Written by raellynormal

3 Oct 2011

I am 60 years old. I was married in 1974. My wife and I have been faithful until this year. Our sexdrives have never matched; my wife only wanting sex once a week while I in the past could have had sex once a day.

Recently I started to fancy cock. I had desires to suck cock. I mademy wife aware of this and she basically eventually accepted it. So I advertised for someone to have mutual cock sucking with. My wife insisted we both use condoms. My first meeting was a

bit of a surprise. The guy phoned up at 8.30 in th morning and asked if he could come

round now. My wife then passed me the phone. My wife and I persuaded him to wait till 9.30.

My wife went into the garden and he arrived. He talked to my wife and then came in. I was already nude. He stripped off and we masturbated each other's cocks. I had never touched or been so near to a man's hard cock before. I just adored the feel of his cock in my hands.

I asked him to put on a condom and I took his hard member in my mouth. My fantasy had come true I had a man's penis in my mouth while my wife was just out in the garden. I madly sucked him and deepthroated him. Wonderful although it would have been even better

without the condom.

Next we both lay on the floor. He put a condom on my ccck and in the 69 position we sucked esch other and deepthroated each other. I am definitely straight it was not the man I desired it was just the sex and his cock I wanted. And it seemed perfectly natural to be doing what I was doing. I am perfectly comfortable with my sexuality and I know I am not Bi sexual and definately not Gay.

I am a st8man who enjoys sex with other men - it is a hard masculine lusty sex totally unlike sex with a woman which is soft sensual and nicely sexy. With a man I fell more masculine not less and it is much more recreational - it just is another thing men can do since there is only comradesship and no emotion.

Sex with a woman involves emotion and this complicates sex, I guess this is so even in sex between women.

After we had 69 oral my male companion stood up and asked me to kneel in front of him and open my mouth. He then proceeded to fuck my mouth with his hard cock. I felt like a slut taking his cock deep down my throat and that feeling was very enjoyable. Every man would like to have a slut or be one.

Next he asked me to lie down and put my legs over his shoulders. The agreement was no anal sex imposed by my wife. But he started to put his cock near my ass and it felt good. I said there is some lubricant over there just dont tell my wife. We lubed up and he proceeded to fuck me. This was me being fucked by a hard cock and I loved it. He ejaculated over my body and I rubbed his hot creamy cum into my skin.

On his way out he chatted for 10 minutes wwith my wife. When my wife came in she asked what we had done. I told her everything except the anal sex. She was quite surprised but not upset. She was not jealous becaue it was a man. She would never have allowed a woman to have sex with me.

It had all been a bit of a rush and it took my wife a month to think it through. I

eventually admitted the anal and she was not bothered about that.

3 months later I have been with another man twice. My wife is now totally relaxed about it. We are allowed to do anything we want to as long as we are clean ie condoms. She jokes about it, wishes me good luck and says I hope you have a really good time and I am to enjoy myself. When she returns she asks me what we did and I tell her in as much detail as she wants.

Usually my wife wants to have sex with me the day after I have sex with the man. She herself is not at all into swinging or sex with other men. She is very very conservative and private about sex, but in private she is no prude annd really enjoys sex.

All in all she feels that allowing me to have sex with men has been good for both of us.

This may not be very some of you on this site. But it is for me. And it gives me a cover to explore some of my other desires such as sex with other women, couples, groups, going to sex parties and going dogging. But I do need transport.

Really normally sexy waiting for offers.