account of last Saturday at gems club in Yeovil. I went there with my other half…we got there at around 8:30pm.

When we made our way into the club I noticed that there were not too many other girls there…a few but not many. Well I thought I could be busy tonight!...and I wasn’t wrong in the slightest. We sat down for a while and I could see that a few guys were not so… Read more

Mmf threesome fun Fact

Erotic fun (names changed)…

We were a bit nervous when we had our first social, we’d swapped faces pictures via WhatsApp and seen some body pictures on SH
We met at a hotel that we were staying at, and had drinks with the couple, got on great and went upstairs for a ‘soft play’
That’s as far as it went that night, but we have all had fun!
So when we arranged to meet a guy on his own for a drink, we weren’t as nervous, in fact we hit it off straight away.
We wa… Read more

East coast fun 3 (part 1 ) Fact

Wife takes a big one…

We changed venue after a while ( see previous posts ) and started going to a night club on the seafront . Liz , my wife , late forties , just 5feet tall , now 36d tits , well rounded arse , looked 10 years younger , was still hitting the dance floor most of the night . She would wear short black skirt , hold ups , low cut tops , which always got the guys interested . She would dance with lots of men getting her arse and tits felt up .
One such… Read more

Sweet teen and the sugar Daddy Fact

Summer of slut... part three…

So far the summer had been a success, not even a month in and the petite sweet sixteen wife to be had fucked 3 new guys alongside her now steady fuck buddy friend. A couple more weeks passed since her adventures with the two 19-year-old lads she fucked back to back over a weekend. Work had moved into the peak busy part of summer and flirting there amongst the customers had become difficult. It was clear that other avenues would be needed if sh… Read more

The Biggest Slut part 2 Fact

a true tale…

I arranged to meet Elaine again the following Friday. I worked as a truck driver and only socialised on Fridays and Saturdays,
getting up at stupid o'clock and too many hours work was restrictive! I called at Micks local on the Thursday, he was in the lounge, sat with a pint of lager. I bought another for him and one for myself, sat opposite him and asked the usual questions you ask friends. I then related what had happened with Elaine and told … Read more

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April in Gran Canaria……..cont Fact

Holiday Fun…

April in Gran Canaria……..cont

I gave it 10 minutes after Sue had left before I got my gear together and stuffed them into my bag and went down to my room. As I normally do when I get into my room I throw back the curtains and open the doors onto the balcony, and pour myself a glass of wine. I then strip off and get into the shower. As I started to soap myself my thoughts returned to what I had seen earlier, maybe I should have made a move … Read more

Weekend at the lodge Fact

Summer of slut... part two…

Two weeks had passed since her first proper hookup and the only sex she was getting since was with her old school friend, who it would be safe to say was now her fuck buddy. She had turned down a guy the week previous because he was a too similar age to her, she wanted older guys in their 20's at least. She didn't want to miss out on a new hookup this weekend however so, she decided early on she'd take want ever was on offer..... it turned out … Read more

Meet at the dance Fact

He asked to dance…

Me and Eileen had went away for the weekend to a hotel that has country dance weekends, al was going very good we had dinner on Saturday night and made are way to the dance hall. Eileen was wearing a long blue dress shoulder less showing a lot of boob she had a strapless white bra on and pair of knickers to match. The band came on and the music was great we were very happy with a few drinks in us, Iam not the best of dancers and Eileen was bustin… Read more

double booked Fact


I am a widow, I live alone , and I like male company. There must be thousands like me , but I wonder how many have done what I did. First I must explain that I am not a sweet innocent lady . I married young, money was tight, so my husband did a lot of overtime which meant he was often too tired to satisfy my needs. I worked part-time in a hotel bar so there was a ready supply of men for me to use when I was in the mood. In other words I am no … Read more

The Biggest Slut Fact

A real slut tale…

This occurred around the mid 1980's .
I had been to visit my brother in a different area to where I lived and called at the local Newsagents to buy some cigarettes. There was only the woman behind the counter in there at the time and we had a little banter after I had paid for the cigs and as I reached the door I almost knocked another woman down who was entering as I looked back at the shop assistant. I apologized to the woman who smiled and sa… Read more

A quiet week in the village. Fact

Carol helps me out…

Quiet in the village continued…

It’s been a quiet week in our little village, or at least as far as we know it has. Emma and I have just had a steady week on our own, though she has taken to wearing a small butt plug, as part of her training for Jerry she says.
I have done my bit too, fucking her tight little arse frequently.

I asked Emma if Sue knew of Jerry’s ambition to fuck her arse and she had said of course she does and that sh… Read more

Sexy black stud Fact

Son's mate becomes mum's lover…

I thought I would recount something that happened four years ago, when our son had just started university and was living. Away from home. I was forty two, was and still am in good shape, toned body 36d2435, leggy and smooth. I love working out and swimming. My husband has a very good job, we live in quite a large house near to Wimbledon and I only need to work part time as a freelance public relations consultant. My husband, Mike, is away a lot … Read more

Cumming of age Fact

Summer of slut... part one…

We married young.... I was 20 and my wife just 18. The first few years were filled with constant sex and experimentation, she built an impressive collection of toys and sexy underwear, outdoor sex and car fun quickly became a regular occurrence and dirty talk was a constant avenue for fantasy sharing and confessions.
It was during these dirty talks that the subject of past encounters would come up involving my wife and her exploits prior to m… Read more

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Horny wife Fact

Horny wife fuck another friend…

Helen had been seeing Andy for some time, at first he had no idea I know about it. Until one night when Andy and I had come back from the pub and she told him I knew. We all ended up in bed. Look at my previous stories.

Dave had borrowed my car as his had broken down. Dave, was over 6' tall and slim and came from London. He had lived in the North East for a long time and we had worked together and been friends a long time. He arranged to drop … Read more

Mmf Fact


Jane my wife and i have been swinging on and off for years only meeting other couples when we were in the mood
We were out having a meal one evening jane as usual wearing stockings and a dress wich buttoned up the front no underwear, we were both in the mood for some fun ,i suggested we call and see our friend ian, i text him to see if he was home,,we arrived about fifteen minutes later, he had two sofas me and jane sat on one and ian sat on the… Read more

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April in Gran Canaria Fact

Holiday Fun…

I go twice a year for two weeks to Gran Canaria, once in April and again in October. I stay at the same hotel as it has a roof top solarium. My day normally starts after breakfast sunning myself on the solarium until lunch time and in the afternoon I go for a walk and a wander around the dunes of maspalomas.

I had set up my towel and arranged my lounger to catch the sun and was settling down to a quiet read when a couple set up opposite me. I… Read more

Caught My Slut Wife Cheating Fact

My wife cheated and suffered then asked for more…

Stacy is my wife. We have been married for 8 years. I own a very successful legal practice which allows us to live a very comfortable life. Stacy chooses to work, she is good at her profession and enjoys it. We have good sex and we do a little bondage which extends into a little pain on Stacy’s part.

A little while back we went to a company dinner evening held by her boss. The evening consisted of a dinner then moved into a larger part… Read more

More of Geoffrey Fact

My wife wants to have her say.…

Okay so my husband has spilled the beans on my experience with Geoffrey, my boss and paymaster as I work in his store. It is mostly fashion based but has small areas for a hair salon, nail bar and perfumery, where my friend who suggested this job to me is employed. I had been warned that the boss was very persuasive and I found out to my cost quite soon and I was taken with his cleanliness and charm, sparkly smiling eyes and soft smile which I … Read more

Mobile Catches Out Wife. Fact

Wife caught out by messages.…

How the wife was caught out by her phone.

My name is Gerald and my wife is Linda, I'm 60 and Linda is 10 years younger, been married 30 years, and upto 2 years ago our sex life was great, then I was struck down with an illness that prevents me from sustaining an erection. So, fucking Linda was out of the question, she said it didn't matter and was o.k with it, but I had a nagging feeling that she really wasn't happy about not getting any cock,… Read more

A Younger Fuck Friend Fact

Wife takes our daughters ex as a lover…

As a couple, my wife and I have always been very open minded. We have swung and my wife has had some boyfriends and I have been with some other ladies since we have been married. It’s not like we have fucked anyone we like but we have done it to keep things very interesting.

We have a daughter and have let her bring boyfriends home and sleep with them. We felt this was better that making her do it behind our backs. She was at school wh… Read more

Good friends Fact

Fantasy comes true…

We had known liz and steve for a long time often going on holidays or going for meals and drinks a lot of sexy chat going on and inuendos often saying to liz show us your tits for a laugh
Then last xmas we were invited to there house for a meal , all of us having quite a few drinks and lots of sexy chat, my wife and i have been swinging for years and quite open with each other but had never told anyone about our adult hobby, affer quite a few dr… Read more

Farm Produce Fact

Summer show brings reward…

We had attended a County Show a couple of weeks back. Been several times and always bought some fabulous local produce from the stalls. I was looking at garden machinery, eyeing up a new ride on and my wife was in a produce tent deciding what to buy. We agreed to meet at midday at one of the food stalls. Once I had been round and seen all I wanted, I sat with a lovely coffee and waited her ladyship's return. She was several minutes late but … Read more

Sexy older slut Fact

Sexy Jen…

During university holiday periods, I worked in a variety of places: pubs at weekends and in the evenings and a variety of short term day time jobs doing anything from cleaning to admin. One month in August, at the end of my first year I worked in a private hospital undertaking some marketing work with their marketing manager, Jen. She was about mid forties, slim, long legs, great tits and quite flirty. She was quite well off, her husband worked i… Read more

Desire for Others Wives Fact

I want to have full sex with my friend's wives…

My wife and I are friends with 2 other couples. Age wise, we are all around 40 plus. We are very close and spend lots of time together. I will say right from the start that we have not had anything like full sex with either couple. So no one has swapped.

But we are very comfortable with each other. On summer holidays and weekends which we often take together we all spend a lot of time stripped naked. Sometimes the girls only wear panties… Read more

Weekend in Yorkshire the final part Fact

Richard gets Al's sloppy seconds-Kaz gets arse fucked…

Next morning I awoke Kaz was still asleep flat on her back legs part open I looked at her pussy and thighs dried cum coating both marvelling to myself at her fucking ability she stirred her legs parting slightly more my resistance to my cock’s morning glory weakened. I gently ran my fingers along her slit tracing my index around her clitoral hood . Kaz groaned I placed kisses over each nipple as I dipped my middle finger in to the first knuck… Read more

return the favour Fact

Mick has me fuck his girlfriend…

I hadn't seen Mick for a while, I'd been divorced a few years, had the odd girlfriend but, didn't wish to get too involved too heavily with any of them. Liking my freedom too much! Anyway, me and Mick had started going out on friday nights again, doing the usual, pulling and sometime not! He had a regular girlfriend he'd been seeing for 4 or 5 years. He used to spend most of his free time at her house. One friday he rang me to go for a drink with… Read more

This may of ben on the cards who knows Fact

Things happen you don't always expect…

This tail goes back a quite away I need to give some background, it was the early part of our marriage Sue my wife got involved with someone else, I will keep this brief, I found out there was a upset, to cut this short I came to terms with it not only that in the end I agreed she could carry on seeing him the truth being it excited me
The affair run its course and ended, before that we had got into me having sloppy seconds and other benef… Read more

Weekend in Yorkshire Pt3 Fact

Val gives Kaz the green light…

We went off into Whitby for our day out and mid afternoon we were sat eating ice cream when Richard and what must be his wife approached. “ Hi this is Val my wife” We shook hands I was inwardly squirming . I’d fucked this woman’s husband only a few hours earlier. My knicks were damp with his sperm Al greeted Richard with a handshake and ( he told me afterwards a wink) . I’d greeted Val with a handshake there was no indication from her.… Read more

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