Written by Debbie

19 Apr 2013

I continued sleeping my ex-father in law John for about 6 months before we mutually agreed that it had been nice while it had lasted but it would be a big problem between him and his youngest son (my ex) Mark.

from time to time I'd bump into John's eldest son David, whom I'd always wanted - it was him I was after when I first met Mark.

But the years past and although John and I stayed locally, David moved away and thankfully Mark stayed overseas. If anything, that would have been a better time to have stayed with John but I'd heard that he'd met someone nearer to his age and was very happy.

For myself, I got into a relationship with a married guy. It was the usual stuff - intense sexually but unfulfilling socially. But he did have a magnificent cock and I was hooked for the best part of a decade. I'd do anything for him and we did have some fantastic times, in bed at least and I regarded it as a period of sexual liberation for me. He talked me into having a threesome with one of his mates on a regular basis - which I loved.

Then, out of the blue last year I got an invitation to a wedding - it was my ex Father In Law getting married for a second time at a smart hotel just 20 miles away in a few weeks time. At first I thought I wouldn't go as I didn't want to meet Mark my ex, but then I thought what the hell, I met get chance to meet his older brother David after all these years.

I wrote back to John saying that I would love to attend but felt I couldn't because I didn't want there to be any friction between Mark & me on his special day. John wrote back to say that Mark wouldn't be coming over and that it would be lovely to see me. I decided to go and to make a weekend of it by booking a room and some spa treatments.

The wedding went well enough but I felt like a spare part, as many single people do on these occasions. David was there looking as handsome as ever but with his 'remarkable' wife (as both Mark and John used to refer to her because of her business career). At the reception I was seated at the 'younger persons table' which was a bit odd but I was next to a charming young man in his twenties who I didn't recognise at first- it was David's eldest son, who I hadn't seen in over 15 years. what a handsome young man he was - a real chip off the old block. my pussy was twitching as he was chatting to me.

The others asked me who I was and how I fitted in. I told them part of the story. David's son (my ex husbands nephew) was called Jack and he announced to the table that I was the beautiful lady that his stupid uncle dumped to set up home with his tramp. an unusual turn of phrase but one of the women on the table said "same could be said for you Jack!". Oh? I asked. "Its a long story" he said. "We've got all day" I said. "well the long and the short of it is that my girlfriend dumped me about a month ago to go and live with a Turkish guy she met on holiday". "oh, well, you know what they say about these Turkish guys" I joked. "What do you mean?" he asked innocently and visibly hurt. "oh, nothing really" I said "just that they are very doting until they get what they want then they treat you like dirt" (whereas what I was thinking was that they are renowned as having great cocks). "she'll be back" I added. "I don't think so" he said. then the penny dropped - I was sitting in her seat, a last minute fill in. I felt a little hurt too and I put my hand on Jack's knee. "It'll be OK" I said to him quietly. to my surprise, he squeezed my hand under the table.

That was it - after that there was no one else in the room for either of us. I tried to mingle and to make it not obvious that I was hooked on this young man, and I knew that he was hooked on me but I didn't want it to be completely obvious to the entire room. at the end of the speeches I said to him "I've had a bit too much champagne, I need to go for a lie down. I think you should go and mingle and do your family stuff and we can catch up this evening." he looked disappointed that I was going but knew it was the right thing to do.

About an hour later as I dozed there was a knock on my hotel room door. I was just in a towelling robe and underwear as I opened it as Jack stood there with a tray with a teapot on it "room service" he whispered. I let him in. He put the tray down and walked towards me. "I was wondering if you can help me get over my ex" he said and he leant in to kiss me. It was electric. "I think I can, I know what you're going through" and I kissed him back. "but we need to be discreet" I said. "Sure" he replied.

Soon his hands were inside my robe all over my body. I pulled him to the bed and undressed him before he could undress me. His cock was firm as twenty year old guys usually are. I took him in my mouth and gave him the kind of experience that a 40 year old woman can provide. Soon I straddled him, pulled my knickers aside and impaled myself on his lovely cock with my hands on his toned, flat stomach to support myself. he smiled as I slid down his pole. I removed the robe and my bra, he sat up a little and took my breasts in his mouth one after the other.

Soon he moved to turn me over. he removed my panties and plunged back into me. I felt the full power of this young fit guy fucking me. I couldn't hold back and I came. moments later he flooded me with his spunk. It felt unbelievably good. He flopped down onto me and I hugged and kissed him. I pulled a sheet over us and we just stayed there for 5 or 10 minutes. "I think we'll need some fresh tea" he eventually said. "Good idea" I said. "Then I want you to fuck me again before the evening do starts". "I'd forgotten about that" he said. "we'll need to be discreet" I said. He kind of understood why but of course although he knew I had once been married to his uncle he didn't know that I'd always lusted after his own father and in fact had once been in a relationship with the grandfather who's wedding we were now at.