Written by Barry

22 Sep 2018

I married Chris ten years after getting divorced from Gloria. What a mistake that that was!! I have always regretted that. Gloria and I are still good good friends and speak to each other every day. Chris was cock, a really good shagging shag and although I didn't mind her opening her legs for other men I dispised her lies and her mismanagement of my money. She squandered thousands of pounds of money i earned a broad. When I was abroad I knew she was being shagged. One night when I was home ankd we were in bed she asked me if I wanted to watch her being fucked. I had watched Gloria my first wife being screwed and I really enjoyed it so I told I would love to. I was working away at the time and was due to leave the following week bfor six weeks. I asked her if I could watch her being fucked before I went away so I could have a good wank thinking about it when I was away. This was on a Wednesday night and she said she could arrange it this coming weekend. She told !me that she had met a chap Last week when she was out with her friend Pat. He shagged her in his car and a couple of days later. When I was home I visited friends which gave her time of her own. Apparently he was into thrreesomes so she told me she would arrange it for this coming weekend. She told me he had a nice cock, 8" and very thick, probably the biggest she taken. I told her to go ahead and arrange it.

The following day she told me that it was arranged to meet him at our local pub on Friday evening.

This we did and had a few drinks before we went back to our place.

I poured drinks and watched him caressing her tits on the settee and suggested going meupstairs to our bedroom. I couldn't wait to watch him fucking her. Once inside the bedroom it was in no time before he undressed her and himself. She was right about his cock, it hung half way down his thigh and was very thick. She held it and stroked it as he fingered her cunt and kissed her tits. I sat in a chair , my cock in my hand wanking myself off, enjoying every minute off it. Then she turned and took his now hard cock in her mouth. He groaned with pleasure as her tongue caressed his sensitive knob. And she sighed as his fingers carressed her clit and her wet cunt. I really couldn't wait to watch him fucking her.

She said she wanted him to fuck her and he moved on top of her, between her open legs, guiding his stiff cock into the entrance of her cunt. She caught her breath as she felt his big knob penetrate her, feel her cunt being stretched open. She gasped and said how good it felt. I watched in awe as he plunged 8" of thick cock deep

her. I urged him to fuck her harder, to shag her as hard as he could. I watched his arse pounding up and down as he fucked her as hard as he could. She was crying out as is cock pounded into her. She climaxed loudly and he groaned saying he was coming and gave one last thrust and pumped a load of spunk deep inside her. They intwined for some minutes, getting their breath back as I was almost ready to come. When he rolled off her I took her place my now naked body on top of hers. It was not long before I came having wanted myself off watching him shagging her. We lay quietly for awhile before she went to the shower. We both joined her and then went back to bed. We both shagged her again before falling asleep. In the morning we both shagged her again. He stayed the weekend and I had my first d/p which was amazing and she told me later that she really enjoyed it. She said she didn't think she would but having spunk in both holes at the same time really turned her on.

When I went back abroad i had lots of good wants and couldn't wait to get home again and have another threesome.