Written by paulie38

1 Jul 2012

A few weeks ago i got a call from my Mother who 5 years ago moved down to the coast as a fair few of her friends had done , She said that she had a favour to ask , one of her friends Joyce was coming up to London for a week to attend a wedding and would it be ok if she could stay half of the week with me as her family had other relatives staying with them, to be honest i wasn't overly keen but as i had know Joyce for a good few years i agreed .

It was Monday evening when Joyce arrived, with enough bags for a months stay , but the plan was that she would stay at mine until the Thursday of the wedding and then stay with her family for the rest of her visit, she explained that she would be busy most of the time so i would only see her in the evenings, suited me as i work from home a few days a week.

I showed Joyce the flat showing how everything worked and then the spare room, not a big room , single bed and a wardrobe but having been single for a year it was what i could afford and left her to unpack as i had already made plans to pop to the local, i did the polite thing and asked if she would like to come along, but she said that she would have a bath after her journey and relax.

It was about 9.30 when i got back and Joyce was in the living room watching TV, she had obviously had her bath as she was in her robe, so i made us a tea and sat on the other sofa watching the end of a film she was watching , and aboout 10.30 she said she was off to bed, it wasn't that late when i thought i would turn in myself.

I am quite a light sleeper so when i heard the spare room door go in the night it woke me up and as my bedroom is at the end of the landing and i can see right down it from the bed i saw the light from her room as Joyce opened the door, the bathroom is at the other end of the landing with the spare room door my end, as i layed there Joyce appeared from her room and headed for the bathroom, the big shock was that she was totally naked, and as she walked down the landing i had a great view of her rear.

While she was in the bathroom i was just thinking maybe i should shut my door but it was too late and i heard the chain flush, the tap go and she was on her way back, i layed still with the cover right up to my nose as she walked back, i was amazed, she had a great body for a 62 year old, small but nice shaped breasts and trimmed pubic hair, great legs too, by the time she turned into her room i was semi hard just watching her.

When she got up in the morning, she had her robe on. i was quite disapointed, and she she went into the bathroom i got up myself and went to put the kettle on, as we sat in the kitchen having our tea, all i could think was that she was naked under her robe and probably had been the night before while we watched the film, it did not cross my mind at the time, but it wouldnt leave my mind now .

That day i had a meeting in town and wasn't due back till seven, Joyce had plans of her own including dinner with a friend, so when i got back home it didnt look like she wasn't there, as i headed to my room to get changed i popped my head into her room to make sure, the room was empty apart from a few clothes neatly in her open case, as i looked around i saw some knickers on the top of the pile, quite sexy ones, lacy french style in light blue, good body and sexy undies, this was great .

After Joyce got in she was sitting on the sofa and i was thinking about the underwear she might have on now, she had dressed up to go out to dinner, only a blouse and trousers. She asked if i minded if she took a bath and went to run one and while she was in there i couldnt resist another peek in her room, that days knickers were on her bed, same style but in white, i heard the plug of the bath go and quickly went back down to the living room.

Joyce came down about 10 mins later, in her robe again although this time my mind was racing as to her nakedness underneath, i went to make tea and as we were chatting she followed me in and sat on the stool at the breakfast bar, and as she sat there her robe was partly showing her legs, and at one point when she crossed her legs quite alot of her leg, i was getting turned on now with all i had seen and as i only had shorts on it would have shown straight away so i suggested we went back to the living room.

I spent an agonising hour just thinking all these thoughts and trying to get any peek of her body as she was sitting there, the best view i got was when she said she was going to bed and leant down to pick her cup up, it was only brief though.

That night i couldnt sleep i was just waiting to see if Joyce would go to the toilet again, and at about 2am i heard her get out of her bed, before she had even got to the door i had a hardon and when the door opened as i saw her naked figure come out of her room, it was like it was in slow motion as she walked to the bathroom, i stroked my cock while she was in there and stopped to lay still as she came out which was quite long and i didnt hear the chain flush and watched her as she walked back down the landing.

As i was laying there i really wanted to relieve myself but as i didnt want Joyce to hear me wanking i got up and tried to go for a wee to get rid of my hard on, i stood for about 2 mins but it didnt go, it was standing to full attention wanting to see more of Joyce so gave up, just as i opened the bathroom door, Joyce appeared from her room and not spotting me at first was 3 steps down the landing when she did.

Oh god, sorry was the first things she said as we were a few feet apart, both naked and me with a huge erection, we were both froze to the spot, she was covering herself with her hands and me trying to with mine, for a split second she actually looked right at my cock, we were sort of edging past each other now, both saying sorry.

and as we got level she raised her eyebrows and said, fancy seeing you here, this made us both laugh and defused the situation, i never wear my robe to go to the bathroom at home she said, thats ok i said and realised she had removed her hand from covering her breasts but was still covering her pussy. i got a nice view and she said i guess you've seen them now. err yes was all i could say. i noticed how hard her nipples were. Joyce saw me looking even tho we had now passed eachother. i was still turing to look as she reached the bathroom door she took her hand away from her pussy and went it.

I didnt know what to do so got back into bed my hard on bigger than ever, and as i heard the flush and the door open, i expected to see Joyce with my robe or a towell round her, but she was still naked and not covering, as she reached her door she walked past it and straight into my room, she pulled the covers off me, listen she said, i have not had sex for 3 years let alone see a cock in the flesh, im not going to let this opportunity go past, and she slowly put her hand around it, i was in heaven my mind was racing even more, she was watching herself slowly stroke my cock.

Joyce looked me in the eye, i dont do oral sex but would like normal sex she said, so i pulled her to lay beside me and kissed her gently on the lips, thats it she said all gentle nice sex, i stroked her breasts and felt her hard nipples and worked my way gently down to her pussy, she was soaking wet and as i felt it she kissed me deeper, please she said, now, i moved on top of her and positioned my cock at her pussy, it nearly sucked me in and as i entered her Joyce had a shuddering orgasm.

I was very careful that i made love to Joyce that night, it was all slow and gentle, afterwards she looked at me with glazed eyes and fell asleep in my arms, in the morning we made love again.

Joyce decided to stay with me the whole week , telling her family that she didn't want to disturb them, and we spent one whole day in bed, we are talking about her next visit and she tells me that she will bring some nicer underwear with her as she has stockings at home .

Personally i can not wait