Written by CinBrum

27 Feb 2009

I walked into the room as agreed and 2 things surprised me:

1) To see my old friends mum under the hungest guy I\'ve seen for a long while. 2) To see cum spurt out the side of her pussy lips as the guy on top of her moaned and his cock filled her so much it left his ejaculation with nowhere to go!

She was embarrassed at when she saw me but I had been asked to strip ready to enter the bedroom by her new boyfriend. I soon put her at ease as I played it cool. My cock was so hard I just stood there as she cried out in a bit of sore pain as this guy pulled out a thick 11\" cock!

While her boyfriend cleaned up after the first guy and he got dressed I got my measly 7.5\" cock sucked. I recognised the type of underwear she used to wear lying on the bed next to her from when I sniffed her used panties on sleep overs when I was a teenager. Maybe a size or two bigger these days.

Her pussy was lovely to see, shaven around the lips and clit with a trim bit of hair above the clit toward the navel area.

One great blow job and then it was my turn. It didn\'t take me long to cum so I went twice. Her boyfriend commented how much she was orgasming at the thought of getting it from a guy the same age as her son and knwon to her.

Much happened that day but to cut a long story short, I came a 3rd time as I watched her take on 3 more guy\'s one after the other. She asked me to stay and watch it all and it still has been the only thing that I wank over since it happened.

it still drives me wild that she takes cock so willingly and her toy collection was interesting, not least as she enjoys a small butt plug too.

My previous misconceptions have been set straight about the leafy suburb I grew up in and the sex life of the people that look so prim and proper.