Written by The Plumber

9 Mar 2008

ive got a plumber friend who likes to call in some lunch times to watch porn this has been going on for some years and we often both get our cocks out and have a wank, this progessed to wanking each other, this week we were watching porn and a girl was giving a decent blowjob, i just said cor lucky begger and as we both had very stiff cocks he leaned over and started sucking my cock,well i thought i would repay him but thought i might go of the idea once i had shot my load so we got into a 69 on the floor,this was so horny and said im nearly cummin and me he said and we both shot at the same time,nice must do this again soon,the next day he came in to tell me his news it turned out his mate turned up at his house that eve and they both fucked his wife and his mate shot his load on her tits and he licked his cum off, i said you lucky sod get to taste 2 lots of spunk in one day, with him telling me all about his eve made me horny as fuck so i got my cock out for a wank but he said wait and got on his knees and sucked me of again, he now wants me to go to his house and have a 3 sum with him and his wife, plus his wife wants to watch us suck each other and hope we can get both our cocks in her juicy cunt at sum stage, I will let you all know what happens soon. The Plumber