Written by maboman

29 May 2017

The wife and i took the opportunity to make the most of the bank holiday hot weather and head to the East coast to an area of dunes where naturists frequent.

We arrived at mid-day grabbed our beach gear and made the long walk to the naturist area. We walked virtually to the end of the dunes before finding a secluded spot.

We set up the windbreak and tent, laid out towels before i prepared for a walk to scan the area and lie of the land as it had been many years since our last visit.

I left the wife reading clothed only in top and skirt minus her knickers before walking back the way we had come only this time it was on the top ridge of the dunes. It wasn't long before the people we had spotted from the lower path began to appear, mostly males and all naked. I stripped off my clothes leaving me in my black male thong and rubber cock ring underneath.

I kept a keen eye on the area where the wife remained as several males started hovering around. The wife found this un- nerving however after they disappeared and a glass of wine or 2 she began to warm to the setting and the now 26 degree heat.

She shed her skirt first and put on a pair of black mesh knickers which were completely see through. Soon she was down to just those sexy pants having shed her top also.

A few blokes walked past and swapped greetings etc non really bothering us. After a few hours in the heat and half the wine gone Marie was ready to play. Earlier on in the day after being spooked by the circling males she said anything that happened would be in the confines of the tent.

I remained outside as Marie laid on her back raising her legs in the air to remove the mesh panties. She then started to play with her naked pussy rubbing her lips and inserting a finger or 2 every so often.

She leaned into our toy bag and retrieved her favorite "pink thing" as its known, a very powerful finger and thumb shaped toy which she loves. Still outside the tent i sat enjoying the show and keeping a look out for unwanted voyeurs.

Eventually she was laid on her side tickling her own asshole before again dipping in the bag and getting out the lube which she applied to her tight hole, a real treat next as she selected our small anal jewel made of stainless steel with a red stone jewel in it. After some rubbing and teasing the jewel again out came the "pink thing" only this time it was switched on to create a load buzzing noise.

A visitor appeared exchanged small talk and then moved round to the front of our hide to peer over the tall grass, Marie remained inside the tent playing and providing a show for me, our voyeur could not see inside the tent and after 5 minutes left us to it.

Marie dragged me into the tent still sipping wine she laid there demanding i use the biggest toy we had taken her purple dildo 2 inch in girth and about 7 inches long. I dipped this in and out of her wet pussy for a good few minutes never pushing more than about 3 inches of its length home.

Eventually she demanded my now straining and very hard cock,i removed my thong took a hit of poppers to get a buzz and inserted myself into her in the traditional missionary position, we both came very soon and together as i shot my hot cum into her pussy she screamed.

Marie later admitting the combination of cock and the anal jewel rubbing together and the general horny situation of being naked in the dunes had triggered a very memorable orgasm.