Written by Snowboardslut69

4 Oct 2011

Dave had been a little secretive for a few days. Not leaving his phone around or watching me if i went on SH. Finally after a little nagging and begging he finally told me he had arranged for a person to meet us at a hotel room. I felt so excited not knowing who i was meeting or weather it was a male or female. As the day approached i was told i had to be wearing a blindfold when this person arrived. it has always been one of our fantasies for me to be wearing a blindfold dressed in something sexy waiting on the bed. then feeling hands touching me not knowing weather they were daves or another person and now it was going to come true. To say we were excited was an understament every time i thought of it my belly would flip and a smile would immediately spread across my face. just thinking about not knowing who was going to be touching me not being able to know who this person was really got me turned on. The only thing i new was that i had spoken to this person on SH. Travelling to the hotel dave told me that this person was a him and he would be coming to are room between 4-5 pm. I got a little nervous as the time was nearing.Getting into my dress which was a very sexy dress it was a little black figure hugging dress matched with lacey black bra black french knickers and my thigh high boots. Daves phone beeped and as he looked at his message his face lit up. He turned to me and said for me to put my blindfold on and get ready on the bed. As dave left the room to meet this person at reception i got my self comfortable on the bed and then put the blindfold on. I didnt feel nervous now i just felt excitment tingling my whole body. As the door opened i started to shake a little with excitment i could not help myself but to say something just to break the ice me being me i said soomething stupid i said “ i feel like a tit “ . I think it broke the ice cos i heard two male voices laugh i new one was dave but i hadnt a clue who the other was. I felt the bed move as some one sat down next to me and started to kiss me i new this was not dave but the other man. His hands started to feel my body his touch was soft and gently he was still kissing me then i felt daves touch his hands caressing my body laying there kissing a stranger and having 4 hands touching and exporing my body was so liberating. The hands were moving under my dress pushing my dress up and over my head i was now just in my sexy black under wear feel a little vulnerable. They both started to kiss my body around my neck and working there way down to my breast hands were moving around my back to undo my bra. There kisses were now on my breasts and around my nipple which were very hard one of them took my nipple into his mouth and sucked it was so good my whole body was consumed with lust for this. I took this strangers hard cock into my mouth and enjoyed sucking and licking the new penis. Feeling it in my mouth sucking it hard taking it all in to my mouth feeling it hit my Tonsils.Hands were moving to my wet pussy which was more then ready to be played with fingers started to stroke around my clit teasing it my pussy wanting to feel these fingers in side me. I was now sucking daves hard erected cock while the other man was rubbing his fingers around my clit and then inside me it was hot sucking somone while another plays with me. I was in my element the pleasure corsing though my body was over whelming and so much fun. I wanted to see what this other man looked like but i liked not knowing who he was at the same time. Switching from one cock to another while 4 hands were moving all over my body mouths teasing my nipples kissing me around my neck. This was complete heaven it was also our first proper 3some the first time i had fucked another man in front of dave. We werent sure how we would both feel about it but we were both so turned on. Dave loved seeing me so turned on and being touched and aroused by another man. This man felt good and new what he was doing his fingers were soft but precise when he sucked my nipples it sent tingles across my skin. I turned around so i was on all fours with my head buried into daves cock sucking him soft and deep feeling him fill my whole mouth knowing how turned on he was got me all excited and wet. I felt the other man come behind me and felt his very hard cock brush against my bum i was getting even wetter by the thought of him inside me and feeling this new strange cock for the first time As he entered me it felt so so good to feel him inside me. With his hands on my bum pulling me back on to his perfectly hard cock and my mouth taking dave deep the surge of pleasure was immense and over whelming. My head was being pushed down on to daves cock as i was thrusted from behind. My pussy was getting so wet my nipples were so hard. This was awesome the man behind me lifted his hand and spanked my bum that was it i was in pleasure heaven wanting all of him in me not wanting to ever stop to feel him pounding me while is was sucking cock i wanted it hard and fast. My body was going ridgged i lifted my hands on to daves shoulders as my orgasm came hard and fast the prickles along my spine the muscles tensing not being able to breath it was like an earth quake that noone else could feel he came not long after and that was good. As he got of the bed i whipped the blindfold of as i had to see who this other man was. As i turned to see him i was very happy with daves choicce he had done very very good.