Another Friday Night Fact

Cum Slut with Strangers…

This happened a few months ago...
At 4pm, my hubby starts pestering me and asking if I am going out tonight to “look for fun” as he calls it. I have already arranged to meet a friend out but wind him up by saying I am undecided. At 6 I jump in the bath for a nice relaxing bath with a glass of wine.
At 7, with hubby following me around like a lapdog, I tell him that yes, I am going soon and not to wait up.
After getting ready in a nice kn… Read more

It is not as bad as it seems Fact

The position I am in had developed slowly…

Where we are today started with my wife getting involved with someone else a long time ago, when it all came out my reaction was not at all like I expected after the shock of being told which by the way it was Sue that told me before someone else did which after all it wouldn't of happened so she made a mistake if she had keep quiet I most likely wouldn't of never known

It was out my reaction was not anger, we ended up talking about it, first… Read more

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The Japanese couple. Fact

Japanese couple at a party.…

This is my story about a couple at an adults only party, I know that there have been quite a few others on the same subject over the past few months and it was reading those that convinced me to put pen to paper. This party was more than ten years ago but I still have vivid memories about what occurred.
The party was held at a flat in West London, not long after the party was under way a Japanese couple arrived, at first they remained fully dr… Read more

Very Nasty Minds Fact

Meeting men who do not hate posh women like me.…

Very nasty minds.

Between ten and twelve years ago I met twenty or thirty men a week at various outdoor sites. I travelled in my large motorhome, which meant I was able to make sure my lingerie, outer clothing, make up and perfume were perfect. It also meant that I could invite the most beastly men to attend to me, doing their worst in total privacy.

I have posted a picture from this period. It is me wearing my favourite blue Yves St Lauren… Read more

Surprise dogging encounter Fact

I never anticipated who I would cum across on that eventful Thursday night…

I’ve been going to the same Midlands dogging spot for around 3 years now, it’s a 45 minute drive, but it’s the best way to guarantee my wife not finding out. Saying she wouldn’t approve is an understatement, my marriage would be over in a flash, but she’s just not into sex as much as I am, and at the ripe young age of 28 I have needs. I have a job where I do emergency call outs, so getting out isn’t a problem.
Anyway, the place I go … Read more

Tiler and Indian wife Fact

Naughty Indian wife plays with tiler…

Hi, I just thought I’d share an old experience with you all,

I'm a normal married Indian girl, considered sexy and highly sexed. During the last few years my husband has gone off sex and we made love once a week if that. This left me feeling constantly horny and led us to start using swinging sites where I enjoyed chatting on the chat rooms and reading the horny stories people posted. All the time hoping I could have an experience worth post… Read more

Found the Right Bull Fact

Our first time with a bull…

My wife Stacy and I had never discussed opening our marriage, sharing, voyeurism or dare I say it, cuckolding. We have a pretty regular, fun sex life. I have realized that I get turned on at nightclubs with Stacy when I catch other men looking at her, trying to hit on her and dance with her. Stacy has a great body but doesn’t openly try to get others to look at her but she always gets stares wherever we are. I drunkenly told her one night how… Read more

Friday Night Fact

I met a stranger…

We live in a small, conservative town on the coast. It is populated mainly by older, retired people or holiday makers. Being a small, recreational fishing town, there are a fair number of people visiting the town most weeks. During peak season, the town is jam packed with people.
My hubby and I have enjoyed a swinging/swopping/hot-wife relationship since we first met over 20 years ago.
In the last two years, rather than trying to find couples… Read more

The older man Fact

its true, young women love to fuck old men…

I don’t usually write in to sites like this because what I do is my business, but I has read a few stories about younger women who love sex with older men and I feel the need to tell you my story because it’s a bigger thing than you might expect.
My name is Anthony and I am 80 year of age this month and I regularly fuck a 24-year-old beauty. In fact, I know of 4 other guys ranging in age from 65 to my age who have what is referred to as … Read more

First time in Egypt Fact

unexpected sexual experiance…

This is the first time I have written since our sexy afternoon at at Rio's about three years ago .see "Cuckolded in the spa" March 2016. We went back to London however Rio's was shut for refurbishment so came home dissapointed. Except for a brief friendship with a taxi driver Margaret met on a night out in Preston who only wanted his cock sucked our sexual adventures have been thin on the ground.
Anyway I digress. In March this year we decided … Read more

Cheating for the first time ever Fact

Sex at work…

My name is Sarah and I’m 50 years old and I’d like to tell you all about an incident that happened at work that led to me cheating on my husband for the first time.

I’m 5ft 8 and a curvy size 14 with 36d boobs. I have a nice figure so I’m told. I have shoulder length dark brown straight hair that I tie in a ponytail when I’m at work. My husband Alan and I have a good sex life and lately I found that he’d been watching porn when he … Read more

A Coastal Encounter Fact

a display of my wife ends in an unexpected encounter…

I know that I am actually quite a lucky guy in regard to my wife June, we have been married for quite a while, and unlike quite a few of our friends, sex is still something we enjoy. My in joke with June is that I dont need to watch porn particularly, as I am married to a porn star.
This brings me to some fun that I had with June last summer.
I take quiet a few photos of her , a lot of which end up on flickr. Anyway I suggested that some more p… Read more

sexy older neighbour Fact

Older slut…

I have written about Ann before, she is my neighbour, her husband died last year sadly, she is 68 years old a slim size 8, nicely tanned as she sunbathes naked in her garden, and has a toned body for a lady of her age.

I have been fucking Ann, on and off, for a few years since her husband could not due to medication.

Last week, it was warm, I was looking out of my bedroom window, and I noticed Ann sunbathing, naked. I started having a wank… Read more

My student days Fact

Helpless in the hands of rough ugly men.…

I have written about my early embarrassment being caught made up, perfumed, dressed in female satin and lace lingerie under smart feminine clothes. Being overwhelmed by a group of men, during my early university days, led to complete exposure of my bald micro penis and tiny testicles, nasty name calling, an unwanted micro erection to my full 1.25 inches, painful rough handling and the utter humiliation of being forced to cum in front of them, so … Read more

Am I a Cuck ? Fact

Mild but true…

Advice needed:-

My stunning Wife turned 50 last year and, after the usual celebrations and special holiday were over and done with, she booked a long weekend in Benidorm with her two best mates. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just another 'Girl's Weekend Away' that she'd done pretty much annually for the last ten years or so.

They went at the end of September while it was still hot and, apart from a couple txt's exchanged to check she'd … Read more

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Flirty Wife Fact

My husband loves me teasing other men…

My husband John is really fantastic and has always been happy to let me do my own thing. Even though we are genuinely in love he is okay for me to go out with friends, go on weekends away and that sort of thing and that is important to me. He has always loved when he senses another man is attracted to me and he’s always encouraged me to have a little tease if I ever wanted to.
Often If we are both in we wear not a lot of clothes and if someone… Read more

What a party Fact

A MILF at a sex party.…

I thoroughly enjoyed the story written about a month ago of the couple who went to a sex party so that the wife could experience a gang bang. About fifteen years ago I often went to a variety of similar parties that were popular in central London and the South East at that time and it was not that unusual for couples to attend. Some of them came to watch other people having sex while others were exhibitionists who wanted to fuck in front of … Read more

After the gym Fact

wife meets athletic guy…

Both of us like to work out but at different gyms. My wife does hers mainly early mornings and I attend around mid to late mornings. We normally see each other first thing and then at evening meal time. I enjoy a lot of spare time whereas she is attached to a business which occupies a lot of the day and some evening events as well. However she was approached by a young lad who was trying to work out some of the apparatus without success. She… Read more

Hospital Gloryhole (Part 5) Fact

More good memories... The injured biker…

I had such fun times at that hospital, until the management 'refurbished' the toilets, leaving just one cubicle and armouring the wall!

I particularly remember helping a biker who'd been in an accident, and had a foot and arm in plaster, but tried to insist on being independent.
He was struggling to the nearby disabled toilet on a crutch, and I was approaching.
He asked if I would mind helping him.
I assisted him from the corridor into the … Read more

New job for Mrs C Fact

New job is going well…

Well things are going well at the new job. And I seem to have set a level again 😂.
New office and company only had five guys working in it.
After a few months settling in and getting up to speed and showing I can do the job. Dave and I agreed see what they are like. The banter had been really good and they are a bit dirty minded. (Builders for you)

So the other day I chose a dress and no knickers as it was warm. Happily going about my … Read more

Hospital Gloryhole (Part 1) Fact

My first real gloryhole experience…

Years ago, I had to visit a hospital in Nottingham, which I wasn't looking forward to.
(But, it turned out to be a really enjoyable visit...)

After an appointment, just as I was heading out of the entrance, I realised I needed to pay a visit to the loo.

I looked across the main reception area and saw that there was one signposted, just along the corridor, past the cafe.

As I walked in, I saw that all the urinals were occupied, but, just… Read more

The Complexities of Wendy Fact

its all true the sexual awakening of a single mother…

The Complexities of Wendy

Its not often that I feel compelled to write about someone that I have met but here I am. I first met Wendy around 2 years ago. Wendy was 33 then, barely 5' tall with having had two children and a failed relationship. So we got chatting and we talked about many things from music to what turned her on. The fundamentals of wanting to have lots of orgasms and so far her observation was that guys were not spending enough … Read more

A word of warning Fact

The honeymoon fuck and always get the gut to wear a condom when fucking your wife…

My wife is 32, blond and hot. She has nice tits, not too small and not too big and her figure is perfect, not too skinny. Before I continue with our story I take full responsibility.
Before we got married 8 months ago we had been together for a couple of years and in that time I had talked about spicing things up but Jenny wasn’t so sure. But on one holiday we were drunk and I talked her into posing for some photo’s on a beach with her … Read more

First Encounter Fact

Having recently made the decision to give notice and possibly retire…

Having recently made the decision to give notice and possibly retire I also took up residency in a village in the West Country. The village has a pub and a couple of shops and a local bus service to the towns. I had made friends previously with the guys in the pub and the usual banter among the guys lead to what am I going to do to fill my days. As I had run a construction company previously I jokingly suggested I could do odd jobs that the trad… Read more

Coffe shop meet Fact

sexy Italian slut…

I live in London, Victoria, and have a mate who lives in Battersea. There is a Doppio Coffee shop near him, and I often pop in to get a take away. One of the staff is a young woman, 22 years old, an Italian, slim with the best arse I have ever seen. we have flirted every time I go in t the shop. The other day, last week, I was leaving my mates house and walking past the shop and she was leaving, at the end of she work shift. We spoke and I asked … Read more

Amy’s story Fact

My girlfriend Amy reveals her past sexual encounters…

I’ve been with my girlfriend Amy for 2 months now, we met at her work as I was doing some air conditioning work there, I was instantly attracted to her, her body is toned to perfection, she took a lot of persuading to come out for a drink with me. At 21 she’s a couple of years younger than me but she has a very mature head on her, but also a very naughty side as I was about to discover.
We’d been seeing each other for a week or so before … Read more

Unintended Exhibitionists Fact

An audience we didn't expect…

We've just returned from a long weekend in the Lake District where we stayed in a lovely room on the first floor of the hotel. This was at the side of the building, but with a turret shaped bay window which gave great views over the Lake. As the hotel is built into the hillside, the main car park around the back of the building was actually on the same level as our room and, though we didn't realise it initially, gave a great view into our room i… Read more

Decorator Fact

Painting the village hall…

I am Rhea a 39 year old woman of African origin. I have only oosted one story here and that was about a year ago. It is difficult to put into words a BDSM scene that not everyone understands. I have been married but now divorced and have a new partner. We have a standing in our small village community and are both caretakers of our village hall. The hall needed a lick of paint, several quotes later we settled on a decorating firm from a nearby to… Read more

Club sex Fact

Sexy black lover…

This is an event that happened about fifteen years ago, I was 29 at the time, married to my husband about a year, he is older than me and has always encouraged me to fuck other guys, I especially love black men, they are so much sexier. I am still roughly the same build, toned 26d2435 and smooth, I have long legs and at the time shoulder length highlighted blond hair.

One of my husband's long-term friends Emma had a Black Latino guy as a boyf… Read more

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Photography gone wrong 3 Fact

Another care package…

First I just want to say am sorry about the Confusion About me calling it a dvd , cd or tape. It’s a dvd he is sending ,just wanted to clear that up before I started!!!!!
I got home saw on the table a large brown envelope on the table. My wife came in kissed me and ask what are all these big envelopes your getting as she picked it up and gave it a shake, is there a dvd in there she asked, I told her it was a fishing show from a fr… Read more

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