Written by sexycouple69_

19 Feb 2014

it's been quite some time since I last wrote on SH. This is what happened last year when we where in Gran Canaria. My wife as not done much sunbathing nude for quite a while, but when we went to the nudist beach she was soon finding us a spot out of the way, it was quite windy were we where so we managed to find a spot surrounded by rocks on all sides so giving us plenty of shelter from the wind and the sand blowing about, we where facing the sea so no one could really get in front of us.

We settled down my wife removing everything except her small thong as she is fed up with men on the beach just looking at her shaven pussy. Anyway the spot we had could fit about 5-6 people so we had plenty of room. I was listening to my music laid on my back shaven cock taking in the sun rays, my wife was reading her kindle laying on her back, got to admit she did look good great, boobs not going south yet even for her age as she does look after her self. It must have been a couple of hours nice and quite when two what look like Spanish guys walk past, naked, around 30ish good toned bodies olive skin, as they walked past they took a little time to look in to where we where lying taking some time looking at my wife as they carried on walking.

I said to my wife did you see those two young guys they were having a good look at us, the reply was no but they are probably gay and just carried on reading her kindle. About 10 mins later they came back this time standing just in front of our opening a few feet from the sea, they were talking and kept looking round at us. I nudged my wife to take a look, she got up onto he elbows put her kindle down and said wow look at the size of their cocks, why is it that the best looking guys are all gay. I said so you would not say no then if they weren't, she smiled and said I wish. Just then one of the guys came through the opening and in broken good English asked if he & his friend could put their towels down inside next to us as there was no other spots available and it was very windy. My wife said sure, so of he went to get is mate, I just said that was a quick reply she just said well they are gay so no problem.

They settled down on the left next to my wife, after a few pleasantry's and thanking us they settled down on their backs, I noticed my wife taking glances at both their cocks I just whispered to her I bet you would like them, she smiled and nodded but just said what a waste. After about 2 hours I heard one of the guys talking to my wife, could not clearly hear what he was saying as I had my earphones in. She got up and climbed over the first guy kneeling in between the two guys, both had turned over on their fronts so I realised he had asked her to put sun cream on his back. I watched as my wife naked except for her little thong kneel between the two guys rubbing sun cream over the first guys back, her tits moving with each stroke she started to move down over his well formed arse down his legs then back up again towards his bum. She looked over at me and just smiled, putting more cream on her hands she started to rub the cream into his inner thighs he parted his legs for her and she just started to creamed his balls from behind, she was loving it and so was he.

She then turned round to do his mate, so she started to rub the sun cream in and all I could see was my wife nice arse with just a small thong not really coving anything you could see she was wet, still kneeling between the two guys she moved down his back over his bum down his legs, the first guy who was now turned on his side with a great view of my wife's backside as she moved further down the guys legs, he got a clear view of my wife's pussy. He started to stroke the back of her thighs as she bent forward. He then moved his hand in between her legs just under her pussy and started to massage her pussy through her thong, my wife let out a pleasure moan she did not stop him just carried on rubbing the sun cream on the other guy. She was now rubbing cream between the other guys inner thighs I would think creaming his balls. Suddenly she stopped as the first guy slid a finger into her pussy she was now moaning in pleasure. I just watched but I must say had a hard on. I watched as he moved her thong to one side a slid two fingers into her pussy god was she enjoying it. She was now leaned over the other guy holding her self up with her hand placed on the guys towel, she was now being fingered from behind.

I noticed the other guy had turned over and she was now with her right hand wanking him, she then took his cock into her mouth it was a good size at least 8-9 inchs shaven and nice and thick. She stopped sucking as she was about to cum and that was it she shuddered and gasped in pleasure as the fingers made her cum or the first time.

The first guy then knelt up positioned himself behind my wife moved her thong to one sde and just as quick as flash eased his cock into my wife's pussy in just one push he was up to his balls inside her, she must have been very wet. She let out a gasp as she felt the full length of his cock I am sure she came again. Within no time he had a rhythm going fucking my wife doggy style. His cock seemed long and thick I would say at least 10 inch's he was going at it taking it all in and then nearly all out and she was loving it. Still trying to suck the other guys cock but found the pounding difficult to concentrate. The first guy was now fucking my wife like there was no tomorrow and then he started to grown and I could see is arse clinch firm he was about to shoot that's when I realised he was bare back no condom to late now no going back, my wife new he was Cumming as well as she moved back on to him she was now in heaven he was thrusting back and forth his thrusting getting harder he moaned and said he was cumming she just kept backing on to him so I new she wanted him to shoot inside her. He jerked shouting out yeh yeh shooting his seed into my wife's pussy he must have cum 4 or 5 times jerking and yelling each time he came. I could see my wife was enjoying it has she was cumming as well, she shuddered and screamed give it to me, give it to me at the same time cumming over his cock. He slipped out of her, she stood up spunk oozing out of her pussy she then proceeded to straddle the other guy lowing herself onto his very erect hard cock that she had been sucking.

As she was sliding down his cock which looked like it was thicker that the first guys she let out another moan and shuddered again as she came over his cock. She was now fully impaled on this guys cock, she then grab hold of the first guys cock and pulled him towards her, he stood up, fed is now semi limp wet cock into her mouth, she took the whole cock into her month and started to lick him clean of his and her juices, she was now pumping up on down on this guys cock and licking and sucking the other what a sight. I then noticed that my cock was leaking pre cum I was so hard but it was great to watch my wife being fucked by two young fit well endowed Spanish guys who we thought were gay.

It was not long before my wife was having another orgasm she shuddered when she cum's and boy did she cum. The first guy who my wife was sucking was now hard again and as I said it looked big she could not get it all in now then with both her hands on his back side she was fucking his cock with her mouth, then he jerked unloading another load of cum this time into my wife's mouth, she swallowed most of it then showed me what was left before swallowing the lot.

The other guy who she was impaled on was now moaning and was ready to cum I was shocked to see my wife leaning back pumping up and down on his cock with one hand playing with his balls and the other fingering his bum hole this had the effect with a big jerk he shot his load deep inside my wife's pussy moaning each time he jerk and shot more and more spunk into her. She was cumming at the same time moaning out load, she just sat there for a while then climbed of and took is now semi hard cock into her mouth cleaning him up. Spunk was dripping from her swollen red naked pussy, she then climbed over the other guy came to me grabbed my cock and gave me a big wet kiss she smelt of sex I could smell the guys, she still had some of their cum in her mouth what a taste salty and sweet. She just said did you like that...... what could I say more to cum......