Written by cocklover

10 Dec 2017

Just recovering from an amazing Friday Xmas party full of fucking my colleagues in a recruitment company. As the company PA , aged 45, happily married, I am surrounded by a group of young (21-30 yr olds) who are very talented, make loads of money and complete party animals. Always flirting with me, making sexual gestures and on several night outs, piling me with drinks and getting very touchy and feely.

On on Xmas , we started early in the afternoon and continued in the hotel rooms with several bottles of wines. I was sharing with a 25-year-old newly employed marketing assistant. She was quite tipsy by the time we checked in. As we started to get ready, I noticed she unpacked a small bullet vibrator. Questioning her on the toy and several conversations on sex and fantasy , I was using it on her. All naked with her legs widely spread, snogging her deep, pushing the vibrator into her shaven pussy. She was moaning and slid her finger in me too. It didn't long before we licked each other to orgasm.

Looking sexy, we joined our team and after a lovely meal, I was horny as ever and needed cock. Simon soon began to offer me drinks, getting very flirty and touching. I led him to my room and was dogged fucked leaning against the dressing table.

Next was Adrain, a young 25 yr old , this time I got him to lick me on his bed and rode his rock hard cock till we both cum.

Needed more, so seduced Asif, the best looking of the lot, tall, handsome and very classy dress. Noticing my roommate been led to another room. I spent the night with Asif . He was gentle, very hung and knew how to make me cum multiple times.

We commenced with a long and soft 69 . Exploring each other, deep and slowly. His cock choking me at times and my clit on fire with his expert tongue.

He positioned himself on top , pushing my legs on his broad shoulder and fucked me deep and hard. I screamed with pleasure. Had to have from behind and wanked him hard till he pushed it deep from behind. Holding my hips he didn't disappoint. Making me cum first then shotting his spunk in me. He left me in the early hours all fucked and spunked filled.

I had another soft play with Lucy, who spent the night fucking her manager.

It will be an interesting Monday morning when we're back to work ...