Written by steve36ne

29 Jan 2013

Before you start reading! This is factual and i still get a stirring in my groin thinking about it. This goes back to when I first joined swinging heaven.

I had been chatting to a number of people and eventually got chatting to John, a 40 something guy married to Linda who was 35. After a number of chats on webcam with the 2 we managed to arrange a meet at theirs. The agreement was that I would fuck Linda whilst John watched.

On the night of the meet I drove the 20 or so miles before ringing John and confirming their address. I pulled up outside,very nervy to be met by John at the back of the house before being invited in.

Linda was sitting in the kitchen,was very attractive and was wearing a silk type nighty. We chatted nervily for a while before all agreeing to go upstairs. Once in the bedroom we all stripped off and Linda and I got into bed. John sat on a chair at the end of the bed.

I started by kissing Linda and immediately she was grabbing for my cock. I have never hardened so quickly and immediately my cock was hard, throbbing in her hand. She wanked me slowly as I gently caressed her neatly trimmed pussy. I could feel the warm dampness of her pussy so decided to slip a a finger in in. I heard her moan and could hear John groaning with pleasure to as he watched and wanked.

The fingering and wanking continued for a few minutes before I started to lick her now soaking pussy. She smelt nice and I was enjoying eating out her open pussy and was laso very turned on by the fact that John was watching and wanking. After a while she whispered "I want your cock inside me". I couldnt wait so I knelt over her and slid my cock inside her watching as her juices covered my cock. I lived her legs high and started thrusting my cock in and out of her. At this point John joined us on the bed and I could hear saying "Oh ye"as he gently stroked his hard cock. As I continued to fuck Linda John began to gently push my ass saying "go on fuck her" I continued fucking her as they both got more and more excited. Linda said to me " Before you cum lt me know". We continued to fuck in various positions and as we did John began brushing himself up against us. I could tell this was a massive turn on for him as he was constantly groaning. I felt his hard cock constantly touching me so I dont know why I did it but i started to wank him as I fucked Linda.This seemed to turn them both on and John started to stroke my balls as I fucked.

This continued for a while until I was ready to cum. I told Linda I was ready and she stopped and got up. She then said to John. I want you to suck him to completion. I didnt know what was going on but before I did john had my cock in his mouth sucking it.

I laid back enjoying it,as did Linda before shooting my load in his mouth. John swallowed it all before Linda asked him"Did that taste good". We all got ready and I left.

What a night and completley true.

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