Written by Anonymous

5 Oct 2019

Quite often I like to go out on my bike and just stop where ever I feel like it and go for a bit of a ramble through the woods or into fields. On this particular day it was nice and sunny and the sun was up bright in the sky and the morning dew was just about gone.

I had parked my bike just into a small lane by the side wall of a field and this led into some woods by a stream. I had needed to go for a pee so it was an accidental find of the stream.

Anyhow, having parked up and climbed over the sty I walked along the foot path and ducked off to one side where I would not be seen and unzipped my fly. I was enjoying the feeling of release and the warmth of the sun on my pecker and had given it a few shakes, it was still quiet so I just stood there. A woman's voice behind me said that any more than three shakes was wanking and I turned around in shock at the sound of her voice. She just smiled at me at first.

There I was in all my bike gear with my cock hanging out and a look of shock on my face and she walked up and reached out and took hold of me. It was a warm hand that closed over me and I just stood while she stroked me and then started to stroke her back. I saw that she had a camouflage tent pitched in the bushes and that was why I had not spotted her and she pulled me by my cock towards the tent and told me to come on.

I took off my jacket , gloves and boots and she unbuckled my belt and was working my trousers down, while I took off my shirt., when she had me naked, I started on her and we were both soon naked outside her tent and touching each other and stroking and playing. She had a wonderful meaty pussy which was moist and felt really easy on my hand and I slipped two fingers into her quite comfortably as we laid down. She let me work on her while she pulled and twisted on her nipples which not erect, were very solid and not at all saggy., she pushed my hand away and moved me around so that we were 69 and started flicking her tongue across my bell end which really got me going, so I repaid the act by following her lead and sucked and nibbled gently on her wonderful bald box which was well and truly wet by now.

Unfortunately I could not hold back and told her I was about to come whereby she took the whole length of me into her mouth and really sucked so hard it felt like my toes were being drawn into my body. I could feel my cum being sucked out and she clamped her legs together, trapping my head between her legs as her moisture increased. After a minute she stopped sucking and let her legs open to release me and we laid back together, I said we should shut the tent but she was adamant that there was no one around, no one had come by the day before and we were OK,

We chatted and petted each other and she started getting moist again, she said she wanted a fuck but could tell I wasn’t ready so she went to go between my knees and instead of sucking me , she lifted my feet and pushed them back towards me and over my head so my body weight was onto my shoulders, I was stuck and then felt her breath on my balls and she firstly blew on them and then started licking them and tonguing them, suddenly I experienced something that I had never had before and that was a tongue inserting itself into my anus as she started rimming me and really getting me hard again. I begged her to switch around so she held my feet and moved so that she was squatting over my face and then carried on where she had left off.

I was rimming her back and she was squirming around on my face and droplets of her juices were running down onto me, it was wonderful. In full control she then span around and sat quickly onto me and started bouncing up and down, her breasts begging to be played with. Seeing what she had done earlier, I twisted and pulled on her nipples and being quite rough with them.

I could feel the tell tale warmth of my balls that she had cum over me and I was soaked to my ass in her juices which was fucking amazing. After I came for the second time we collapsed into a heap with my cock still inside her as it gradually went back to normal size.

We stood up after a while and went to the stream where she made me stand mid-water while she cleaned me and then I did the same for her. She gave a tender kiss to my cock before we got dressed again and I said bye for now.

I went that way again the next morning and parked up in the same place, going to the tent spot there was only a crushed area of ground grass and hanging on the tree was a pair of panties with a note saying good bye. If you are reading this, please please get in contact and we can have more fun.