Written by kinkythom

20 Feb 2012

This is a story of the night fantasy became reality. I love it when my boyfriend talks dirty to me, which he often did during sex. Usually involving us showing off to another couple, how turned on we could make them. Or another favourite of his was telling me how sexy I would look with another mans cock in my mouth keeping me quiet while he fucks me. All of this talk would guarantee us a great night of fun and plenty of orgasms, but that’s all it was talk. I’d always been a one man only woman, and certainly never thought that would actually change.

His birthday was coming up, all the while I was thinking of what kind of kinky surprise could I do for his birthday, I’d brought him some new porn; as we always enjoy having it on in the background. My thoughts were interrupted by a txt. “I think in honour of my special day we should go and walk the dog and have some dinner at my mums return home, have a couple of drinks and send ur sexy ass upstairs to put on ur stockings and suspenders before spreading out on the bed taking in some porn and rubbing ur clit… you should enjoy this 5mins as when I get in the mood changes. You will be my kinky slutty sex toy to use and abuse before tying you up and teasing you to edge of orgasm. I think I’ve come up with an idea we haven’t done before that will raise our kinky level xxxx” Well I thought, sounds like he’s got his birthday night sorted, although it felt more like it was my birthday as he knows I love to be tied up and teased. Looking forward to it was an understatement. I kept thinking what had we not done before?

Sure enough there I was lying on our bed wearing fishnet stockings and suspenders, porn on the TV and my fingers playing with my clit. I’d been told not to cum so I was counting down the minutes before he’d come into the room. The door opened and he entered. I saw him look me up and down taking in the sight before him. I wanted to jump on him there and then I was so horny. He told me to stand against the wall and turn around. He felt my body, sliding his hands all over me, pushing me against the cold wall. My body was tingling I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. He whispered into my ear, “sluts don’t wear knickers and you’re a slut aren’t you, no matter what happens tonight I want you to remember how much you love cock, and that you’re my kinky sex toy to use and abuse, and you can trust me no matter what.” he then pushed me down and put his cock in my mouth. I absolutely love sucking my boyfriends cock, I’d barely got into a rhythm before he told me to get onto the bed. He blindfolded me and tied my hands above my head, spread my legs and started to lick and play with my clit. It felt amazing. We love using toys and I knew it would only be a matter of time before the toys came out. He slowly inserted a butt plug into my ass, I heard the click and then felt my favourite bullet vibrator on my clit driving me absolutely wild. He came up and knelt at the side of me I turned my head and felt him push his hard cock to my lips, I willing open my mouth and start sucking him off. I strain against my restraints trying to get his cock deeper into my mouth. Feeling as sexy as hell and craving more, he pulls away from me and I hear him walking about, I’m desperately trying to listen for any signs of what’s to come. Ouch!! Nipple clamps I only enjoy these when I’m really turned on which luckily by this point I was. The DVD is turned up louder and then without a word he leaves the room.

Left to the sounds of people having sex and my own desire to cum I really wished I had a hand free to play with myself. God these clamps are really starting to sting, I thought it was strange that he hadn’t said a word. Usually he goes down to the freezer and gets ice, or leaves me to stew for a little. I had a feeling he was getting ice, I was hoping it would be followed by hot wax as I hate the cold, really wish I could play with my clit, finally the bite to my nipples starts to subside… all these thoughts are running through my head. When the hell is he coming back? I’m starting to get frustrated, as the no doubt busty porn star screams to orgasms, lucky bitch!! “Still feeling horny?” Thank god he’s back “Of course” I reply trying not to sound too desperate. The clamps are removed and so is the butt plug. Again I’m listening for little clues. Cold hands start to feel my breasts. I knew it obviously been handling and ice. I wait to feel it against my warm skin ready to make me jump as it hits… I feel him kneel at the side of me again. I quickly turn ready to suck, my tongue touches the tip. It felt different, I thought nothing of it and was desperate to get back into it after the short interval. I started to lift my head ready to suck like a pro and I felt another pair of hands and a tongue on my clit. WTF! I can only describe this moment as a rabbit caught it head lights. Very quickly my brain was trying to comprehend what the hell has just happened. I froze and my senses zoned in to the feel of the tongue on my clit and my tongue on someone’s cock?? I do love sucking cock and wanted so badly to start sucking hard on this cock I had almost resting on my tongue. As well as trying to make sense of it all I kept thinking I cant seem too into sucking this cock its not my boyfriends, but then he’d set this up and this is his fantasy, my head was spinning . I heard my boyfriend say “take him deep.” That to me was like the green light to go for it. I been told by my boyfriend and previous boyfriends that I’m very good at blow jobs and that they can tell I enjoy it too. Well I didn’t want this to be an exception. Again I pull against my restraints trying to show this guy how good I can be. I hear the rip of Velcro my hands are released one by one. I alter my position slightly and use my hands and mouth to really work his cock, every now and then squeezing his balls and using my tongue to flick and tease the tip. The licking on my clit stops and my boyfriends joins his new friend and kneels at the other side of my head. I stop sucking and turn to him and start sucking my boyfriends cock, he roughly starts to fuck my face, pushing his cock in deep down my throat. I feel hands on my face and as my boyfriend withdraws, my head is turned and I start sucking the stranger again. Id actually fantasised about doing this. I still couldn’t believe it was happening. I kept moving from one cock to the other, imaging that this was one horny sight. Saliva dripping down my chin as their rock hard cocks are forced deeper down my throat, making me gag. I realise I’m wanking one off as I suck the other, my movements slightly restricted from my lying down position. I think to myself I could get used to this, I was completely turned on and loved having two cocks to show off to, hoping I wasn’t disappointing either.

My boyfriend moved away and went back to my clit, and finally I felt his cock slide into my soaking wet pussy. “what feel like have two cock in you” he said. I cant remember my reply as I was in the height of ecstasy at this moment but I’ve a feeling it was encouraging. I move my hand away and let the guy fuck my face as he gets harder and faster, I’m trying to not gag and manage to get used to his rhythm. He starts to use his hand along with my mouth to make himself cum, he says “ I want to cum on your tits” and seconds later I feel load after load of thick warm cum covering me. I’ve never felt so much cum. I start to rub his cum into my tits, at my boyfriends delight, id remember from our dirty talk that he asked me where would I want the guy to cum, and I’d said on my tits, which he replied yeah, id love to see you rub his cum into your tits showing me what a little kinky dirty slut you are. Moments later he’d gone.

My blindfold is removed and my boyfriends pulls me close and fucks me hard then passes me the clit vibrator, which I quickly place on my very sensitive clit and bring myself to a very powerful orgasm. Immediately followed by my boyfriend cumming deep in my pussy. “ Did you enjoy that?” the massive smile on my face said it all.