Written by dave

12 Aug 2011

we married young liz was 19 and i(dave)was 20,we'd been married 7years and had a daughter aged one.we hit a bad patch always arguing. my wife's sister was 18 and suggested liz go out with her and her mate sue.i encouraged liz to go,i hoped she might not be so ready to kick off as soon as i came in from work if she had a few night's out.liz got ready i was impressed.she was wearing a low cut top and a skirt 4" above her knee,ou look good.i told her as her sister entered the house with sue,jayne had brought kev her boyfriend and baz sue's bloke. like the idiot i am i kicked off"fucking great some girls night out while i baby sit.fucking enjo yourself bitch. she snapped i fucking will. i was moody all night at 11.30 there was a knock at the door .sue was there crying a lad i knew vaguely was with her,his name was stu,sit down yer soft cow he snapped.what's up with her i asked stu.he grinned you won't be happy either dave,he sat down isat opposite. well gon stu,baz finished with her,cos he's with your mrs,what do you mean with liz,he got her pissed and they were all over each other in the pub,now she's at his place,i got to walk sue home but i'll be back in an hour.i felt angry betrayed and jealous.at 1am in walked stu,sorry i'm late,i was watching the action.iasked what he meant i went to the bog at baz's the bedroom door was open baz was licking your wife out she was bollock naked what a pair of tits they are big and her nips were swollen and boy was she moaning loud look i'm still hard ,he gripped his cock through his jeans.he sat down ,i was red in the face,go on tell me is she coming home. coming home he laughed no but she has cum lots,baz saw me and just winked,so i stood wanking iwatched him get on top of her and shove his big cock up her he was sucking them big nips, she's noisy when she's being fucked aint she . not with me i thought,she opened her eyes and saw me i thought she'd scream but no she stared at me all the time baz was banging her.i was hard too,stu continued.she told baz she wanted to get on top so baz lay on his back n liz straddled him,how big are hr tits by the wa dave he asked i muttered 38d.i was as horny as stu but anxious angry and jealous. go on stu then what,well i heard one of the gang coming upstairs so i told baz somebodys coming up.so come in and shut the fucking door he says so i did .can i feel yer tits liz i says ask baz she was bouncing on his cock her cunt was soaking god did it squelch. help yreself kid plenty ter und i was sraight at her i had straddled them and had a tit in each hand then i knelt at her side and slapped her arse as she rode him baz came up her and she got off and lay with her legs apart.can i fuck her baz,er can fuck her later go tell that tosser dave what yer saw.so that's why i'm here.right where does he live i'll kill him,i said no chance he's rock hard you can't win and there's six of them anyway i'm off back see yer later.he left and i sank into the.chair at 5 am stu came back.ginning like a cheshire cat,don't hit me dave will yer n i'll tell yer what happened.i promised not to and he sat down. when i got back baz was asleep n the gang had gone and liz was in the bath she stood up when she saw me and i dried her i was so hard,she led me into the spare room and stripped me then she sucked my cock i shot my load and she swallowed the lot(never sucked my cock i thought)and i stayed hard and fucked her twice then i fell asleep when i woke up i was on my own i dressed and watched baz starting to fuck her again, then i came here,