Hubbys best friend pt2 Fact

Fantasy come true… I grasped Lee's cock in my hand and began to massage his balls in the other hand I could feel his cock throbbing. I started to gently stroke his cock up and down while looking at him. His eyes were fixed on mine and I could hear him starting to breath heavier as he was enjoying it. After a couple of minutes I leant in towards his cock ready to suck on it. As I ran my tongue up and down his hard shaft and gave his bulging purple head a li… Read more

Celebration Fact

I ended up in a sticky situation…

I work at a secondary school (on reception) and have got myself into a sticky (but lovely) situation.

Over the recent half term I was in covering the office whilst a few teachers came in and out, running revision sessions and the such. I didn’t really have much to do so ended up just looking at my phone most of the day. I’m single (divorced) and have been for 3 years. I’m 45 now. I date quite a lot and have loved exploring my sexualit… Read more

The Unlikely Stud 2 Fact

35 years ago…

Thanks for the comments I hope you enjoy this part as well

Once again I posted this story years ago under another user name. As before the action happened about 35 years ago so some of the details are for the narrative and of course the names etc. have been changed. However, the content is substantially true

One afternoon Annie said “Simon I have a friend who would like to see your ring and. well you know feel it too”
Annie was refe… Read more

71 year old ruins wife Fact

Old guy fucks the wife but always have rules.…

I’m Phil, I’m 55 and married to Nicola who’s 45. I retired a little while ago and live with my wife in a very nice apartment in an old Victorian manor house, the relevance of this will become apparent.
My wife and I are the youngest people living in the building, the next age up to us are Joan and Arthur, Joan is 60 and Arthur is 71 and he is a classic ‘dirty old man’.
My wife and I have only ever ‘swapped’ once before when we … Read more

Photography gone wrong !!! Fact

Wife gives me a sexy gift, I get another gift what really happened. !!!…

My name name is Steve just turned 40. Am married to Kris she’s 38. We have 3 kids all boys 15, 12 and our youngest is 8, and live in a middle class neighborhood.
About 6 months ago I turned 40, for my birthday we dropped the kids off at my parents house and went out for dinner when we got home my wife told me to go get into bed and she was going to give me my presents. she came into the bedroom with a wrapped box . She handed it to me… Read more

last minute holiday, so glad we booked. Fact

Sun sea and Sex.…

Were in our late 50,s but still have an active sex life in fact we are probably more adventurous now than we have ever been, life,s too short and all that.
We had a very busy year last year and didn't book our usual 2 weeks in the sun till the last minute, we love to go to the Greek Islands but were struggling to find anything we fancied,We ended up going to Cyprus a lovely place called Fig tree bay, not too busy some great bars and a fantastic … Read more

ex girlfriend daughter Fact

sexy younger woman…

About a month ago I went to an ex-girlfriend's fathers funeral. We had remained friends since parting which was over twenty years ago, We were together for about two years; she had two daughters Claire who was 6 and Becca was 7 when we parted. Parveen is from SriLanka and was and still is a stunning Asian lady; we have always been friends and sometimes with benefits. I had not seen the girls for about ten years prior to the funeral. Becca is now … Read more

The Good Wife Fact

Or maybe not ?.....…

I'm the female half of a happily married couple, late 40's both fit and good looking (modest too) with a couple of grown up kids who've moved away. Not Swingers I might add but, both highly sexed and have been happily fucking each others brains out since our late Teens.

Why am I here ? Well, my Husband found this Site by chance and we've both enjoyed reading the stories. A lot are drivel but, every once in a while you come across a real gem th… Read more

Skiing holiday Fact

Three men and a babe…

We recently got back from a skiing holiday with a couple of friends. My wife and I went to the French Alps last year and had a two bedroom apartment which was a bit of a waste. We were chatting about booking the same apartment for this year and a friend said that him and his mate were looking to ski, and what did he think about us sharing.
My wife Sal said yes straight away but I wasn’t sure as the last time we shared with a couple it didn’… Read more

I suppose husband was indirectly responsible Fact

Picked up…

Hi, I'm Fran age 57 and I wanted to relate a recent episode I had with a man I would guess was half my age who I had never met before or since.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were at a wedding reception at a place about an hours drive away from where we live. The reception got started late afternoon and everyone was having a good time with plenty of food and booze being consumed. By mid evening my husband had started to get worse for w… Read more

Diary of a sex addict Fact


The following is a diary of a text conversation between a couple and I and who love to be turned on by sending me a series of pictures and videos of her pussy
So wet and open with soft delicate lips my mind wonders how good it would taste and smell as I lick you and suck your clit . My Cock throbs in anticipation

Your panties are moist and all day u have waited for some relief to satisfy yourself and there has been no one who knows tha… Read more

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Nurse uses my hand to pleasure herself! Fact

She grabbed me hand and thrust it right into her groin!…

This is really nothing at all, just a touch, nothing else, but is totally true, and happened last week!

I ended up in A&E with a cut eye, and was in intense pain. At one point I was ushered into a treatment room screaming in pain, and the one nurse there couldn't cope, as she needed somebody to hold my head up because I kept writhing about in agony! She shouted for help as I yelled in pain, and two or three other nurses came rushing in. They … Read more

The perfect arrangement Fact

Pregnant wife and my best mate convince me to swap…

My wife and I met when we were cabin crew on a well-known national airline. I loved to watch men undress her with their eyes and even though I’m not bad looking myself, I never expected to have a chance with her. Her name is Clair, she is the love of my life, tall, slim a deep copper coloured red head, in fact as far as I’m concerned, she is perfect and after 2 years of trying she is my wife and has been for just two years. Her best frien… Read more

In the Beginning 2 Fact

The developing lifestyle…

Recapping my previous story, our adventures in self imposed monogamy for me was far easier than I thought. Yes I still admired a pretty woman and still do but my now wife has such a wonderful way with her that I just feel friendship if I speak to one of these lovely ladies, admire them, complement them, but never suggest anything illicit. Now why should that be? I hear you ask. Simple, really, my selfish sexual release mechanism has been replac… Read more

Hubbys best friend pt1 Fact

Fantasy come true…

So me and my hubby have always talked about me having sex with his best friend. I have always liked him as he is quite good looking and have had my favourite dildo out on many occasions and fucked my pussy thinking about him banging me hard. We quite often talk about it during sex and I cum quite quick when I imagine its him instead of my hubby fucking me.

Anyway I was at home one day whilst the hubby was at work. His best friend Lee popped ro… Read more

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In The Beginning Fact

The start of our fun lives together…

Ok we had met unremarkably as two people do when on a night out with separate groups of friends. We hit it off straight away. We were not love struck teenagers but had a husband and a wife as yet unsuspecting how fate was dealing a cruel blow. We had a chemistry it was impossible to ignore. Her body was constantly etched in my mind, the beautiful breasts squeezed dangerously in a white tee shirt. Pretty face above the lovely globes and an as… Read more

the perfect gift Fact

My little secret present from my husband…

This isn’t swinging but I want to tell my story anyway. I am a 45 year old married woman, my family has left home and have homes of their own and I had been feeling old. My husband is a wonderful man and constantly tells me that I am a beautiful woman.
I know I’m not a young skinny girl any more, I am a little over weight, not fat but I could do with losing a good few Lbs and my breasts aren’t as firm as they once were and all that was ge… Read more

surprise beach fuck Fact

from quiet wife to a dirty bitch…

My wife and I are 19 and she is a dirty bitch. We fuck most days and she is a screamer, but until our last holiday she had only ever had sex with mem then she goes off the rails.
She is a looker, tall, fucking amazing body, long legs and nice firm tits, not too big, and believe it or not she was quite shy. So, we go on holiday and end up on a beach that allows nudists. It didn’t; take me long to talk her into taking her top off and in t… Read more

Holiday fuck fest Fact

Our first time swinging ruined my wife…

My wife is 45 and I am 53 and our swinging lifestyle started when we were picked up in hotel jacuzzi in Montana USA. We went there for two weeks out of our 8 week USA visit. If you don’t know Montana it is amazing, its mainly quiet country with towns of various sizes dotted around the place, but fuck, are they openminded.
Carol and I stayed in a remote hotel, it was quite big but at the time of year we went was quiet. We had never tried sw… Read more

Last Valentine’s Day Date Fact

My wife and her lover included me on Valentine's Day…

My Valentine's Day just past was special day for us. It started on the 13th. My wife and I went out for dinner, and had a romantic evening to ourselves. We ended the night with me going down on her, and bringing her to a couple orgasms before we fucked. I woke up early on the 14th, and made her breakfast, and got off to work. I know she had something planned but didn’t know what. That’s what makes it so good.

I got home and my wife was in… Read more

Slut wife Fact

Friend with benefits…

Well my first BBC was back in 2009 I was in my mid 30s and I was working for a plastic factory as a shift supervisor
and we only had roughly 8 people on our shift . And there was a guy that was my floater helped me giving breaks and filling in when people called off . Every since I gotten hired in there he was very friendly with me and kinda flirty and at the time my hubby boyfriend at the time and I had played around in the swinging thing and … Read more

Car Fun Fact

Late night and naughty thoughts turn good…

This happening took place in the mid eighties, you know the time of big hair and shoulder pads and that was just me. I had met a girl destined to be my wife and we were lovers with a licence to have sex wherever and whenever we liked.

This particular night we had been to see some friends and were returning to our house (yes living in sin as they called it). We were talking dirty and stroking each other's bits, distracting my driving a bit bu… Read more

Amsterdam Fact

Wild times in Amsterdam…

My wife Jo and have been married a little over 11 years and have young family 2 boys (13 & 8) and a 4 year old girl. I work hard to provide for my family which I am immensely proud of and Jo works part time and does a fantastic job of raising our children. As is the case with most of our friends, who are in similar positions to us we don’t really get much time for ourselves. Both our parents are more than happy to help out when they can and are… Read more

Threesome with daughter of a friend Fact

For the first time my husband and I are exhausted…

Hello everyone. I’m Angela and I am 47 and married to Geoff and we have a great relationship with my best friends’ daughter that I want to share with you.
Clearly my friend doesn’t know anything about this so I’m going to makeup a name for her and call her Anna. Anna is 19 and lives with us due to the fact that her parents are working away at the moment. Anna is slim, dark skinned, very very attractive with the cutest tiny titties I ha… Read more

from wife to slut Fact

I let men into me for my own happiness.…

I love reading your stories and it was these that made me take the leap. I am 36 and married with a young family, but I felt that my life was racing away and was so boring. Sex with my husband was mundane, it would last 10 or 20 minutes at most and did nothing for me but I love him and didn’t want to have an affair that risked everything. I work away every other week and will need to stay away for two or three nights and my husband is so go… Read more

The start of something good Fact

The beginning of Ems sexual adventure…

As many people do on this site, I want to share the experience that changed my sex life possibly forever, this began to unfold last November.

So I have lived with my Girlfriend Emma for the last 5 years, We’re both 30, I work as a broker, she’s a department manager at a very well know DIY store, we both probably spend more time working than we should, and really hadn’t given each other much attention, resulting in a big of a routine rela… Read more

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my first and last orgy Fact

Boring housewife to strangers toy…

I am going to keep my personal details a secret because what I’m going to share with you can ruin my life. I am 32, married with a small family. My husband has a very good job and as he says’ he earns enough for the family, therefore, I don’t need to work. This frustrates me, more so because my husband doesn’t like me to work because he doesn’t trust me and up until now I have never done anything to make him doubt my loyalty to … Read more

Wife pulls for me every time Fact

The wife gets them and I fuck them…

My wife and I are both 45 and happily married, so what I am going to tell you my surprise you.
We both run an events company that means we are away from home a lot. We stay in nice hotels all over the country and host different events, including running training events for clients, so far very boring. But what makes it exciting is that my wife gets off on watching me fuck other women then fucking me. Again. So far so what. What makes it diffe… Read more

Wife fucks much younger guys on holiday Fact

Wife’s fuck with 2 guys went beyond her fantasy…

We are now in our mid 40’s. Like many others our sex life had gone stale and we agreed to spice it up. This was last summer and led to us fucking in public, and my wife Jo going out without bra and panties, and her flashing other guys etc.

On one occasion we noticed a guy watching from bushes as we had sex out doors. We had never discussed anyone joining us sexually but I found myself after asking what she would have done if he approached u… Read more

Meeting our mutual needs Fact

Sex with a single mum…

My work entails me visiting different sites and companies to do assessments.

At one place there is a lovely, hard-working single mum called Sharon. To tell the truth she's a little plain and overweight but I've always been attracted to her and found her sexy because she is a down to earth person and not a false bitchy person with a superior attitude.

Anyway one day I was at her workplace and as I was leaving, Sharon was too. She looked very… Read more

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