Written by Princess

15 Jan 2011

Ive been seeing my boyfriend now for a couple of months, as we got to know eachother more we both opened up about our fantasys, mine is to have a 3 sum with two males, his is to have a 3 sum with two females.

Last week my cousin ame to stay for a few days and shes always been up for fun so we talked bout full filling my boyfriends dream, i text him to see if he wantted to call round and said that my couin was here, he texted back saying 3 sum lol, i just sent him a smile.

My cousin and i both took a shower and as she wasnt expecting sexual fun she needed to borrow a thong and matching bra, she looked good in it, i wore black lace as i know it turns him on so much, we both had a drink and slipped a dressing gown on just to tease him some what.

When he arrived he got him self a drink and we chatted, he was relaxed and sat on the sofa with me, my cousin was on the other sofa, from time to time i could see her let the dressing gown open and you could see her thong, i knew my boyfriend was horny i could tell by his buldge in his trousers. we kissed a bit then he went to the loo.

I told my cousin to follow him and they went in to the bedroom. I could hear them talking and giggling, then it went quiet, i didnt know what to think so i got my self another drink, and went to the bedroom.

As i walked past the room i could see her with her legs opned and his arse in the air, i went to the bathroom as they hadnt seen me, my emotions were all over the place so i phoned her andshe left the bedroom to answer the phone, i walked in the bed room and he was laughing.

I asked him if he was ok, he said fine but he wouldnt fuck her he would wait for me, i was happy with this and started to kiss him, he was all over me, hands everywhere, i was loving it, i knelt down to suck his cock and tease him as i licked his cock i could tell he had stuck it in her pussy, the taste was different, i just looked at him and sucked him hard and deep, his fingers were playing with my pussy making me very wet, sucking hard on my nipples..

My cousin came bk into the room and he started to play with her to, i then sat on his cock and rode him slow and deep....my cousin lay next to him and he kept slapping her ares then mine, then he sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy..he shoved his finger in my mouth and i sucked them clean.

We then moved on the bed, he was loving it all, he had my legs opned wide and slid his cock in my wet pussy and began to fuck me, rubbed my clit then made her taste his fingers, i lay there as he fucked me, sucked my nipples and played with her, he had a hand between hr legs i thought he must have been rubbing her clit or fingering her pussy...she was moaning loads which turned me on to hear her, as he fucked me harder and faster his hand between her leg moved quicker, she cam loads and lay there, he grabed my titts hard as he finaly cum in side me as i was cumming too...

We all lay there for a few minutes thn cleaned up. He left not long after, as my cousin and i sat chatting she said he was good with his fingers but she never expected him to fist her cut..i didnt know what to say, so he wasnt fingering her he was fisting her....

I later phoned him and he said she had a wide cunt and it was easy to do, he said he could never do that to me as my pussy is tight just the way he likes it.

Were going to her house next weeknd and shes inviting her friends round....

Question wide big pussy or tight pussy?? what do you guys like??