Written by Youngatheart26

21 Dec 2009

This actually happened when i was living in Spain and seeing a very sexy lady with blonde hair long legs horny smile big tits and a everlasting wet pussy.

We'll call her June.

We had often chatted about June's one and only ever f.f contact,she used to work me up while we were masturbating ourself's telling me how when she was 19 the woman that owned a lady's outfitter's in her town asked her to model some under ware for her when the shop closed, and when June came out in bra and pantie's the woman would put her hand inside the cup and feel her tit's saying that she needed to adjust them in the bra,then she would start adjusting the g string brushing her finger's over June's now wet pussy slowly finding her clit and at the same time inserting 2 finger's inside her making her tingle.

With her free hand she unclipped the bra and took it off starting to lick and suck June's erect nipple's.

She made June sit on the armchair,removed her g string and started kissing her inner thigh's upto her pussy.

June said she was so horny she made no attempt to stop her just enjoyed the attention she was getting.

The woman's tongue found her pussy and June said she was on the verge of cuming so the woman put her finger's up her pussy and finger fucked her wildly making June's back arch as she exploded into a mind blowing orgasm.

When they both calmed down the lady thanked June for doing the modelling and said if she liked she could pop round anytime,June said she never did but i'm not sure whether to believe her.

Anyway that is not my story,this one involved, me, June and a back packer while we were out on a drive one day.

If you'd like to hear about it let me know and i'll write it tomorrow.