Written by Cucka2

21 Aug 2019

We met Toni at the jetty at 9am as arranged, Michelle was wearing her string bikini bottoms and a tee shirt dress which just covered her arse, no bikini top. With her 36D's standing proud her nipples were displayed strongly sticking right out of the tee shirt as she was already horny.

We hadn't fucked since the session after the disco and Michelle was gagging to be fucked.

Toni told us as would go in a small motor boat for the short ride to the marina to pick up his mates bigger boat. He said the guys had sorted out Champagne for Michelle and San Miguel for us guys. We hopped in and went to the marina, nothing happened we just stayed in the back and Toni drove. He told us his mates were called Angel and Jorge.

We got to the marina and he tied off his boat and we went along the wooden jetty and out onto another jetty where larger boats were moored. There was a fairly decent sized boat with a front end with all padded seating with a low floor area that was all padded too. With the back end all padded seated too. There were some stairs down to a an area that has a small kitchen area, we know it as a galley now but then it was just a small kitchen area, with two doors which led into bedrooms with a small toilet also.

We got introduced to Jorge who's boat it was and Angel and showed around and then they undid the ropes and off we set. Angel and Toni broke out the Champers and beer and we began to drink talk and flirt get drunk and enjoy ourselves. It was all a bit tame for the first hour with Michelle going topless and us all drinking with the guys taking turns driving including me until we ended up at a small cove and we moored up. The sea was aquamarine and very clear.

During the trip we all began to relax as I think everyone was expecting too much at first and didn't really know what to do plus we were all sober. We had said we would play cards for dares when we got to where we were going and Jorge suggested skinny dipping and the first one in had first go at suggesting the dare. We said we would but all agreed we would rather take it slower and do the cards first.

We moored up and got out the cards Michelle obviously topless by now with her tits standing out proud as we sat at the front of the boat swigging champers and booze and agreed to play pontoon or black Jack whichever you prefer but the closest to 21 wins the hand. I won the first and said Michelle had to kiss all the guys with tongues. It was obvious everything was going to revolve around Michelle and she was absolutely up for it. She snogged each of the guys sucking in their tongues and they all felt her tits and pulled on her nipples which makes Michelle hot n horny.

Next hand Michelle won and said the guys had to kiss each other, not happening we said and for saying it we said Michelle had to pay a forfit of allowing us to suck her tits. We grabbed her and held her down as Toni sucked first then Jorge and Angel and by this time there was no need to hold her down as she was openly holding her big tits for them to suck. Game forgotten I undid the ties on her bikini bottoms and pulled them off and began to rub her clit and finger her pussy. Jorge got off her tit and looked at me and I said to on then finger her pussy. He took over Angel and Toni sucked Michelle's tits. I took off my shorts and offered my cock to Michelle she hungrily sucked it into her mouth and wanked me at the same time.

Jorge pulled down his shorts and he had a very big prick and very wide. He began to run it up and down Michelle's cunt lips and when it was wet he inserted it into her and began to fuck her slowly at first then faster. Michelle pushed me away and began to rub her clit as the two guys now began to bite and pull on Michelle's nipples hard.

I watched as I began to see Michelle's chest going red a sure sign she was going to cum soon. She began to whimper and Jorge was fucking her really hard slapping his balls against her arse. He was going to cum soon too. Michelle began to shout she was cumming as the guys bit and twisted her nipples. Michelle squirted her juices really hard as Jorge shouted something that must have meant he was cumming too and he clenched his arse cheeks and shot the first lot of spunk right into Michelle. Her cunt lips were spread wide against his cock in the shape of a large O I had never seen her cunt stretched so tight before and I had seen many pricks up her before now. Jorge kept pumping his sperm inside Michelle as they both continued to orgasm loudly. Jorge had a last spurt and fell onto Michelle both of the gasping and panting heavily.

Angel was now naked with his cock in his hand and Jorge got off Michelle with Angel immediatly replacing him ramming his hard dick right up Michelle she gasped and pulled him close and began to kiss him sucking in his tongue into her mouth. She put her hands on his arse and began to coax him into her setting up a nice rythm. I knew she would like Angel and I could see she was now making love to him rather than just fucking him. She was being very passionate with him reaching up to meet his thrusts and kissing him sexily. They fucked more gently than Jorge this was definitely love making that was going on it was as though nobody else was there and somehow we knew not to get involved. They continued in their love making it was lovely to watch as Michelle worked Angel into slightly faster tempo bringing him higher on making him thrust stronger

Angel was being coached into making love to Michelle she was gently making him fuck her faster now as they began to build into a faster rythm. They were beginning to fuck each other harder and faster now. Kissing each other more strongly and loving each other. I had not seen this side of Michelle before other than with me and although it was very sexy I was a little jealous as this was not just fucking there was a connection being made here.

They began to fuck faster and kiss more hungrilly. Michelle began to shake and shudder and I knew she was going to have a dramatic orgasm. She began to come and she wrapped her legs around Angel moaning loudly as she needed him to shoot his spunk inside her. Come inside me she said into Angels ear give me your sperm make me come on your seed she told him as she pulled him right inside her and jerked he hips against him as she came. This was a more tender orgasm a fulfilling of herself with another man. Angel came also shuddering inside her filling her womb with his seed they were kissing and loving each other passionately. It was as though they were the only two people in the world it was actually quite beautiful to watch!

Michelle came against Angel and Angel shared his sperm deep inside michelle. They held each close as Michelle stopped squirting and shuddering with Angel now holding Michelle very tight as they kissed strongly but more tenderly.

They had made love and we had watched them do it it was a great sight but as I said I felt a little jealous too.

Angel pulled out and Toni was about to replace him but Michelle stopped him saying she needed a rest after that as it was special for her. It was solo for all for us watching something tender had happened between these two people and we had been privileged to watch it.

I went over to Michelle and told her that it had been beautiful to watch and was she okay. She was a bit teary and emotional and I gave her a love and said we were going down to the bedroom to clean up.

We went down the steps and I got some tissues as she lay on the bed and was about to clean her up when she said dont, come here make love to me too.

I lay on top of her and pushed myself inside her as she wrapped her legs around me and we began to make love to each other. I'm sorry she said, don't be I told her. No she said I made love to him then and I feel like I cheated on you. Don't worry I told her if was beautiful to watch and I would love to see it again. We built our rhythm together fucking slowly, deeply into each other. I had shut the door so we were in our own, in our own world now and we began orgasm with each other I came first shooting into Michelle as she began to come against me she moaned and shuddered underneath me and we kissed passionately as we came against each other and with each other. This was very tender and loving and I think she was feeling guilty about how she had made love to Angel.

As we finished I said to her lets not let this get between us we know we love each other if you have some feelings for Angel it's not a problem as I don't think you are going to run off with him. I certainly hoped she want going to do!

Are you sure she said, listen I told her lets enjoy the day you do whatever you feel you have to do today with Angel, but after today it's over okay?

She agreed . I got some tissues for her and me and we cleaned each other up and went back up topside.

Poor Toni had a sack full of spunk that he wanted to unload and Michelle said no and asked if we could take a break and have a swim.

Let's swim to the beach Angel suggested and Michelle put her bikini bottoms back on we put our swim shorts back on put some beers and champers into a bag and swam to the beach.

The rest of the day will be shared another day.