Written by Tony T

5 Sep 2018

Just over a week ago it was my fortieth birthday which might help explain why later that evening I was laying on a bed naked with Anna, a very beautiful, dark haired, twenty four year old Romanian girl with my face pressed between her spread thighs. I had selected her from the detailed photographic portfolio that was published on the website of the brothel close to Frankfurt in Germany.

When I arrived at the house Anna met me at reception, she spoke very good English and was wearing sexy lingerie, she was even more stunning in the flesh than she appeared in her photos. She took me upstairs to a large bedroom where we sorted out the paperwork. She told me that she would return soon and asked me to undress. I put my clothes on the sofa and washed my self on the bidet and sat on the bed waiting for her to return. I heard the clicking of her high heels just before the door opened.

She came over to me a kissed me on the cheek and asked if I would like to undress her, I slowly started to remove her lingerie , she had perfect boobs with no sign of any silicon implants and when I slid down her tiny knickers I discovered that her pussy had a small triangular patch of hair just above the lips. She lay on her back on the bed and I kissed her breast and nipples, then moved my head down her body and eased her legs apart so that I could explore her sex with my lips and tongue, she lifted her knees and raised her hips so that my tongue could have better access to her clit and cunt. She rocked herself back and fore against my mouth and tongue until I felt her give a small shudder and she clamped her thighs against the side of my head. We both lay still for a few minutes then she rolled me over and pushing my knees apart she sat between my legs and massaged my balls and erect cock with both hands. Her head was getting ever closer to cock and for a few seconds I thought that she was going to suck it without a condom, which I understood was now forbidden and illegal in Germany.

I then saw that she had a condom in her hand and she carefully rolled it onto my cock, then pushed her lips down over the head and sucked me into her mouth. Anna was certainly an expert at sucking cock and very quickly I had to ask her to stop sucking me before I exploded into the condom. She looked up at me while she played with my balls.

I heard a voice whisper in my ear " I think I want to watch you fucking her now". The voice belonged to Karen, my wife, who had been sitting on the edge of the bed, the whole scenario had been her idea, months earlier she had told me that one of her fantasies was to watch me have sex with another woman and another was to have a woman perform oral sex on her.

Karen had helped me chose which of the women on the website would be suitable and she had then contacted the brothel to check that the girl would be agreeable, they confirmed than Anna would be a good choice because she was bisexual and often had appointments with couples.

Karen had bought some new lingerie for the event and after the three of us had entered the bedroom she had stripped and sat on the bed just inches away from Anna and myself wearing just a small bra and silk panties. While Anna was sucking my cock, Karen had pulled the gusset of her panties to one side so that I could slip my hand inside and finger her cunt which had become very wet. When I told Anna that I wanted to fuck her, Karen went and stood at the end of the bed and removed her bra and panties and even held my cock and guided it into Anna's hole as she lowered herself onto me. I could feel her gently cupping and squeezing my nuts as Anna fucked me.

Anna was taking it slowly and several time she stopped moving on my cock to ensure that I did not cum too quickly, I saw that Karen had reached around Anna's body and was cupping her breasts in her hands. A little later Anna suggested that we changed positions, Karen lay on her back in the middle of the bed while Anna was on her knees between her legs with her face pressed against my wife's pussy. I watched closely from a few inches away as Anna slid her tongue along Karen's groove and slowly pushed two fingers into her hole. Karen made a loud gasp , then turned her head to look at me, "Quick fuck her now, while she's fucking me".

I got on my knees behind Anna, she looked back to check that I was still wearing the condom and when she was satisfied that it was still fitted she parted her legs so that I could push into her. I held her hips as I fucked her, every time I thrust into her she pushed her tongue and fingers deeper into Karen's cunt.

Karen cried out that she was cumming and I stopped fucking Anna and sat on the bed so that I could watch her as she came. with a cry she pulled Anna's head tightly against her crutch and for about a minute she shook and panted until she gave a loud sigh and pushed Anna away, her face was soaked with the juices from my wife's pussy.

When her breathing calmed down Karen reached for my cock and pulled off the condom, I moved closer to her so that I could feed my prick into her mouth, Anna wrapped her hand around it and wanked me into Karen's open mouth until with a yell I shot half a dozen spurts of spunk over her face and into her mouth. I fell over onto my back next to Karen.

Anna got off the bed and got a damp towel and cleaned the both of us. I thought that would be the end of the session but after Anna had used the bidet she straddled Karen and lowered her pussy onto her mouth. Karen spent quite a long time licking Anna, long enough for me to recover and regain my erection.. When the two of them saw that I was hard again they both used their hands on me and succeeded in getting me to cum again over their tits.

It was certainly a birthday to remember.