Written by s-j-m

26 Nov 2008

This happened 25 years ago, I met Joan a 33 year old red head, she loved sex, we would fuck all night. She would do any thing, anal oral, swallow, nothing was taboo!

The only problem was when we first met she could not orgasm, never had! We soon altered that, it was fun teaching her and hearing the first orgasmic scream as she reach her first full blooded cum was a delight.

We had sex at every opportunity, different positions the lot.

One day we were chatting about our favourite subject, sex, and she said to me, would you like me to bring a girlfriend around one night for a 3 some?

I hesitated for a micro second.....yes I said.

Joan was bi sexual and was quite happy to lick out cunt as well as suck cock!

The next evening Joan came round to my flat with Betsy, who was 28 and very attractive. We wasted no time and soon Betsy, who had no inabitions whats so ever, was stripped down to a very sexy blue bra and suspender set

We all three went into my bedroom and proceded to have sex.

Joan went down on Betsy and licked her cunt, ready for my by now very stiff 7 inches.

I positioned myself between Betsys legs placing my bell end on her very wet cunt lips, I then gently pushed my whole cock inside her.

The reaction was amazing, her eyes rolled round and she screamed in an orgasm. Betsy was a bit of a nympho, she just lived for sex.

We tried anal but I couldnt get it up her very tight arse hole, but everything else we did. I still have the photos to prove it.

We then did something I had never really thought of, golden showers, To this day I cannot remember how or who suggested it, but all three of us went to the bathroom stripped of cause. Betsy lay down naked in the bath and Joan and I proceded to piss all over her, on her face, breasts, cunt everywhere! Joan held her cunt open pissing like a bloke, it was a very erotic experience.The three of us loved it.

We dried Betsy off and went back to bed and fucked her senseless. It was a whole weekend of sex, only moving out of bed for food on Sunday.

All too soon it was back to work Monday! Still more suprises from Joan, she was a sales rep. and met plenty of blokes who chatted her up. One such bloke had been chatting her up for weeks and eventually talking of swopping! Joan told me about it and I said ok, but lets meet socially first.

Joan arranged for us all to meet the guy and his girlfriend in a pub that Thursday.

We all arrived more or less together and had a few drinks, skirting round the sex bit! I will call them Dave and Susan, both were about our ages, Susan wore a shirt mini and sweater, and looked ok.

Dave had warned Joan that he could if the evening went as planned, suffere with erection problems!

I could not believe this and said we will soon sort that out.

At last after loads of booze we decided to drive to my flat.

The four of us sat in my lounge talking, I nudged Joan and said take Susan into the bedroom and see if she likes a bit of same sex with you. At least it would get things moving, if we waited for Dave we would have still been there now!

Off the two girls went and I heard sounds of undress and sexual noises.I turned to Dave and said lets join them.

We all got undressed and I went to kiss Susan and Dave went to kiss Joan. Things were moving along very well, I had my usual 7 inch hard on and went down on Susan. Surprise surprise she had the thickest, hairest pubic hair I had ever seen.Nevertheless I gave her a good licking out, after a while I got up and presented my rampant cock to her mouth and she gave me a reasoable blow job.

Just before I was about to cum I put my cock in her wet cunt and gave her a good fucking. After about ten minutes I had to shoot my load and asked Joan if she minded me coming in Susans cunt. Go ahead was the reply but I cannot get Dave hard. I came very sortly after this sending a wad of spunck high into Susans cunt. Susan was not very responsive and to be perfectly honest not a very good fuck. Maybe she was nervious or just that I was no good, who knows.

As soon as I withdrew my cock from Susan I moved across the bed to Joan and Dave to see how things were going. Dave was on his back and Joan was sucking him off, his cock was barely hard, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being rock hard, he was a poor 3! Joan was getting very frustrated.

She kept on sucking his cock, I looked down and thought I will try sucking him too!

We sucked his cocked between us getting it to a 5! Just hard enough for Joan to slip it inside her as she squated down on him.

She was not very diplomatic and said I can hardly feel him inside me, with that Dave gave a gasp and shot his load in Joan. Joan was very disappointed and lifted off his now limp cock, leaving a stream of spunk pouring from her cunt.

Dave and Susan dressed and left shortly after this.

I turned to Joan and said have you washed yourself yet, no she said, good I like sloppy seconds. we went back to bed and had another glorious fuck.

Joan and I split up a few months later but I never forget our experiences.