Written by Adam_Grey

28 Jul 2012

I read this kind of story a lot in the story columns of national press & in a lot of Women's magazines, because the Women concerned always tells me about them, we are always surprised so many people are doing the same thing.

I guess my experience is a fantasy a lot of tradesmen dream about, well it actually happened tom me.

I was asked to decorate a house after a friends tradesman pulled out, I turned up the first day and met this nice woman, blond and mid-forties, seemed quite jolly and I set out to begin the job. Over the following visits we got on more and more, it started to become flirtatious but we laughed it off.

One day I was on the step ladders painting the top of the door frame when she came in to bring a tea, she stood in front of me talking, I could see right down her low cut top and began to get a hard on, unfortunately her head was at cock height and it wasn't long before it was bloody obvious, the more I tried to "kill" it the harder it got, she noticed and then couldn't keep her eyes off it, "whats going on in there then?" she said. Well what do you say to that! "Sorry I said but I can see right into your bra and its just reacted" I waited for a reply of disgust but she said "well better let it run free then" as she unzipped my trousers it came out like missile and nearly whacked her on the nose! She began just to lick the very tip, then put the helmet in completely then took everything in with long wet strokes. I nearly feel off the ladder!

We progressed over the time to full sex, I got her to shave which made it more sensitive for here, I started to spank her while shafting her from behind which she loved.

This went on for a while, I had mentioned anal but she was not interested but after a while she admitted to inserting her hairbrush handle into her arse while in the shower one day. I bought a blue gel toy from a sex site and one day while I was licking her pussy I sucked my finger and placed it just against her arse hole but not inside, I found that if women are interested to try it they will start to push there hole against your finger, just as I thought she started to enjoy the feeling of it and pushed, my finger entered her hole easily & she gave out a sigh then quickly caught her breath too. I played in there with my finger for a while but kept up the assault with my tongue and teeth on her clit lips, she hardly noticed I now had 3 fingers in her arse, I quickly grabbed the gel toy with my other hand, pulled out my fingers slowly then reinserted the toy, this toy is so smooth I recommend it to anyone ( message me & I will tel you where I got it) so now she cant believe the sensations going on down there, so as not to cease the excitement I began to break the seal on the condom, put it on and apply some lube with my spare hand. I turned her body over & guided her the doggy position, the toy stayed in place, I got up on my knees and placed my cock on her bum, she could feel it, she knew I was going to put my cock in her arse, she had a social thought it was not the done thing for a middle class women of the area she later told me but was dying to know what it felt like! I slowly transferred the blue toy out and placed my cock at the gate of anal heaven, getting the helmet in can sometimes be hard but it just slid in like it was made for the hole, again she gasped and squealed a bit at the same time, I pushed slowly down until it was in fully inserted, then began to move in and out, I came first but as her hole had clamped round my cock I was able to keep hard until she burst!

Now we have anal regularly now, we have the blue toy inside her pussy at the same time too. She a completely different orgasm from Anal and can clearly distinguish between the two climax's.

Well there you are, I promise its true as you will see the other story is total fantasy! Ok better go, I must start on that door frame!