Written by Jean

11 Jul 2009

I am now sixty and have had my first bi experience with Judith a colleague after our joint retirement presentation, we shared a hotel room and as we returned to our room after dinner and too many drinks Judith took me in her arms and started to deep kiss, her tongue probed deep into my mouth and I started to tingle. I was manouvered onto the bed still in an embrace and Judith was caressing my boobs, softly but erotically, my nipples were soon begging for attention. Judith must have sesed this as she opened my blouse and worked her finger tips into my bra and tweaked my nipples this drove me wild. I was soon stripped and Judith finger fucked me to an amazing climax, I shuddered for ages as first second and third orgasm ripped through me. I was totally passive through out, shocked but exhilerated. I promised Judith that next time I would return the favour. Thinking I had been a fool and it would never happen again, we got up the next day nothing was mentioned over breakfast or on the train ride home, but we shared a taxi to Judiths house and she left the taxi, she kissed me deeply again and tweaked my nipple through my blouse and then said give me a ring I have some friends I think you would like to meet.

After a couple of weeks I did ring her and i have met her friends, but that is a more interesting story for later.